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Stop exploiting nostalgia Nintendo!

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LIke many people here I couldn't care less about the story. Let's leave the controversy to NeoGAF and paid bloggers in desperate need of a subject.

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The only possible way to get the final gun would be to unlock the secret room by collecting every gold bars.

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@CoverlessTech said:
" The game has this map thingy that shows where every item is.  A guide is nice for the tricky "hidden" items though(3 in total I believe). The rest can be found easily on your own. "
True but the health pack and the passkey on the far right of the map weren't indicated as a question mark for me.
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Joystiq released a very helpful map showing the location of every item in the game.
It saved me lots of time when I got stuck with only 3 items left.

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If you trigger the cutscene with the explosives you won't be able to pass through a certain portion of the map ... and honestly it's a pain.
You have to navigate through the complex instead and it's very time consuming.
So my suggestion is to wait till you get all the items.

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@Sledgehammering said:
" It's a little off subject, but I miss Jeff's "Points!" report.  He wasn't affected by outside influences.  He just sat there in his room and flowed about whatever.  I did like Rich at Gamespot.  If he joined Giant Bomb, he'd just take everything over.  It would be the Rich Show every week.  Giant Bomb seems balanced at this point.     "
Dude the "Points!" report .... I totally forgot about it!
Jeff should definitely get back into it ... with all the achievements stats archived on the site ... would be awesome!
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The game has a few rough edges. I could still hear an enemy machine gun being fired when everyone was dead in the room.  o_0
But overall the game offers an awesome experience.

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I'd say sell the PS3. You could always buy the PS3 slim at a discounted price later.
Although the 360 isn't the most reliable unit ... Tough call.

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Gender: Male ...
Not sure about that.

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