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Because of Internet problems that have had me stuck at sub 1 mbps speeds for the past week or so I have missed out on a lot of video content. My speeds aren't great on a good day so I was wondering what the best setting on the GB player was for slow Internet. Is there a setting that buffers ahead at all?

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Dragon Age 2 (can't wait for Inquisition)

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Just curious if the GOG version of the game gives a Steam code or is stand alone?

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The original news was that the Swapper was coming to PS4/3 in May and then pushed to June. Has there been any word on when it is actually coming out?

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Posted this on Rorie's Sony presser recap but thought I would try here, does anybody have any idea how big of a download the Destiny alpha will be? Really hoping I can give it a shot and not just have to spend the whole 3 days downloading it.

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I don't know if it would be considered small enough to be in the same vein as the rest of the thread, but I would love for Darksiders 3 to be announced. Don't know how likely this is after the whole THQ debacle, but a guy can dream.

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Was at the Wings game last night and it hurt me deep inside

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La Mulana


Pretty sure he's mentioned not thinking this would work already

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