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He's awesome! Cheers to Matt for turning the shit stroms into little drizzles on the forums. So happy he came back!

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Disappointing to see @danryckert behaving like this on twitter every time something world cup football is happening.

Behaving like a common internet troll? Really?

Also Dan, if you're reading this, people are not mentioning pro wrestling during your sad trolling attempts because they think wrestling is a sport. They mention it because they think pro wrestling is terrible / way worse than football.

It's not funny, it's the kind of behaviour people would be reprimanded for on Giant Bomb by the mods/staff.

One of the things that has really pleased me about the World Cup is the way lots of Americans have tried to look past their silly nationalistic sterotypes and join in this big party the rest of world is having. Dan's tweets just seem bitter and lonely. I love that Brad has made an effort to try and understand why so many people love this sport and feel passionate about it enough to get emotional.

I was really prepared to give him a chance because I trust Jeff's judgement, but the more I hear from him, the more I fear that he is just a closed minded bore with nothing new to offer this site. I really hope I am wrong. All this chat about 'wimps' and how stupid it is to cry just seems the sort of thing the typical US college-jock bore would come out with - really hope I am wrong. I come to Giant Bomb to get away from those sorts of attitudes.

This is not the first time he has trolled people who dare like soccer/sports. He posted then deleted a tweet where he mentioned getting everyone in a bar "deported" because they were watching soccer. Then he just played stupid when responded to by offended followers. Generally speaking I'm not the biggest fan of @danryckert so far. The tweet trolling aside, he just comes off as not very interesting. He loves wrestling, we know that, so do Jeff and Alex so what does that add to a video game website? His overall gaming knowledge seems lacking in comparison to other editors. I enjoyed some of his work at GI but its going to take a while for him to add value to GB. Maybe if he made some original content (hopefully not all wrestling related"). I'm honestly not trying to hate on him , I guess Patrick just made it look easy when he started.

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Not even a subscriber, huh...


LOL, I had the EXACT same thought.

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Damn I missed it *SAD FACE*

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After a month of solid x1 controller use; I miss the 360 controller's tension on the sticks. Also not a big fan of the new bumpers. Big dead zone in games like Peggle.

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Stat porn! #statporn

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Ryan :(

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I know and OMG finally. Probably put 200 hours into the mod, been waiting 18 months for the stand alone. Welp, there goes my productivity. Hope they do a QL or something like Vinny and Drew did back when the mod was the hottness.

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