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A lot of opinions with most leaning towards Dragon Age: Inquisiton. I hear a lot of you saying "wait and see the reviews" and that is valid. It is likely the most sensible and logical course. I just kinda wanted to get a feel of what the community here was leaning towards. Thanks to all who voted and expressed their opinion.

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About 95% digital for me. Living in The Bahamas, I don't have a ton of options for buying games locally. It used to be notoriously bad with new games costing upwards of $100, but recently some stores have been more reasonable with pricing and availability. At this point though if I'm buying the regular edition of a game I don't see why I would pay $65-75 in a local store vs just paying $60 to get it digitally. For limited/collector's editions (which I rarely buy these days), I'll order from Amazon and have a freight forwarder bring it in, but that does mean I'll spend about $9 shipping plus 10% duty.

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I guarantee you this backlash would be here if it was PS4 exclusive. That leave Xbox One owners and PC users in the dust. Please get this fanboy shit off Giant Bomb.

Where is the backlash for Bloodborne being exclusive to PS4? Cause I haven't seen any.

I have. And it's different. Bloodborne is co-developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The IP wasn't just bought.

Exactly. It's like saying where is the backlash for Forza being Xbox exclusive? They aren't the same thing at all.

I hadn't played a Tomb Raider since PS1 and I picked up the Definitive Edition on PS4 and loved it. Was really looking forward to the new one. Seems I'll just have to wait a bit longer until the inevitable "game of the year" version or "definitive edition" comes to PS4.

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The story was fairly throwaway for me. They did manage to get me to care about killing Damien, but otherwise I really didn't care about Clara dying or what happened to Maurice.

I enjoyed the game mechanically for the most part, but just too much repetition. As some others have said, it reminds me of the first Assassin's Creed, but with a weaker story and less focus. So much of the side content was the same type of mission just repeated endlessly. I started this game thinking I may go for the platinum trophy. Now I don't even want to pick it up and play it again, it's exhausted me.

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Welcome to Dan and Jason! I am glad to see some new blood in GB and am looking forward to their contribution to the site. Honestly, I could care less if they were two white guys or if they were a dyslexic giraffe and a blind panda. My trust in the GB team is that they hire people based on what they can bring to the table to improve the content on the site.

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Smores is pretty fucking amazing, but cherry is a close second for me.

Frosted Cherry is the pinnacle of Pop-Tarts flavours.

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@oldirtybearon: Thanks much for the detailed description. It does sound pretty damn good. I honestly haven't played an MGS game since 2008 with MGS4, so I feel like I may need something to get me back into the MGS mythos before I look to pick up GZ. I'll have a look at a bit of the gameplay on Youtube, but I am very strongly leaning towards just buying it on PSN.

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@cale: Thank you good sir!

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i think if you go look for a physical copy you might find one cheaper than 20 bucks

I would love to do this, but I live in The Bahamas so buying physical games here is a little tricky unless it's a big time AAA release (CoD, NBA2K, etc). Couple that with the cost of shipping and import duties and price wise it may not be much different than the $20 to just download it.

Maybe I'll just have to find a playthrough of it on Youtube and watch a bit of it to see what I'd be getting into. Either way I'll make sure I at least learn the story before GZ. Thanks for the advice everyone.

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I've played MGS1, 2, 3 and 4, but I missed out on Peace Walker. Given that it seems to be set in a time period just before Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain, I'm wondering if it's worth getting the digital PSN version and playing through that before Ground Zeroes launch.

I know no one here has actually played Ground Zeroes yet, but I would like to know from those who have played it, how vital do they feel it is to the overall MGS story? Is it worth $20 for the HD version of the game?