Borderlands 2 Fixed The Wrong Things

I really loved Borderlands. Shooting bandits in the face to get guns to shoot more bandits was awesome. And still is. Borderlands 2 has better guns, more interesting enemies, better leveling, and better graphics. So why do I end every session going "that is bullshit". After doing that 8 times or so I think that is the end for me.

Ultimately, it was the cars. They sucked in 1 and they suck just as bad in 2. But they are just a patch over the glaring travel issues. There is nothing like running all over to do a mission, only to just be left in the middle of nowhere having to run back. The game just puts so much trudging between my bullets and some jerk's face. I can't do it anymore. If they could have strung the missions in some logical order so you could do a ton at once, or chain them in a big circle leading back to camp. that would be amazing. As it is, the game puts too much between me and its good parts.

I'm sorry Borderlands 2, I love and hate you so much.


Limbo Issue


DeathSpank Issues

I finished up DeathSpank in short order and really loved it. But I have a couple issues with it.  

  • You have to drag items to the grinder.  It would be nice if there was just a button press for it.
  • Once you accept a quest, the info the quest giver imparts is often lost.  Like the location to go to.  So you have to burn hints to get information you've already received.
  • It didn't explain how to use inventory objects with the environment.  I knew exactly what I was supposed to do to solve a puzzle, but I had no idea how to make it happen. 
  • Lock-on loves to focus on objects instead of the enemies attacking you.  Often off the screen so you don't even know you are shooting a chest or a door instead of a baddie.

Harry Dresden Coke Fanatic

So I've been reading the Harry Dresden novels, which I quite enjoy.  But suddenly in book 4 he seems to mention Coke every few chapters. I'm all for having a character more connected to the real world via products and places, but sprining out of nowhere a few books in felt like Butcher had got tidy check to help him decide which goods Harry favored.  I think it's unlikely but it felt weird.  


Finished Monkey Island 2

While a good game, I felt that Monkey Island 2 had inferior puzzles to the first game.  There were several rather un-intuitive ones, a lot of backtracking, and a few that required split second work.  Time based actions in a puzzle game are annoying at any time.  Trying to figure out which action to do, and the exact second to do it in is a real pain.  It felt more like they were using a new feature of the game rather than something that made the game better.  But overall enjoyable and the ending is rather surreal. 


The Twin Peaks Report

Recently I was watching Twin Peaks and was struck with how much Agent Cooper reminded me of Stephen Colbert (as he is on the Colbert Report).  To the point that I wonder if Colbert used Kyle MacLachlan's performance as inspiration when forging that persona.  Or I'm crazy, I do know I'm very prone to think most people look like some other person until I know them well.  
Also, the Endurance Runs have ruined me and it takes real effort not to think of him as Agent York.