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The Spelunky PC port is a special case in my book. The Steam version's daily challenge is a significant value add for many.

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There is an episode of Extra Credits that talks about this in Missile Command. The whole game is about choosing which cities survive a nuclear attack. Played by deciding which missiles coming at cities you want to shoot down.

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Is it me or that Steam controller looks ridiculous?

I'd just say it just looks very different from current controllers. I think it's far less ridiculous than the WiiU putting a screen on the main controller.

Generally Valve knows how to make stuff. If they put it out, they have tested it and find it better. They aren't just trying to make a console controller, they are trying to make a mouse & keyboard substiture for people who've been married to that scheme for close to 2 decades.

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I never realized yellow was a theme for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. And I watched the entire endurance run. I guess I'm just not keyed into design issues.

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8.5 is bad for a GTA? I thought 4 was unplayable shit. If 5 has similar driving, I'd give it at 1 at this point. My point is many people liked 4 despite the driving, I didn't. People have different opinions. And it does not mean there is a hidden adgenda.

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To all the people who got codes, I'm just glad I could find a home for them. I'd have been a bit of dick if I took a bunch of desirable codes and then failed to at least try to see them all used.

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This is all the remaining codes. Have at them.




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3 Pairs and a Blitzcrank left

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It seems that the codes work in US and EU regions. I'd guess it probably works in any.

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Still have plenty of codes.