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I very clearly remember the first time I saw Ryan on video with his goofy bleached hair and thinking "who's this jerk?"

Before Ryan, my first memories of what became Gamespot was when the site was nothing more than a dark green "coming soon" page at videogames.com. The concept of "internet personality" was pretty much non-existant. And then one day, some dudes on this site that I'd watch postage stamp sized .RMV clips of PS1 and N64 games started making different types of videos about this thing that I loved more than pretty much anything else. Not just recording videos of games, but videos of themselves talking about games or just being dumb for the fun of it. Ryan showed up some time into this experiment but really quickly found his place and start honing what eventually would become his trademark craft.

I'm pretty sure OnTheSpot was the first live show I made sure to "tune in" to on the internet and the Hot Spot was definitely the first videogame-related podcast I listened to every week. Oh how often those podcasts would be late, or a week skipped entirely. I would get so damn mad, it's unbelievable. Media on the internet was a whole different world back then, but Rich and Greg and all these dudes at Giantbomb we all love so much were there early, blazing the wobbly unsure trail that's lead to all this amazing smorgasbord of podcasts and video stuff that we now eat up all day every day.

Ryan was a huge part of all of our experiences in this crazy new world of global online communities and media becoming about real people, not fake personality constructs. And that's why it feels like we've lost a really good friend. Like not someone you just know, but someone you hung out with every day. I've lost three really close friends of mine before the age of 30 completely out of the blue with no chance to say goodbye, and this really weirdly feels like the same emptiness and disappointment in mourning not only the immediate loss, but the loss of what could have been. And I never even met the guy. There could have been another 60 years of Ryan Davis being a part of his family and friends lives, and if we were lucky, ours too. The thought is haunting and never really goes away, but when friends and family (and tens of thousands of strangers on the internet) honor their lost one by celebrating all the happy thoughts and accomplishments they gave us, the sadness does go away and is wholesale replaced with nothing but enduring, funny, fond, wonderful memories.

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My back hurts just looking at those things. Only buy it if you plan on never moving it again. You know that bottom TV weighs over 250lbs right?

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@demonknightinuyasha said:

I'm personally a fan of John Davison, so I'm willing to give it some time to see where things go. I thought he did a nice job of helping to turn Gamepro from complete garbage into something more worthwhile (I was actually sad to see Gamepro die :/ ) and I believe he can do the same for Gamespot. Not to say Gamespot is as bad as Gamepro was but I'd still rather go to Gamespot than IGN.

Yeah, John Davison gives me a bit of hope for Gamespot. I'm like the OP otherwise. I (maybe unfairly) turned my back on Gamespot as soon as that Kane and Lynch stuff happened and was pretty bummed out every time I went back to see what the site was up to. I was an old school Gamespot fan too. I had been following them pretty much since videogames.com was just a "coming soon" splash page. Being a Jawbreaker fan and having Blake Schwarzenbach write a few pieces for them didn't hurt either.

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@Jeust said:

Lost Odyssey made me cry. It has such awesome side stories!

Yeah, Lost Odyssey's side stories are the only parts of a game that have made me cry. They're so sad!

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@FlemmingM: @Subjugation: @Lumley: So cool. Well done and in record time. I'm honored you guys liked the design enough to recreate it. I can't wait to see the updated world map.

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@Lumley said:

@YoctoYotta: I was speaking to gnub and we came to the decision that making it vertical would be better - however that would mean that all involved have creative mode enabled for them (otherwise it would take forever). This way it looks better when viewing it while online and there's more places where it can easily go.

Creative mode would be very very helpful. Regarding the verticality, it's a great idea, but there's a (literally) huge problem with it.

I had intended to do that back in the day, but since the design is 108 blocks tall and the build-able height max from the bedrock up is 128 blocks, an epic amount of ground would have to be dug up to make it visible from within the game, no less from the world map. It would be incredible to see but a gargantuan undertaking. I'd estimate you'd need to clear out a two- or three- block-wide step terrace from sea level down to the bedrock (128-196 blocks long on one side on the design). It's a nightmare for processor utilization on the server-side as well. The other option was to reduce the scale by half so it can stand above sea level, but it looked almost unrecognizable and not worth the time or effort.

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@Lumley said:

I might get started on that logo then, just need to decide where to put it and flatten the land then I'll lay down design.

Anyone got an idea where it should be? Near to spawn or a bit further away with a tele to it?

And what's everyone's opinions on including the base/border? Yay or nay?

It might make initial construction interesting, but I was originally thinking about maybe doing in the middle of that squarish section of water southwest of the inn and the japanese pagodas (straight down from the inn if you're looking at the server map). Saves on flattening land at least, but a little less accessible.

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@FlemmingM: aww man, you're too kind. I'm getting married in a couple weeks so I don't have the time to spare (as much as I really want to, believe me!), but I do still have the Illustrator block template that I created that I can pass along. PM me with an e-mail address and I'll send it to whoever would like to be contractor on the project. I'll put some screen caps of the AI template below too. I think it took me about 12 hours the first time around, but that included designing the template. The most tedious part is creating a base to put the design on and breaking obsidian when you realize you've messed up on one block placement and thrown the whole design off =). It's probably easiest to have one person lay down the actual design alone unless you're collaborating with voice chat, but having some help laying down clean stone for the base (if that's an option) is really nice. I had built the base as a 177w x 138h rectangle of clean stone (15 blocks of border around the design on each side), but it could also be knocked out to follow the shape of the logo so all that extra blank space isn't there.

The logo is 147w x 108h

I think using colored wool would probably be easy and look good, but for reference, the original used:

Black = Obsidian

White = Iron Block

Gold = Glowstone

Red = Netherrock

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I hopefully am eligible, I bought Flower day of release and I got my free Plus membership going right now. Fingers crossed.

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@jams said:

Why don't the people that are trying to make him eat 24 eggs just give the fucking money? That's what's really selfish.

This, with lots of exclamation points and head shaking.