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It probably is more fun with a friend. I actually never really gave it the time of day. I just heard the words "Squad Commands" and got scared that I might have to do extra work.

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@MB: Umm sure what forum would be best?

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I might try that. Thank you for complimenting my "artwork". It makes me really glad I moved here from blogger.

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Catherine was probably one of my favorite games of the year. It was creative, refreshing, and new. It took the dated block puzzle concept and applied it to something frightening and intriguing. All game-play takes place in dreams that feel like real nightmares. Your actions have interesting consequences and a lot seems to be at stake.

In a lot of my dreams I'm frantically trying to do something senseless for some reason and when I wake up I wonder why I thought that was so important. This game actually captures that feeling. The art is also great and not just the animated cut-scenes. I've seen a lot of cel-shaded games that try to blend 2D animation and 3D models, but this game was the first I can think of to do it perfectly. I'm not 100% sure what shading and lighting techniques they used but it looked really good. The ending, no matter which one you get will be a little disappointing. My feeling is they had some trouble tying up the story, but all in all it is a unique game that takes the player away from mediocre swill of generic garbage.

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I mentioned the hover board from this game in my Gears Post. Basically the game gives you a hover board that is only accessible in certain areas. Mainly because it would be too easy if you could out run every enemy and breeze over obstacles. That's not what bothered me. I really wished I was given a reason why I couldn't use it all the time that made sense in the context of the game. The Gears Hammer of Dawn explanation made more sense than the nothing this game gave you.

Also I hate AI partners and especially hate baby sitting them. Metal Gear Solid 3 was a good example, because you literally had to feed your companion. In Gears they were somewhat capable and only needed a pat on the back to be revived, but in enslaved your partner is a constant nuisance due to her constantly being in need of your help. On another note I had no motivation to help her, my avatar does, but I can't understand this. What happened is she puts a collar on your head that forces you to do what she says or die. I really didn't like the AI companion and I found it really frustrating that the protagonist seemed to do her bidding and take her ungratefulness in stride. Playing a game as a character who is forced to do something against their will and being submissive about it is depressing. It reminds of the indie game The Path, where you have to stray from a given path and have horrible things happen to you, with no reward other than that.

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Gears of War was four dollars at Game Stop. Now while I don't recommend shopping at a glorified pawn shop this was quite a deal. I made it though chapter one, but my heart wasn't in it. I kind of half-assley made it though the levels. I kept telling myself it's gonna get better. You're going to find out Marcus's past and it'll be worth it. My interest peaked when I was given a gun that called down the power of the sun. I fired a laser that fired a perpendicular solar beam at the enemy, but I was disappointed to learn that it only works when the game finds it convenient. Similar to the hover-disk-thing in Enslaved. Finally when chapter one was over I found out by a prompt in the game that I would have to start ordering my troops, since I was now in charge. This reminded of Brutal Legend. How the game started as a great single player experience but became too complicated when one had to split their attention one hundred different ways. I really didn't want a repeat of that experience so shelfed the game. I may come back some day. But probably not.