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Just got in to this game and I love it. Please add me: yindotrunks

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Midnight GMT is when it resets, so that's 7 pm East coast 4 pm West coast.

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@mosespippy: I've noticed some leaderboard weirdness as well. I can't scroll past the second page of friends and I can't go back to the first page after going to the second. I've also has a few times where my score would disappear for a while and then show up again later. I haven't noticed anyone at the top of the list disappearing and you shouldn't be able to lower your daily average. I've got 5 total on my list now with an average over 100k.

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PSN - yindotrunks

Been playing more on PC but I do play the Vita version as well.

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These lists are fairly underwhelming. I was all caught up in the new console hype, but just looking at these two lists... maybe I'll just wait a while.

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This is great, I was looking for this exact thing. Thanks a lot!

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yindotrunks on Xbox

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Looking forward to this one, feel free to add me.

GT: yindotrunks

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I really think the main problem was the hotzones. I really wish some more tactical people were able to set them, a way to direct the attacks of the people who are less tactical. We could put them all in South America and still win this season.