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As has been said, it's not a new concept. A lot of these Free to Play games charge an early access, selling Founder Packs and whatnot. It only just went into Beta though (it was a 'Technical Alpha' before)

For my 2 cents I'm really enjoying it. As a palette cleanse brawler it succeeds. It has certainly got the highly polished Blizzard sheen to the edges. But it is certainly not $39.99 worth of entertainment yet. You unlock chracters at a pretty steady clip with the free currency, and the fact you might not actually like the unlocked characters, it's a bad value proposition.

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They were brought up, but mostly as a "What about Walking Dead/Wolf Among Us?"

Followed pretty quickly with a "Nope." from Patrick/Alex

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The bases are NOT universal. So if you want to pick it up on PS4 later, you'll need a starter set. The PS3 base does work with PS4, so it may be cheaper to buy a PS3 base and the digital PS4 version, if you already have the figures you want

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That sounds super shitty duder

The old adage of never preorder, anything, EVER! continues to hold true.

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I get the finisher animations, they split between quick and flashy, but I can always interrupt for a parry. He just cuts the animation and moves to the perfect parry animation. It looks a bit weird, but haven't been prevented by priority yet. More the fact he'll sometimes drop out of combat, or sometimes do the finisher animation to an invisible ghost ...

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I believe by owning a previous version of WoW, you already own all the content up to and including Pandaria. You can check by logging into Battle.net and checking your account status. I had a friend return after being away for 6 years, and he only had to buy Warlods to get back up to speed. Plus, free lvl 90!

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What's the clock speed of your motherboard and RAM? You'd be surprised the difference slow RAM and motherboard will make. CHeck your RAM for errors as well, should be an option in BIOS

Is your power supply enough? High enough wattage and in good nick? If your components aren't getting enough power, they will run slower.

Do you have a lot of junky shit on your hard drives? I'd suggest a cleanup, can make a difference as well.

Oh, and hard drive transfer rate.

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Wow, 8's and 9's everywhere I look.

Now I am extremely pumped!

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Need those hot Nemeses

PSN: Yokelbloke

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They do. And I think the release of the official XBOX One controller drivers is a good step to securing it as the default PC controller setup.

I think both of the new controllers are great, but official PC support? Tips it well in XBOX One's favour.

Also, I hope no one 'wins' E3. I just hope everyone shows rad games and cool stuff. 'Winning' a trade show is a dumb idea, I feel.

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