why im not going to midnight launch of reach.

i know what your all gonna say who cares about this self absorbed jack ass hes just making excuses for himself. well i actually have a good reason not to go this time. when halo 3 came out i stood in line like everyone else did that night but i bet u didn't  hassled by the cops every 10 minutes like i did. i was standing there minding my own business when this frat jack ass came over to me and started giving me an ear full about  how he was gonna get back to his dorm room and play and play he was getting loud so this cop came over and asked him to quite down. so this police man then looks at me and tells me to get my friend to quite down i told him i didn't know the kid at all and this went on for an hour or so this kid yelling cause he was drunk and Mr. Piggy yelling at me to get a my friend to shut up. one of the guys in front of me looks over his shoulder and says to me "looks like you could use a beer" and tosses me one and hands me a solo cup so i wouldn't get in more trouble.  so me and the beer guy start talking and frat boy is getting pissed cause im ignoring him and he starts calling me names like shorty and short stack an d the best on was leprechaun  (im a midget) so i was looking for the cop so i didnt have to put up with this crap. he was no where to be found i was getting annoyed with frat  funnyman so i walked into the store and low and behold sir bacon (the cop)  is standing right there i walk up to him and explain wat was going on, he smelt the beer on my breath told me to go outside and wait for midnight. another half hour rolls around its about 1130 and fratty mcfratty is now calling me out and trying to pick a fight with me cause im not paying any attentoin to him. i feel a wettness on the back of my head and him smiling a drunk ass i just did that smile. so i turned around and tell him to fuck off at this time the cop is standing next to me cause we are yelling at each other at the top of our lungs. he then hauls back and hucks a huge luggie at me. i had it i tackle him and i start beating the shit out of him the cop is right there trying to pull me off of him. he finally pulls me up and  looks at me, "sir please get your game and go back to the dorms we will deal with you there." says the bsc cop i look at him and tell him again this kid has been annoying me since we got into line and i don't live on campus the kid that gave me the beer even told him that i have been talking to him and ignoring the other guy. i walk into the store with the cop grab my game walk out and there's a cruiser waiting for me. i look at the real cops and tell them that I'm not going in their car. they ask me why i explain what happened and they understand. the kid then comes flying out of no where and donkey punches me in the back of the head i fall into one of the town cops which i know, he is a family friend known him for my whole life, the cop then grabs me by the arm and firmly walks me to my car. he then asks me if i what to press charges on the guy i tell him i do and if there's any way i can put in a complaint about the campus cop which there isn't. a while latter i found out that the campus cops cant work outside of bsc and the gamestop is in the center of town no where near the college. i then get in my car and start driving home its about a 15 minute drive from town to my house. im half way home and i see blues in the rearview i pull over and the cop gets to my window and tells me he needs to bring me into the station. i ask why and he tells me that i started the fight and they have been looking for me i go get there and  the kid looks at me and smiles and tells me im in deep shit. i then get finger printed and thrown in the holding tank for an hour till i get to tell my side of the story. the kid that i was talking in line showed up about half an hour later and corroborated the story. i dont want to go through that again because i know some drunk frat boys are there right now waiting for the game to come out. plus im going to rush tomorrow and i dont want to stay up all night playing a game when i could be sleeping.


finally i can use the forums again.

now that i finally updated my eee pc that i use everyday for about everything except my itunes. it was easy when i put the grey matter to work and a few tips form asus and other forums its been months i couldnt use them cause of the stupid update. if anonw has the same problems with this just go to this site and do exactly what is said.


i want to see real destructible cover

its been years since game companys have been saying that we they have destructible cover. i have never seen this happen with one excption cod 4 with the deep impact on it lets you shoot through walls and cinderblocks. i have never seen a game that has done this. the next game to say that have this feature is bad company 2. i highly doubt that it will have cover that you can shoot through and break down until you can kill the other person on th other side of the wall. it gets annoying when thats a bullet point on the back of the box saying destructible cover or something about it. i would like to see that it is really implemented once with a real world like break down of walls and other things like that.


another setback in the expariment

today i woke up did some stuff around the house in the morning. i then turned on my 360 it wouldn't go to live because it couldn't find the Ethernet cord. i went out and got a crimping tool and Ethernet thingys. i put fixed it then looked at it and saw it wasn't the right way the brown was in a blue cord hole. i then made it the right way and plugged it in still couldn't find the cord. then i went down stairs to look at it so it wasn't in the port it was. i then looked at the plugged it wasn't plugged in. it now works.


The great gaming experiment (Hypothis and propopsal).

my hypothesis is that a gamer will get better as one plays the a game.
 the experiment is a gamer (me) plays one game for one or more hours a day and charts his progress for a week.
    there will be stats recorded each day and the end of the week there is a chart and conclusion.
the game of choice is going to be gears of war 2.  my stats are as follows as of right now tomorrow will start the experiment.

Play Record
Games Played 8
Wins 4
Losses 4
Win/Loss Ratio 1.00
Kills 9
Deaths 58
Kill/Death Ratio 0.16
Games Without Dying 2
Most Played Map Gold Rush (DLC)
Most Played Game Type Submission
Time Played 01:15:04
Time in Cover 00:11:25
Time in Roadie Run 00:05:35
Assists 21
Revives 2
Weapon Details
Most Kills Boomshot
Chainsaw Duels 2
Wins 0
Losses 2
Ties 0
Win/Loss Ratio 0.00
Chainsaw Deaths 13
Active Reloads 11
Perfect 1
Success 7
Failure 3
Grenade Tags 0
Grenade Mines Triggered 0
Kill Details
Executions 2
Headshots 0
Gibs 6
Longest Kill Streak 2
Chainsaw Kills 6
Melee Kills 0
Martyr Attempts 0
Martyr Kills 0
EDIT:  Well its gonna start today i had some stuff come up that prevented me to play at all the last two days.