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A noble effort. 0

IntroductionI was a big fan of War for Cybertron, despite it's numerous issues. It was the first Transformers game in a long time to capture that G1 feeling perfectly, with a modern-era HD-sheen. The storyline was effective, and adopted as canon, and the multiplayer had longer legs than anticipated. The sequel kicks off almost immediately after the end of the first and continues the story of the demise of Cybertron and effectively explores the motivations of both factions.Gameplay and graphicsGo...

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The comet has crash-landed. 0

IntroductionTower defence games are becoming increasingly popular on the downloadable game front, and the PSN has blessed gamers with top-drawer stuff like Pixeljunk Monsters and Savage Moon, both exclusive to the platform. Joining them on the protective bandwagon is Comet Crash, but how does it fare?The premiseThe title might lead you to think that you're defending an area against incoming comets, but nothing could be further than the truth. You control an 80's sci-fi looking ship (it reminded ...

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God of Warverine. 0

IntroductionI wasn't wowed by the Wolverine movie, but I didn't think it was completely useless either, and it certainly didn't deserve the almost universal panning it received from the critics. I wasn't even considering buying the game, given the history of movie franchises as games. But then Sony put the demo on the PSN. I downloaded it, played it through and thought it was pretty good. I deleted it off my crammed hard drive and promptly downloaded it again a few days later, remembering how go...

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Wage both sides of this war... 0

Introduction As a child of the eighties, it would be easy to slip into hyperbole about how fantastic the original series was, how awesome the toys were and just what those iconic characters mean to me now that I'm an old man in my early thirties, but this game has to do so much more for me than that.   It has to create nostalgia, whilst feeling fresh.   It has to compete in an increasingly crowded multiplayer world, but stand alone.   Perhaps most importantly of all, it has to do what Arkham Asy...

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