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You only need to finish Riddler's stuff up to saving Catwoman. The trophies and challenges are only for the 3rd 'True' ending (it isn't worth it). To see the Knightfall ending you need to 'use' the bat signal on top of the GCPD, after you call Alfred. It's a bit fiddly.

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I was playing, but then they took it down for my region (Australia) because of latency issues.

It wasn't unplayably bad, definitely some noticeable hiccups, but no worse than SMITE used to be, or League, or DOTA 2.

Really bummed, because I was enjoying it quite a bit (I like MOBA's though so mileage may vary)

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Levelling them up also allows you to make their spells and abilities more powerful and gives them access to more powerful equipment (the equipment provides you with the stat impreovments the levelling curve eschews)

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It'll be a bunch of slides about how much money they've made and how prolific Steam is. Then they will show some Steambox stuff and the new controller, then some VR stuff, then DOTA2 stuff.

And that will be all

And the internet will explode with rage at the fact no HL3 got announced, for some reason

It will be the end of video games

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What makes it stand out? Because it is not like those games ...

Ok, that's not entirely true. The similarities are pretty superficial though (class based asynchronous multiplayer, as a broad genre) The gamplay between L4D and Nosgoth, and this are wilddly different.

- It's 4 vs 1, exclusively at this point. You can play co-op, vs an AI monster but otherwise it is always structured this way. So no teams like in Nosgoth or L4D

- The flow of a match is completely different, and definitely not for everyone. As a hunter, you chase. And chase. As a monster, you run and run. Eventually the power dynamic shifts once the monster levels up. For comparison, using L4D as a reference, imagine a weak Tank that gets stronger throughout a match vs the L4D crew. But that Tank is completely by himself, no team mates.

- The Classes are very strict and all serve a very specific role. Unlike L4D or Nosgoth, teamwork, sticking together and playing your class is completely and utterly necessary. The zombies can go solo in L4D and Nosgoth rewards teamwork but doesn't punish (too heavily, anyway) being a lone wolf. Evolve solo players will get killed, and quickly.

- The environment is an enemy in Evolve. Random critters, monsters you kill for buffs (think jungle creeps in LoL) deadly plant monsters, poisonous water. The arena is out to get you. There is a great sense of verticality in Evolve, which Nosgoth attempts and L4D ignores. Evolve nails it.

The appeal for me is the accomplishment of a successful hunt, and the raw power of playing the monster. Every hunt, although it has the same objective (although sometimes this changes as well) feels unique and special. Its exhilerating and paced better than L4D and Nosgoth, in my opinion. It's a stressful,exhilerating chase, punctuated by these visceral combat encounters. I really dig it. A lot.

Hope this helps. Evolve is absolutely not for everybody. I can see this being a pretty polarising title in the long run. It can coexist with Nosgoth and L4D as it offers a different experience from both of these. Play a demo or watch a heap of videos before you jump in, because if you wanted a successor to L4D this is not it.

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As has been said, it's not a new concept. A lot of these Free to Play games charge an early access, selling Founder Packs and whatnot. It only just went into Beta though (it was a 'Technical Alpha' before)

For my 2 cents I'm really enjoying it. As a palette cleanse brawler it succeeds. It has certainly got the highly polished Blizzard sheen to the edges. But it is certainly not $39.99 worth of entertainment yet. You unlock chracters at a pretty steady clip with the free currency, and the fact you might not actually like the unlocked characters, it's a bad value proposition.

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They were brought up, but mostly as a "What about Walking Dead/Wolf Among Us?"

Followed pretty quickly with a "Nope." from Patrick/Alex

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The bases are NOT universal. So if you want to pick it up on PS4 later, you'll need a starter set. The PS3 base does work with PS4, so it may be cheaper to buy a PS3 base and the digital PS4 version, if you already have the figures you want

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That sounds super shitty duder

The old adage of never preorder, anything, EVER! continues to hold true.

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I get the finisher animations, they split between quick and flashy, but I can always interrupt for a parry. He just cuts the animation and moves to the perfect parry animation. It looks a bit weird, but haven't been prevented by priority yet. More the fact he'll sometimes drop out of combat, or sometimes do the finisher animation to an invisible ghost ...