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Posted by Yeloow

So yeah the last blog I made pretty much explained how I got the cover and blaghh. So I finally have the picture up and ready. It's the signed cover of GOW III. I got it by winning the ultimate GOW III contest. Anyways check it out below.  

Posted by blazerx9x
@Yeloow: cool story bro ...
nah, just kidding, that is pretty cool though.
Posted by foggel

Bastard! That's pretty cool :)

Posted by Jasta

Nice, good haul mate. =D

Posted by Tactical_Kill

Thats awsome dude. Go get it framed or something.

Posted by Afroman269

Pretty cool story bro, no really that's cool.

Posted by Grissefar

Cool, that's Stig Asmussen's signature.

Posted by Tebbit

That's actually pretty awesome. You win this round!

Posted by Branthog

I was so confused, at first. I was thinking of the other GOW. :)

Posted by LiquidPrince

What is that? A poster?

Posted by iam3green

pretty cool man. i would enjoy having something signed by someone that i like a lot.

Posted by abdo

That's nice. I actually won a soundtrack CD for Shatter, signed by the devs. It's still on the way, but I'll make a post when it's finally in my hands.

Posted by scarace360

i will trade you nothing for that game.