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Still might be fun. That's the part I care about.

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I don't mind their existence, but I wish Steam would abandon the pretense that it's for Trading. They are a commodity, and the marketplace needs to stop acting like anyone cares who they are buying and selling to. Buying a Sale card is a nightmare. any card posted on the first page of results is sold before you can try for it. Just let people say what they would pay for X numbers of cards, and let the marketplace act on that.

I am a fan of the dumb chat emoticons you can get from the system. Like the poop from The Binding of Isaac.

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Krull - A veteran punching bag of nerd-dom for 30 years. I think time has been pretty kind to this film. Being pre-digital, the effects mostly hold up well. The film is a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, with swords going up against aliens with lasers. There is some genuinely cool set design in places. The pacing could use a lot of work, and the plot is very by-the-numbers, and a few of the special effects are now terrible. But it's a kind of film that is unlikely to ever get made again, so it's worth a watch if you can handle some datedness.


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In the past, I've bought way too many on release day. Now I usually don't unless it's a multiplayer focused game because those have a pretty short window of playability (the ones I play at least). At least with $60 games, with cheap indie games things can be more flexibile.

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I hate using the keyboard to move so much, that I use a controller. Even for FPSes. I know how much the lack of a mouse hurts turning and aim. That is how much better I think an analog stick is for movement. So if I can, I use Joy2Key to map a controller onto Mouse+Keyboard. Plus I have a mouse with many buttons which lets me offload more of functions I might need.

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I want too, but the game just takes too long to load for a daily cahllenge. While Spelunky is a clearly superior game, Rogue Legacy had me playing in 5 seconds on my machine.

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@jakeh said:

Hope Pawns got a buff

They did. Rather the different armies favor different playstyles. One of them (Nemesis) favors pawns.

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Queens were WAY to OP. Hopefully they finally nerfed them.

Kinda. But there is an army (Reaper) where Queens can teleport. If you have an opponent who wants to lean on the queen, they can do so with a vengeance in Chess 2: The Sequel.

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To steal a gag. "Chess 2: The 2nd Chess game"

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30%. The delivery charge is not given to the driver. It's a very dangerous job (25% of their deaths are robberies and assaults) that pays practically nothing when you factor in gas and car maintenance.

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Indies should just stay away from those policies and flood the PS4 and PC with their games.

That will either push Microsoft to revise their policy or the consumers to go where the games are.

Easy to say, but Indie devs need to get their titles in front of as many potential consumers as possible, so discounting an entire large market segment is probably a bad idea. Also, if some devs did boycott the XBox One, that would mean anyone who didn't would have less competition.