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So this is basically Person of Interest the game? I'm in!

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I was going to repost what I wrote on my website, but I embedded a gallery and didn't know how that would transfer over. So here's a quick synopsis:

  • I'm going to doodle a picture every day of May
  • Most or all of the pictures will come via requests from friends, people online, coworkers, family members, etc.
  • If you have a request leave it here, tell me on twitter, or hit me up on my website.

For more info on the project, and to see a gallery from the last time I did this (August 2011), check out this post.

I love drawing geeky things, so the more suggestions from places like GB the better! Also, if you're into drawing, doing the doodle-a-day challenge is a great way to improve your art, so I encourage you to play along! Thanks!

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@kael said:

The news made me kind of happy. Not because I think Nintendo is too big for E3 or that their Nintendo Direct videos do anything more than preach to the choir; it's because this means they're in trouble. That they know they can't compete with the CURRENT generation of consoles, let alone the next. This means they're finally on track towards that wonderful future where people don't have to buy a whole other console -- a sub-par, badly (or "awkwardly" if you prefer)-designed, gimmick-centered console -- just to play the latest Zelda and Mario.

I'm not even going to exaggerate: for us enthusiasts, Nintendo's games have the highest barrier to entry because you can't just buy the game, you have to buy a whole console to play it on, and that console doesn't do ANYTHING as well as your main one does, so you'll play that Zelda or Mario and then let it sit there and collect dust for years at a time. That's all that Nintendo consoles have done for us for a decade or more. Screw that. For their own sake, they should just put the dang games out on the other consoles. Nintendo once said (in defense of the Wii's lack of power) that they aren't even trying to compete with Sony's or Microsoft's hardware. Why, then, are they still making hardware? They can't keep phoning it in, hoping for lightning to strike twice; either they make the best dang console money can buy and be a real, bona-fide competitor to Sony and Microsoft in every single way, or they drop the act, make good on what they said about not competing in the hardware space, and focus on the only thing they're actually good at: their games.

Seeing them practically bow out of E3 gives me hope that their console-making days are numbered. That perhaps soon, they can spend that hardware money on developing and marketing their games instead, and reap the benefits of an install-base you can only get by being multi-platform. When Nintendo finally drops out of the race they said they weren't interested in winning, everyone will be better off, even them.

THIS. People always ask (including those in these comments) why it seems like some want Nintendo to fail. This is why. This is the dream: To (legally) play a Nintendo game on a non-Nintendo system. Would I like to play the next round of Mario/Zelda/Smash Bros/Metroid/et al.? Of course! I'm a fan of great games. But what @kael said is true--many Nintendo consoles collect dust between those games, especially if you own other platforms. That's what happened with my Wii, Gamecube and my 3DS.

Going to a software-only model would probably be a last resort. I wonder if Nintendo's pride would even let it happen, no matter the circumstances. I would love it though. Imagine a Zelda game becoming an event again. With Bioshock Infinite levels of debate, criticism and tribute, all because MORE people got to play it. That's the dream anyway.

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Fun fact: The lead character in Heavenly Sword was voiced by Fringe's Anna Torv.

That game had issues, but it was definitely worth playing, if nothing else than to see more of Ninja Theory's excellent emotive facial animation.

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@mirado: Thanks! I have a few prints from Society6 myself (like this one). They do good work. Vibrant colors and excellent paper quality. Can't wait to see it hanging up somewhere!

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@naru_joe93: No worries man. If you can't handle the occasional dickish response to your work, you shouldn't be creating things for a living. Also, everyone brings up Don Draper when I tell them what I do. While I do work at an amazing company that hands out beer every Friday at 4:30, that's the extent of my at work alcohol consumption. I also wear t-shirts most of the time. Heh, so slick.

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@naru_joe93: I am a writer, illustrator and designer (in that order), and I've always been clear about where my influences come from. I'm well aware of Bass and Moss, and agree that their style (I think Moss has refined what Bass started) is getting imitated to death (I too scoffed at those rather lazy posters featured on Kotaku), but I did not reference them when creating these. The design for my posters popped into my head during my morning run the day after beating the game. I saw them just as I made them. The fact that they look like something Bass or Moss might do is just a testament to their influence in the design world. Their style has seeped into the collective unconscious. Also, I leaned toward minimalism because I'm more of an illustrator than designer. I work with a lot of amazing designers at my day job (I write marketing and ad copy) and I've seen first hand the difference between illustration composition and good design. So the fewer elements to muck up, the better for me :)

Anyway, just thought I'd throw in some background info there. Like I said, I just did this for fun, not to claim some style as my own and get rich. Sometimes when a story gets in my head, creating something inspired by it helps me move on to something else.

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@letter11: Glad you like them. I made them in Photoshop, some would use Illustrator, but I'm more comfortable in PS. I used some high-res paper textures I found online, blended them together, and changed the colors. I did the same for the tears, using high-res images of torn paper. As for the city, lighthouse and paper dolls, I just drew those. For the city I used parts of the London skyline and parts of the Chicago skyline for reference. The font was Century Gothic, my favorite font (also the font of the original Bioshock).

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@beforet: Thanks! Thought I'd stick with the American theme of the game - hence red, white and blue.

@shortstuff925: Glad you like them, thanks!

@awesomeusername: Yeah the second two are my fav as well. As far as pricing goes, Society6 takes care of material, printing and shipping costs for artists. I make about 8 bucks in profit on most of those prints. So I'm not trying to get rich here, I have a day job. I do illustration and design on the side and occasionally people ask for prints of my work. I make them available through Society6 because it's easier for the buyer and seller. That's actually a very conservative price compared to commission work I do. Anyway, just thought I'd explain the pricing, I wanted to share the posters and provide an outlet in case someone wanted one, I did NOT want to come in here trying to sell shit. Apologies if it appeared that way.

@thearchitect: Make a forth that combines all three? Hmm. I'll have to spend some time thinking about how to make it work, but it's a good idea. I'll see what I can come up with.

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