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I actually can't enjoy games when I can't identify with the main character. GTA, Red Dead Redemption, God of War...there are a number of games where your main character is such an irredeemably horrible human being that I just don't want to play through them. Watch Dogs has this exact same vibe to me, and it's made me not even want to give it a shot even though I got it free with my video card. After playing just the intro, I'm already done with it.

Nice write up. I definitely have felt that way about characters and stories in games before.

John Marsden was a horrible human being in the past and is seeking his redemption - it is the entire point of the narrative arc of the game (though it does stray a little in the late 2nd Act). And without being too spoilery, he gets it. Ergo, not irredeemable.

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Awesome sauce!

I think casting-wise, I'd put it something like this (limiting it to 5, cos I don't really wanna assign people to skutters or talky-toaster):

*DISCLAIMER - not intended for offence, but have made a particular selection based on community reactions (not reactions I agree with, but broad-spread enough not to be ignored):

Jeff - Lister

Vinny - The Cat

Drew - Kryten

Patrick - Rimmer

Brad - Holly

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To quote Kevin Smith, put a dick in your mouth.


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@loc95: Cessation of electrical impulses to the brain.

I don't know. I did wonder at first, then I realised it's way less important than the fact he is gone.

If/when they decide we should know, they'll tell us. Til then, just embrace the memories he's left us and the shared moment of loss that we all feel.

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The Beatles: Rock Band had the greatest intro and extro videos of any game, ever. They were pure Art.
And sadly, living outside the US, never got access to the RBN. Still, I love my 398 songs and my full two guitars, mike, drums and keytar. They paid for themselves a long time ago and continue to be used to this day.

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I tried to save Shaun, precisely because he was stuck under the tractor. And Carley, because A) gun and B) she's doing me a solid with not telling peeps who I am. To be honest, kinda feel old enough now that hearing people talk about how it was saving the hot girl is demeaning.

(Yes, I'm late to the party - wanted all 5 to be out before I started and tonight was first chance I had to tackle Ep1.)

These articles are fantastic postscripts for the episodes tho, so I am glad I waited. :D

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Uncharted - for the no-PS3 reason. Really happy that the youtube vids of the cutscenes and min action exist, just so's I can get a taste.

Also, COD & Battlefield, never touched either. Military FPS holds as much attraction for me as sticking my dick in a blender.

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D: I was trying to say that gift groups in Steam seem to pose a problem in that to be invited to be in one means that you're spending enough on games that you may not be able to actually get any games you don't already own. (Though I don't know either way, as I'm not in said groups) Wasn't trying to be cryptic, honest.

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So I am trying to learn more about sites I'm a member of, services I use, et al. Ostensibly for efficiency but in practice more about learning cool toys and tricks to be flashy with. As a result of this and the Steam Sale, I've learnt about steamgifts and giantbombgifts. On one hand, awesome. I wanna be good enough community member to get in there! OTOH, as I'm finding with the Steam Sale, just by being as interested in gaming as I/we are, I tend to already have significant investments and own those games I want. Chicken and Egg problem much?

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1. Deus Ex

2. X-Com: Enemy Unknown

3. Saints Row the Third (the most FUN game in years!)

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