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Vent by all means, but your argument is as hollow as your anger.

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I haven't kept up with his stuff because I don't like Kotaku at all. Granted, I haven't been to it for years, but my memories are of it being the same stories every other site was running, padded out with games articles that wouldn't look out of place in the Daily Mail. I took him off my Twitter as well, after something he posted which turned me off him a little more. He is smart and articulate, and thinks about videogames as a wider medium in ways which few others do, but like other people in this thread, I wonder if Kotaku is the place for him, really.

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Not gonna lie. I welled up.

Good luck Patrick, you'll no doubt add to whatever you join, but this is a rough piece of news for the community of this site.

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I liked it a lot. Maybe it's my age, but I'm a lot more forgiving with movies these days. My metric for good is 'not boring me'. Like, I can see why a lot of people liked Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - masterful cast, great story and an awesome period piece...but I kept nodding off. ANyway, the CG was awful in some parts, but I just couldn't bring myself to get worked up about what must amount to 30 seconds of bad CGI in amongst 3 hours of awesome action. Big dumb fun.

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@honkalot: It's one of the things you can do from the war table, it gives you an upgrade (Arms II, I think) for Varric's crossbow. Initiated the quest on the first day of play, but it never resolved. Wasn't too bothered, as all three of my advisors were still available to do stuff for me.

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I suspect Brad will filibuster for either Destiny at some point, or Shadow of Mordor.

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They fixed it! Bianca has a gift at last! (Shame it's woefully outclassed now by my current gear, would have been useful early-game!)

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Hopefully they have addressed the glitched 'Gift for Bianca' quest. It's been ongoing since launch day for me! Bianca ain't getting anything!

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I too made a list. What a strange year it was!