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I feel like i've been missing out by not visiting the forums here. This is the most level headed, down to earth discussion i've read compared to the "witch-hunting" "discussions" i've subjected myself to reading in weeks past.

It was draining and didn't agree with most of it at all... but speak up and you get blasted for not believing what they do.

(Totally Off-topic) EDIT: I also love how there's a time limit for deleting your posts. There's sort of a "Put your name on it, and be a man (or a woman)" thing about it.

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I'd say once a month. Like, the last tuesday of each month should go to Vinny.
With that said, It would be great if Jeff placed the proper jingles (WBP, News, Emails) and intro song in post.

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Not really, anything I trade in is because I'm already done with the game and have no interest going back. But there was one instance where Super Street Fighter IV was free on PS+, and there was a game i wanted at the time and needed one more game to complete a special 3 for 50% extra deal, I traded in my disc version of SSF4.

Needless to say the online version of SSF4 is a god awful mess, and then regretted trading in the game and re-bought the disc version. WHICH WAS A BITCH TO FIND.

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Had to think long and hard about this one... Because I still get a kick out of Resident Evil, Sonic, and Mario games ... and I really don't buy yearly games that are not sports games (Yes, I know, I'm a monster)

So, I guess Dead or Alive.

Part 2 was great on the DC, then the whole "hurhur boobies xbox" phase happened. But now, I'm pretty much spent from the series after 3, a lackluster 4, and did not enjoy 5 at all.

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SimCity was a PR and server mess. It was disappointing, but it was still playable once you got it to work. Not the worst game of the year.

Walking Dead Survival Instinct however was broken, unfinished, and basically garbage. ... Kinda like Season 3

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I didn't buy SimCity. So that does not count.

I have a pretty good track record of NOT buying disappointing games.
...and then I believed the hype and bought Bioshock Infinite.

Boring. Boring. and the gameplay was not fun at all. I didn't even get halfway through the boring story.
I was lied to.

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I only heard of Polygon a few weeks ago, and I already don't like em!
Way to go!

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Oh brother...