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@AdH0c: Perhaps you're right- that's actually something that I hadn't even considered. However, the fact that Giant Bomb totally ignored the game apart from their shambolic Quick Look, couldn't have done it any favours. I dunno- I realise that everyone has their own opinions, but it appears to me that this outstanding game was dismissed as garbage without being given a fair crack of the whip. The Giant Bomb coverage amounted to little more that it being labelled "a game for crazy people who hate themselves". I wouldn't be in the least surprised if such denouncements contributed to Demon's Souls's low ranking in the GOTY list. 
Eurogamer, for example, raved about the game, giving it 9/10 and many of its contributers have been very vocal about their love for the game over the past few months. As a result, if you read Eurogamer's boards, it's chock-full of positive comments about Demon's Souls with everyone and their brother seemingly having imported it because they don't want to miss out on this rad game that's said to be one of the best on the PS3. I'm Scottish, and imported the game on the basis of Eurogamer's glowing recommendations. If Giant Bomb was my main source of gaming news, it's very unlikely that I would have imported it.
And by the way, it's not that prohibitively expensive to import! If you're European and you haven't yet taken the plunge, then I implore you to fish around for a good deal. I got it for little more than £60, all in all, which isn't bad considering Modern Warfare 2 retailed on British shelves for only about a fiver less than that. Don't let Giant's Bomb's bewilderingly belligerent coverage of the game put you off.
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I'm disappointed in the lack of Demon's Souls coverage at Giant Bomb. In my opinion it's one of the most original, compelling and addictive games to come out in many years, and the outright disdain with which The Bomb, and Jeff in particular, spoke about the game, is hard to take. That Giant Bomb's community rated it so low in the Game of the Year stakes is, it seems to me, a reflection on the piss-poor way in which the game has been covered by the site. I remember the DS Quick Look, where Jeff  dismissed the game as looking "clunky", in a clearly annoyed and exasperated tone of voice, as if it was obviously an absolute car crash of a game. I kept waiting for a follow-up blog piece that corrected the many innacuracies and plain-wrong assumptions made about the game, but it never came. If this mockingly dismissive attitude has led to Giant Bomb's readers negelcting the game, then that is just tragic.

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I first became familiar with the Best Week Ever blog when Jeff linked to her article on Stairway to Stardom back in his Jeff Gerstmann is Still Alive Blog. I had literally just watched this video at Best Week Ever minutes before coming to Giant Bomb, where I find it again. It's a funny old world.

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RazielCuts- I was close! How do they get away with effectively charging us Brits almost double the price that Americans will pay? I urge all UK residents not to give Nintendo one penny of that insulting asking price.

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I wonder how much Nintendo will try to sell it for here in the UK? My money's on an utterly ludicrous £170.

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Although I found the controls responsive and fairly easy to get to grips with, I fear that the stupendous, gripping and totally game-changing controls of Wii Resident Evil 4 have somewhat spoiled me. The next Nintendo console needs to keep those sorts of motion controls (tightened up a fair few notches), and go Hi-Def.

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eXists said:

"My only comment is that unlike what you said about Fable2 vs KOTOR is I wish all RPGs would go the KOTOR way, not the Fable or Mass Effect or Fallout way, KOTOR was just PERFECT!!! Shame on Bioware for wasting their time on an MMO instead of KOTOR3..."

I'd have to agree. I don't understand what the OP means when he says that he'd rather RPGs went the Fable 2 route than the KOTOR route. So future RPGs should take a note from the way in which Fable 2 handles things? Really? Fable 2? RPGs? The OP wants roleplaying games to follow Fable 2's generic action/RPG mindlessness, set in a stale fantasy world full of uninteresting and shallow NPC characters, at the expense of KOTOR's brand of meaningful decision-making and interaction with NPCs? Well, each to their own. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and all that but, frankly, the opinion that Fable 2 is a better RPG than the original KOTOR is simply wrong, and the OP is obviously on some sort of drugs (and I want some now, because they must be pretty decent to cause this level of insanity). There is no contest between Fable 2 and KOTOR, with regards to which is the better RPG (or even to which is the better game). Fable 2 is not an RPG. It's an action game with lightweight RPG elements tacked on, like Zelda or fucking Castle Crashers. How anyone, never mind a self-proclaimed RPG aficionado, can sing the praises of frigging Fable 2 whilst bad-mouthing the far superior KOTOR is just beyond me.
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I'm not making this thread to complain because I know that everyone involved in the approval of submissions are working their arses off, but I'd just like to get a feel for what lengths of time people have been waiting on wiki submissions. I have one that's 4 days 6 hours at the time of writing. In other news, Giant Bomb totally rocks and it's as addictive as all hell. It's bed time and I cannot drag myself away from the computer.

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I can remember playing this for hours upon hours, not having the slightest clue what I was doing and never accomplishing anything. Happy days!

Graymalkin said:

"I played it at age eleven and loved it so much that I even wrote a little fan fiction story about Maniac Mansion at that time!

Have you still got it? :)

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VaultBoy, that is an absolutely exceptional idea and I cannot believe I didn't think of it first. I don't think the staff would be too keen on it though, because it would mean far more work for them in approving individual submissions.

But the point remains: people who gain their 1000 points by submitting images should not be given free reign to edit wiki articles.

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