I recently finished 'Splosion Man which was released on XBLA  two weeks ago. I downloaded the trial version when the game landed on Xbox Live's virtual shelves and I wasn't convinced that it was worth buying at the time. I must say that I usually am very skeptical concerning these types of games (XBLA Games) and that the purchases I made in the past were a bit compulsory and not entirely satisfying. So after all the good reviews and the hints about the amazing ending, I finally bought the damn thing!  

PhD Grade Beef

The overall quality of the presentation in this game is quite surprising. There's a great sense of scale in each level and it makes you wonder why those scientists built such an elaborate lab for you to 'splode in. The 'splosion man character is quite entertaining to watch and the "meat-filled" scientists running for their lives all deserved the cruel death I brought upon them. ^_^
The difficulty ramps up steadily as you get better at timing your 'splosions. I got quite frustrated on different portions of certain levels (cheap flying robots anyone?) and I started to get a bit twitchy after my 30th attempt on the same jump.
Overall I think that this game proves to be an excellent platformer, a genre that is not so popular nowadays. I think that the release of
"What is a man?!"
'Splosion Man also brings up the whole "old games were much harder" debate back in the picture. Speaking of older titles, I was honestly shocked when I got to play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on XBLA. I was reminded of how unforgiving the game was and the whole "inverted castle" business blew my mind once again! All in all, the nostalgia attached to old platformers is positive in my opinion. I'm also happy that old titles aren't crushed under a stack of brand new FPS games year after year.
So if you feel the same way as I do towards old ass games like these, I think you should give a nice pat on the back of Twisted Pixel by offering them some of your fake Microsoft money.