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Ok, agreed. Thanks again.

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@FluxWaveZ: I can live with that. Although when you think about it, once the tournament actually starts, we'll have been GB members for about a month anyway. On top of that, I don't quite understand the logic of new users being more likely to make false claims about winning a match than previously registered users. Obviously it's the internet so you should always be suspicious but whether they're GB users or not, you still don't really know any of these people. Unless all of you guys on the P4 boards are good friends or something.

Anyway, I'll stop bitching, and thank you for reconsidering. I'm sure the other Giant Bomb noobs will be happy.

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@dogman795: In any case, I still want to participate in this tournament. Granted, I'll probably get destroyed, but I've actually played P4A several times in arcades in Japan and it's a ton of fun. So consider this a request for FluxWaveZ to reconsider banning new users from his tournament. Instead, why not just impose a cap on the number of participants? Like 64 max or something. To me, that makes a lot more sense than excluding certain people just because they weren't registered. If anything, this should help draw a few more people to Giant Bomb. After all, now that I've made this account I plan on using it.

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So...I've been browsing GiantBomb for about a year now. Just because I wasn't signed up until now doesn't mean I don't support what they do. I even went to their panel at PAX East a few months back. I just never really had a reason to make an account until now I guess. This topic showed up on the front page, and I'm a huge fan of the entire Persona series, so I figured why not? So yeah, I signed up purely to put my name down for this tournament. And now, my name has been removed. That honestly strikes me as completely unfair, but that aside, does that mean I can't participate at all? What's preventing me from signing up via Challonge on the actual date as per the original instructions?

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Count me in!

Username: YMWhiteKnight

PSN ID: YMWhiteKnight

Region (matchmaking purposes in case of lag or whatever): North America (Massachusetts, U.S.A.)