MvC Fightstick-In Celebration for Paying off MvC3 SE (/w review)!

Just bought this beast last month to celebrate something...meh. But I'm so happy to be able to say I can now waltz into my local Gamestop and pick up the Special Edition Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and not having to drop a penny more. In edition I've just purchased the MvC fightstick (by Madcatz) and am using it more avidly (it's hard as hell but I'm getting there). 
I have to say this thing is slick and it feels like the good ol' arcade feel that I crave and brings back memories of abysmal turtlingin Marvel Capcom 2 at my local arcade. But the artwork is covered in a flexible thin-plastic sheet so I'm afraid I'm going to scratch it. Anyways I've uploaded a few images to show the box and the stick's features itself (and yes i know it's been out for a while). 
The box images are as follows: Wolverine and Ryu, Iron Man and Megaman, Hulk and Zangief, the back showing all the features in multiple languages and fianlly Strider and Spiderman and the stick itself behind some unusual platics force-field?!  Then comes some views of the actual stick itself which mostly displays the scheme, button colors, and the storage compartment for the cord. A little flap opens up in the back to reveal a FOUR METER LONG COOOOOORD! Which can be fed through the flap to retain the slick feel and functionality (corded is preferred on ANY stick). This is roughly 12-13 feet if you STILL don't believe in metrics. This is the PS3 version of the stick and it's harder to find than the Xbox 360 stick mostly due to the fact that the latter is preferred for its more able online connectivity (the Xbox, not the stick) and having a headphone jack which the PS3 version lacks but is no more different than.  This flap is accompanied by a start and select button which are arcade-esque buttons in themselves.
It's size shape and weight is no less different than the Street Fighter IV TE sticks and the Blazblue Madcatz sticks, it just merely has a different color scheme and sticker price (a mere ten dollar difference). I paid for THIS BEAST for $130 but it still beats most online prices which can go for more than $200 and I wouldn't expect such a beautiful piece of equipment to fall under the hundred dollar margin anytime soon.   
It gives you the features to apply different frequencies of turbo on any of the buttons, a switch to switch the joystick to right or left analog stick and D-pad functionality, and a locking switch to prevent accidental button presses. 

The size of this stick is roughly 13 by 8 inches with a weight I estimate to be a little over 10 lbs. Which is weighty but excellent. Great for lap or table play. It totes four rubber legs on the metal bottom so sliding should never be an issue. These legs can be screwed off for easy modding but you shouldn't need to; these sticks' stock parts are Denshi Sanwa (joystick and buttons) and feel fantastic! The joystick has a square restrictor plate and its hard at first but becomes a breeze in time.  
I play this with every fighter  I own for the PS3: 
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger 
Blazblue Continuum Shift 
Soul Calibur IV 
Tekken 6 
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 
Super Street Fighter IV  
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (real soon)
So as you can see it works well for any fighter 2D or otherwise and wouldn't touch any of them without this stick. Yet this stick is not PC compatible and the software to hopefully remedy this is confusing to use. 
P.S. I know it can be a pain to find detailed images of this stick other than the Gamestop images (which aren't that good) so I've posted some images (which aren't much to scoff at either) so give them a look.  
P.S.S. I would recommend getting a cheaper Hori (whichever you prefer) work with that, and then see if you are willing to pay a hefty price for a beautiful machine; no not a controller; a MOTHERF***ING MACHINE(gasp)!!!
The images on the stick's artwork are: 
Marvel: Magneto, Hulk, Storm, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Spiderman 
Capcom: Zangief, Jill Valentine, Ryu, Strider, Megaman (classic), and M. Bison 
I know some of these images are at unusual areas of this review just barewith and take it for what it is.

Wolverine-Ryu (Box Flaps)

Iron Man-Mega Man


Back: Multi Language Descriptions in Eight Languages

Strider-Spiderman (Stick Display)
Stick: Upright View (Faceplate View)

Start and Select Button View and Cord Display
Six-Way Turbo, PS3 Home Button, Button
Horizontal View
Locking and Joystick/D-pad Setting

Anyone Out There?

Looking for some fights while my tag is being pended by Duders of Kagusutchi. My tag is Esteban-del-Oso. Just FR me on PSN (no Xbox Live).