Biggest Game Letdowns

 As this generation of consoles continues to move forward, more and more "AAA" titles are released. However, some of these highly reviewed games are a total letdown to many people. What are your biggest games you were excited for and turned out being disappointed?

For me..: (Just a few..)

Gears of war 2
- i absolutely loved the original gears, especially online. I loved using the shotgun and just having a good time, despite glitchers and roadie runners. For gears of war 2, i enjoyed the single player quite a bit, and i believe it actually improved. For the multiplayer, the matchmaking system was a great improvement, but actually playing matches seemed terrible. I put several hours into it just playing with friends, now i realize how bad it really is. They totally nerfed the shotgun, everyone chainsaws, and whoever has the best connection usually comes out on top.

Brutal legend - an action game? adventure? totally sweet man! just kidding its an RTS.. need i say more?

The conduit - one of the few wii games that i thought actually may have had a chance to appeal to hardcore. In my opinion its another poorly developed, last gen feeling game... just my opinion though.. Remember, nintendo is getting SERIOUS about online gaming

Halo 3:ODST - It has halo in the title... its auto win !! just kidding. ODST was very unique from the other halo games for the campaign, and very alone. This took away the halo feel from fighting an epic war against the covenant.... Hopefully Halo: Reach beta will justify the purchase

Nintendo Wii
- I remember back when it was the Revolution. Motion controlling? Wow totally sweet i can't wait! fast forward about 5 years and look at the wii now. Total success in sales, total fail in the hardcore game department. Sure mario, zelda, metroid and stuff are great, but where are the new ip's? Look what sony and microsoft has pumped out .... Littlebigplanet, gears of war, uncharted,infamous, mass effect. Surely nintendo can do at least one major hardcore game and be successful... and i don't mean Wii (Insert name here) games. Oh yeah, i don't even need to get started on how wii motion plus should have been built into the wiimote from the get go..


How do you write a review?

With recent complaints about reviews such as too human and star wars: the force unleashed, i have questioned how a review should be written. This is not only for user reviews, but as well for major game websites. Should a review be written on how much fun the reviewer had, and only count a small amount off for glitches or flaws? Or do glitches and flaws really take away from the experience of a game? There could be an arguement either way. I believe that glitches and flaws shouldn't dramatically drop a score for a game, unless the game is completely broken and nearly unplayable.

However, regaurdless of how a review is written you must understand that most reviews are opinions! So some one isn't a star wars fan? Someone does like dungeon crawlers? They may lower their review score because of this. Also im sure there are system fanboys who write reviews for major gaming websites, but nothing can really be done about this.

All in all, a review, in my opinion, should just be a guideline and shouldn't be taken 100% seriously. If a game scores a 6 but sounds cool to you, then go rent or buy it. If you played the demo for a game and loved it, yet terrible reviews, go buy it!

Out of all the reviewers i would have to say my favorites and most considerate for all audiences would have to be Jeff Gerstmann, and Hilary Goldstein from IGN. Again, this is my opinion on the accuracy from reviews.

So what are your opinion on game reviews? Who are your favorite reviewers?
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Why is Yoda So amazing?

The little green dude from star wars.
For such a little man, Yoda is one of the strongest Jedi out there... But How!? Of course any star wars fan knows that the force is strong with him.
So why does everyone love the little green creature? Because he is little and knows how to use his lightsaber and force powers!
Every Star wars fan loves watching lightsaber battles that Yoda is involved in.

I Prefer the light side over the dark, although in some star wars games i will choose the dark side just to see the effects.
The truth is, Yoda is awesome if you're a fan of the light side. Some may prefer Vader, but not me. It's going to be great seeing how Yoda Plays in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV... Since he is so little and jumpy.

What do you think of Yoda and the light side? Or do you prefer the dark side!

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