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Life of Your_moms_lover


I'm awesome and random. I dont know how to read, and i dont know my abc's. therefore i cant type. I dropped out of school in the kindergarten because my teacher would try to make me give her bjs and i didnt do that because i am a pony and i cant walk or run but i can fly and jump over big buildings. my names are bing bang and harry dick. i was born under a banana tree and raised by evil wolverines. So i could run and talk just like the evil wolverines but then the FBI busted in and killed my family of wolverines and took me to their evil FBI layer. Soon i became an evil FBI agent like them.

Teenage Years

I started puberty at the age 7. Soon became number 1 sniper in my house. Shooting cats from a small window in my bedroom. Later in life i found out that my destiny was to pwn fools. As a FBI agent i was hired as an assassin with the codename Your_dads_lover but soon after i figured out that was really gay so i changed it to Your_moms_lover. I was sent to Hakistan to kill a pack of wild wolverines, but due to the fact that i was half wolverine i wasn't able to finish the job. The FBI fired me for being a pohnanny and not being able to kill the wolverines.

Old Times

I spend most of my times sitting at home with no clothes on and play TF2 on my super duper normal PS3. I also injoy playing Oblivion even though its old as fuck. I quit playing GTA4 after it got to hard. I still play skate sometimes because basicly im a fucking p.i.m.p when it comes to ripping it on a virtual skateboard. Recently I discovered a little blog site called Giantbomb which was pretty bitchin'. Due to my obsession to Jeff "The Truth" Gerstmann and Brad "Sexy Voice" Shoemaker I stayed on the site about 24/7. When i saw the "Landing Soon" picture for the first time i pretty much shit myself due to awesomeness. But now that this site is up i think i might just have to edit all these stupid noobs inaccurate information. Soooo ummm thats my life....i bet your jealous arn't you?

What you really need to know about me


PSN: dukand71

Games: The Orange Box, Skate, Assassins Creed, Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, Def Jam: Icon, and Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Wishlist: Soul Caliber 4, The Force Unleashed, Fallout 3, Spore, and Littlebigplanet