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RIP Ryan.

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I really liked what Sessler had to say in that interview with Fox News. M rated video games are for adults. It shouldn't be socially acceptable for moms to be buying their 13 year old GTA or CoD.

I wasn't allowed to watch Robocop until I was 15. That's how it was for most kids at my school, but nowadays it seems absurd for a parent to have such restrictions for their kids.

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@the_korben said:

If you want to do something good about the world, how about you start changing your fellow citizen's mind about climate change and cutthroat capitalism. Once those problems have been solved, we can start worrying about the culturally influenced depiction of fictional characters in a foreign video game.

you simply can't claim to have the absolute moral or cultural baseline

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Unlike a lot of the morons who comment on these articles, I think this is an important issue. The games industry needs to change and stop alienating its female audience so much.

There will always be games, movies, tv shows and books that cater to the straight male demographic and that's fine. Women have their fair share of entertainment media that goes largely ignored by guys.

But there's no other form of mainstream entertainment (see what I did there? I said mainstream so porn doesn't count) that objectifies and alienates women in its content, its marketing and in its business ethics than video games.

I'm not saying games should have to limit themselves. Like I said, there will always be games that continue to cater to straight males (Japan will surely see to that.) I'm just saying that game makers/advertisers should broaden their scope and at least try to lose the boys club mentality a little bit.

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I'd spend $2,000 on something like this if it could play Crysis 3 with ultra max settings. I wouldn't mind if it was bigger too because I'd imagine it would have to be.

The idea of meaty gaming PCs with the same ease of use that consoles have excites me to no end.

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I've been playing Wizorb on my Vita.

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Having a ton of old Gameboy/Color/Advance and Gamecube games available for download. I want to play Eternal Darkness again.

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I hope "system stability" means I'll no longer have to yank the power cord out of my WiiU because it locked up.

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Short boxed beard.