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Huh, this is weird, where did this come from? What did I mi-


Okay. Yep.

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Xbone, not for any inflammatory reason - just because then it's very clear which one I'm talking about without having to expend that precious extra syllable.

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So... they're just saving the cool stuff for E3? Right guys...

right guys?

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Ah, Mr. Chmielarz, truly you are a master of subtlety.

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Your work is always appreciated Patrick, even if it is revealing the lunch costs of a court case, nowhere else would I be able to retrieve such... unique information.

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@believer258 said:

@AlexW00d said:

@Redbullet685 said:

I ain't British. Zee.

I'm not an idiot. Zed.

A different accent does not an idiot make.


True, but I would regard removing the letter 'u' from its rightful place a step in that direction. As I would using 'z' where 's' would be much more fitting. :P

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Add more corkscrews and loops, then I'm in.

There is a serious problem when I see 'more corkscrews' as a value add for a sequel.

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I ended up with Mordin getting the snuff, but I had to replay it.

Firstly, at the point he recited his rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan, he temporarily became the most awesome thing in the universe.

Secondly, he died without any drama. I didn't even see him get shot, we just ran past his body when we were bailing on the facility. That's not cool. If he could've gone down in a hail of bullets, or a fistfight, or with one last awful action one-liner, I would've been content to let him rest. However, his end was not fitting and so it was rectified.

On a side note, part of me wants to play through the game again and do everything I can to let Jack die. She is really just an awful person.

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For anyone having difficulties with the game, I've got the same advice:

1) The opening level (liberty island) is a horrible/wonderful mess, wherein every possible skill option is utilised. It's confusing to navigate, the map doesn't update with your location and I found the objective to be vague at best. However, it also seems to be a trial by fire, those who get through the opening should have an easier time with the rest of the game.

2) Make sure you're upgrading skills throughout the game, it doesn't prompt you to, but they're quite useful. They'll be in your inventory/journal menu, under the 'skills' tab. Took me half the game to realise I could upgrade them.

3) Stick around and search for hidden stuff in each level, it makes progression much easier.

4) Save frequently.

5) Depending on your skills, it's very useful to try and find a scope early game and apply it to a stealth pistol, giving you an accurate silent weapon with plenty of ammo through the opening. Make sure to stay in the shadows as well, the game doesn't indicate whether you're in stealth, but you can still hide in darkness.

6) Download The Nameless Mod now. Just do it. It's in many ways better than Deus Ex.

If all else fails, just make sure you get the Dragon's Tooth Sword in Hong Kong as well as maxing out the 'Power Reticulator' and 'Invisibility' augs. From then on it's a massacre.

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