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@yates said:
" So is SSF4 still played by the PS3 crowd on here or has Marvel completely taken over?   I recently picked up a PS3 and wondering if it's worth getting a copy of Super for cheap, I play on 360 and get beat up by those guys on the regular but have noticed there's a fair few UK players on PS3. "
I'm starting to feel like going back to SSF4 from MvC3, not that I ever was really hardcore on SSF4 anyway... I'm up for some games with you. But I'm not actually on PSN that often :( I use MSN all the time though! If only there was a way to add PSN onto a multi-protocol chat software like pidgin.
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@Redbullet685 said:
" I had a guy beat, and right before it said that I won, he unplugged his live or turned off his xbox, cause I got lagged out. It was bullshit. "
Had that happen multiple times, I thought their 0 loss record was gained by skill until I technically beat them. 
Anyway I suck at MvC3, maybe it's time to go back to good old street fighter.
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I still have a lot trouble pulling off any kind of combo when playing online. I don't know whether its lag or its just because of how players play, I can never seem to get "in" :( Can't even do the super simple air combos, I feel so useless :/ 
Playing arcade mode tends to raise my mood and makes me think I can do stuff at least... but arcade mode does not feel rewarding!

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Playing ranked games is really annoying. Search fails 25% of the time, and when it does, you have to search again, why doesn't it just continue searching until I tell it to cancel -.- 
And then the whole updating point and saving profile thing, that should be happening in the background while I'm searching for the next game!
Oh and players who just disconnect when they are almost dead...  bah ranked sucks :(

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@monocactus said:

" Thank you both.  For me, the footage of MvC3 is quite disturbing. I don't see the fighters anymore because of all the effects. Seems a little overload.How do you feel? "

MvC3 videos do look outrageous, I wasn't sure I'd like it either. Too much stuff going on, didn't understand any of it because I wasn't keeping myself up to date with the world of MvC. Didn't play much MvC2 either.
But after playing for a few days I am quite comfortable with the pace of the game and can easily keep up. I still don't fully understand all the advanced mechanics just yet but it is fun to play and that's all that matters right now :D 
I still love SSF4 though, with my long history of playing Street fighter games, it's unimaginable that I'll ever get bored of it's core gameplay mechanics. Plus I really like most of the characters, and when I like the characters/actors to something, whether it's a game, movie or tv show, it usually keeps me emotionally attached to that franchise to the point where I remain a fan forever :p 
I'm also a big fan of Marvel characters and many other Capcom characters so getting MvC3 was really a no brainer either way! Brand loyalty for the win!
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I have no one to play local coop with :( Not that I've got many games to play coop in the first place, Lara Croft and Pixeljunk shooter are the only games I've played where I'd have liked to try local coop.

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@M_33 said:

Will use for sure:


Everyone. That's just how I play my fighters.

What he said
#8 Edited by Yozora (30 posts) -

Hey thanks again for the invites. 
 I gotta say, them endless battles and team battles aren't thaaat fun :p Spend more time waiting than actually playing :( I can see the endless one being okay with maybe 3 people, but any more than that it seems to get boring quick :p 
Team battles are worse though, especially if you're on Batman's team and he goes first :( 
I already do my share of watching matches during EVO/other tournaments! 
I'd prefer multiple endless 1v1s instead, and switch partners every few matches.

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I'd like to join you guys if you don't mind :o Gotta admit I haven't played much SSF4 online though.... most of the time I just play it with my brother in my room, I don't know much about frame data and all that technical stuff so I guess I'll play like a noob :) 
Do you guys use mics or do you type in a chat room? Or do you use skype? I can use skype and msn, but I don't have a bluetooth headset for ps3.

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Single player, always, even if I bought the game for multiplayer.

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