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Damn, I was working on something similar, but this blows what I was doing out of the water in terms of presentation quality.

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Looks like I forgot about this.

Could I get one of these:

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update: I died less.

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I'll send you a T-shirt if you somehow make a TAS of this.

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My first run. Pretty rough. I died a lot, and also I forgot where to go at a couple points. Good enough for a start, I guess.

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@Jack268 said:

@Pie: Peaches__, one of the cooler dudes. He got really drunk and didn't want to embarass the charity by going on stream in that state, so he let another guy take his spot where he was supposed to run some game. Uyama (The guy who hosts the marathon and I think the founder of SDA) got really pissed off and said Peaches wouldn't be allowed to run a game for the marathon ever again. I don't know if the ban also means he can't even come to the marathon though. Either way, Peaches isn't at the event any more.

This isn't what happened at all. Peaches missed his game, so Uyama said that he would be given low priority for bonus stream games. Peaches left early because people kept harassing him him about the supposed drama.

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This is great news. Arma isn't really designed for this kind of multiplayer, as it has many huge exploits built into the multiplayer system.

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You could make a thread on SDA. You'll probably get more support there:

As for the types of runs: NG would be starting a fresh game NG+ would be starting a new game after beating it once and using flying. In addition, there's also any% (32 cubes) and 100%(umm), as well as single segment (all at once) or segmented (beating it over multiple sessions, only using your best for each section)

You can use whatever combination of these that you like. Personally, I think that a single segment run would be pretty hard, as you'd have to set your system clock based on when you expect to get to the clock, so that you can pick up all of the cubes there at once.

I'd love to see this run done as well (no matter how you do it), and am looking forward to watching it.