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Missed the meetup... oh well, next time.

@hellerphant Am in Melbourne, and the weekly board game night I run is about to come to an end, so this is of interest to me... and I have a reasonable collection...

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I am so glad you went with rolling into Corruption (now Co-op) cos I am there ... and could not miss that...

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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I actually can't enjoy games when I can't identify with the main character. GTA, Red Dead Redemption, God of War...there are a number of games where your main character is such an irredeemably horrible human being that I just don't want to play through them. Watch Dogs has this exact same vibe to me, and it's made me not even want to give it a shot even though I got it free with my video card. After playing just the intro, I'm already done with it.

Nice write up. I definitely have felt that way about characters and stories in games before.

John Marsden was a horrible human being in the past and is seeking his redemption - it is the entire point of the narrative arc of the game (though it does stray a little in the late 2nd Act). And without being too spoilery, he gets it. Ergo, not irredeemable.

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Awesome sauce!

I think casting-wise, I'd put it something like this (limiting it to 5, cos I don't really wanna assign people to skutters or talky-toaster):

*DISCLAIMER - not intended for offence, but have made a particular selection based on community reactions (not reactions I agree with, but broad-spread enough not to be ignored):

Jeff - Lister

Vinny - The Cat

Drew - Kryten

Patrick - Rimmer

Brad - Holly

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To quote Kevin Smith, put a dick in your mouth.


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@loc95: Cessation of electrical impulses to the brain.

I don't know. I did wonder at first, then I realised it's way less important than the fact he is gone.

If/when they decide we should know, they'll tell us. Til then, just embrace the memories he's left us and the shared moment of loss that we all feel.

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The Beatles: Rock Band had the greatest intro and extro videos of any game, ever. They were pure Art.
And sadly, living outside the US, never got access to the RBN. Still, I love my 398 songs and my full two guitars, mike, drums and keytar. They paid for themselves a long time ago and continue to be used to this day.

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I tried to save Shaun, precisely because he was stuck under the tractor. And Carley, because A) gun and B) she's doing me a solid with not telling peeps who I am. To be honest, kinda feel old enough now that hearing people talk about how it was saving the hot girl is demeaning.

(Yes, I'm late to the party - wanted all 5 to be out before I started and tonight was first chance I had to tackle Ep1.)

These articles are fantastic postscripts for the episodes tho, so I am glad I waited. :D

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Uncharted - for the no-PS3 reason. Really happy that the youtube vids of the cutscenes and min action exist, just so's I can get a taste.

Also, COD & Battlefield, never touched either. Military FPS holds as much attraction for me as sticking my dick in a blender.

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