I don't wanna rehash what everyone else is saying. Suffice to say I am as shocked and saddened as everyone else and sending all my best wishes.

I never understood what it was like when people lost their shit over celebrity deaths...til today.

No more will I get the amusement on a Wednesday afternoon (in Australia) of hearing "Hey Everybody, it's Tuesday!".

This makes me a sad panda. :(

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So I am trying to learn more about sites I'm a member of, services I use, et al. Ostensibly for efficiency but in practice more about learning cool toys and tricks to be flashy with. As a result of this and the Steam Sale, I've learnt about steamgifts and giantbombgifts. On one hand, awesome. I wanna be good enough community member to get in there! OTOH, as I'm finding with the Steam Sale, just by being as interested in gaming as I/we are, I tend to already have significant investments and own those games I want. Chicken and Egg problem much?



I am a budding writer and spend far too much time and money on games. My normal blog is