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@TwoOneFive said:
" sad to say i have never watched a single episode of the endurance run.  "
You should watch them, but you really should skip the dungeon crawl parts. Skip to the story and the bosses.
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@WinterSnowblind: I don't know; I played it just the other day for the first time, and it was pretty awful.
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Maybe it's another Funny People viral marketing thing?

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@End_Boss said:
" The soundtrack costs more than the game?
So why wouldn't I...
Buy the game?

Backs away. "

Because you can't listen to the game on your CD-player/MP3-box-machine/tape deck/8-track player?
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I had a friend complain a bit ago about Rock Band "stealing Guitar Hero's idea". I just always laugh at that story, so I thought this would be where to share it.

ALSO: Wouldn't it be Band Heroes? Band Hero would just be a game for those one-man-band cats - the ones with trumpets strapped to their harmonicas strapped to their knees and such.

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6.51 Scepticism is not irrefutable, but palpably senseless, if it would doubt where a question cannot be asked. For doubt can only exist where there is a question; a question only where there is an answer, and this only where something can be said.

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@BabyFart_McGeezaks: For Fable 1 he might have been a bit overzealous in the description superearly on, but the backlash was so huge on that that he didn't do any of that stuff for Fable 2. So, no, he didn't lie.

I would like less annoying half-assed British accents. Get British people or just talk normal, none of this school-adaptation-of-A-Christmas-Carol-stuff.

I liked the Spire part of the Spire part, just not the un-fight part of it.
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We are marching to Bastille Day...

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@Cyst: Wait a minute, think about this before you get into an argument with this guy. There is nothing to be gained by getting mad at someone on the Internet; no minds will be changed and no ground will be gained. Just walk away.

If no one responded to that kind of thing, it would die out on its own.
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@slinky6 said: 
umm I have real experience of not helping people, sure.   I don't feel bad about it. "
I was asking whether you actually know any less fortunate people, or if you just assume that poor people are just lazy.
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