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 As this generation of consoles continues to move forward, more and more "AAA" titles are released. However, some of these highly reviewed games are a total letdown to many people. What are your biggest games you were excited for and turned out being disappointed?

For me..: (Just a few..)

Gears of war 2
- i absolutely loved the original gears, especially online. I loved using the shotgun and just having a good time, despite glitchers and roadie runners. For gears of war 2, i enjoyed the single player quite a bit, and i believe it actually improved. For the multiplayer, the matchmaking system was a great improvement, but actually playing matches seemed terrible. I put several hours into it just playing with friends, now i realize how bad it really is. They totally nerfed the shotgun, everyone chainsaws, and whoever has the best connection usually comes out on top.

Brutal legend - an action game? adventure? totally sweet man! just kidding its an RTS.. need i say more?

The conduit - one of the few wii games that i thought actually may have had a chance to appeal to hardcore. In my opinion its another poorly developed, last gen feeling game... just my opinion though.. Remember, nintendo is getting SERIOUS about online gaming

Halo 3:ODST - It has halo in the title... its auto win !! just kidding. ODST was very unique from the other halo games for the campaign, and very alone. This took away the halo feel from fighting an epic war against the covenant.... Hopefully Halo: Reach beta will justify the purchase

Nintendo Wii
- I remember back when it was the Revolution. Motion controlling? Wow totally sweet i can't wait! fast forward about 5 years and look at the wii now. Total success in sales, total fail in the hardcore game department. Sure mario, zelda, metroid and stuff are great, but where are the new ip's? Look what sony and microsoft has pumped out .... Littlebigplanet, gears of war, uncharted,infamous, mass effect. Surely nintendo can do at least one major hardcore game and be successful... and i don't mean Wii (Insert name here) games. Oh yeah, i don't even need to get started on how wii motion plus should have been built into the wiimote from the get go..

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has this been discovered yet ?
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Someone explain to me what is this:

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this is DEFINITELY ... Fallout: New Vegas.
gnova6 website , you can turn the knob to adjust the picture on the screen. Near the end it shows the element of uranium, and a picture of a group of people that could be something like the manhatten project but i could be wrong about that part.

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i just found out you can turn the nob thing on gnova website lol..

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more about gknova6 website..::

   Domain Name: GKNOVA6.COM
Whois Server: whois.markmonitor.com
Referral URL: http://www.markmonitor.com
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Updated Date: 26-mar-2010
Creation Date: 23-mar-2010
Expiration Date: 23-mar-2012
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Approve this contest, I do. Yoda I am.

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Cool! Always awesome to see freebees.

Good luck everyone :-)

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yeah, rhythm heaven and ninja town i have been really wanting..
i agree with all posts and thanks for your input, it is nice to know im not the only one like this.

another thing, i have been really wanting a dsi but i have a big feeling something major is going to come at e3 for some reason... and really i dont even play my ds enough to warrant a purchase for the dsi, thats why i kind of want to start getting games for it to see if i can get into it more

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Hey guys, i've been recently wanting to purchase a few DS games while my 360 is out on repairs, or even wii games for that matter... But it seems i have a problem

There are games that i do want, but i feel that i would rather just save that money and buy a 360 game for some reason.. Even when i have enough money i still feel i should only buy games for my 360 and not for the other consoles.. Is this wierd? I really only play my 360 the most, however i really think i should start getting into the other ones but its just hard for me to spend my money and get a game for one of the other systems!

Any suggestions? Anyone else like this?