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You mean a game who's popularity is built completely around fan service ACTUALLY has fan service in it?

At this point, I'll take anything Metroid I can get, considering Samus is STILL the only franchise representative on the roster.

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As someone just like Drew, who really would like to try and get into the Metal Gear Solid series to try and understand why people like it so much... YES.

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It's too literal. They should have been more subtle with their political references. It would have been easy to make it not so direct.

As it stands it's very offensive and makes sense it would be removed.

+1 I agree with this. Be smart, be subtle!

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Consequently from my pretending to be a writer, my character choices are less about making representations about myself or 'things I want to look at', and more about just creating a fun personality, putting some interesting spin on the story, or fleshing out some character idea. As such, it's almost arbitrary what gender I'll choose.

I can agree with this. As a person pretty obsessed with narrative, I will usually go with the option that presents itself as making for a more interesting story. That's why I shot you know who in the back in Mass Effect 3. That's why I had a female character who had the unfortunate luck of falling in love with Anders in Dragon Age 2. I always enjoy little things like that-- the ability to make a story more interesting through my choices.

Now, if its a game that's not story focused, I'll just go with whatever character looks better (not sexier, just better designed.)

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First of all, parody.

Second of all, probably not the best to admit that you think a character written to be an annoying piece of shit was based off of you. I mean, come on:

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Nintendo. Short, sweet, to the point-- all games, all of them exclusives, all with gameplay footage (except Zelda), and none of them even involved shooting people with guns! OK, one of them did, but they were paint guns! DOESN'T. COUNT.

You know what? Nevermind, have fun with your CG trailers and "Pre-alpha" footage, "mature" gamers.

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Third Person when I played on consoles, First person when I played on PC. I don't like the first person perspective, though, because the viewmodels and lack of animations on the roll are pretty janky.

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@splodge said:

Its called suspension of disbelief. Its not real.

I'm calling bullshit on this.

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I like minimaps?

They're essential in some genres: Team-based FPS games, RTS games, Racing games... And as far as Open-world games go? I don't necessarily see it as lazy design. They might be a little unwieldy at times, but as a player, I'd rather have that extra information at my fingertips if I need it. I disagree with the assertion that having a minimap detracts from the in-game visuals to some large degree.

Obviously, if the developer wants to emphasize a certain type of immersion, then a minimap can work against that. But that's clearly not a priority for most games coming out these days.