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I don't think this is really that much of a trend at all. I feel that this piece is a little bit reactionary because he happens to be playing 2 games at the same time where playing online co-op is an option. The article neglects to mention the fact that D3 on new consoles is simply a re-release with RoS added in for the complete experience. So to say that all of a sudden these kind of games are coming out and taking over single-player-only experiences would be rather misleading.

There are plenty of games that have come out in recent times, coming out this year, and also next year that will have a true single player element to it. The Last of Us was primarily a single player game. Far Cry 4 is a single player game. Arkham Knight is one too. I can name plenty more but I think it's reasonable to say that single player games won't be going away any time soon. Besides, I think there is more of a trend of games trying to find a way to add multiplayer into the mix, rather than take away the single player experience.

Most recently, there was Wolfenstein: New Order, a hotly-anticipated release with no multiplayer whatsoever. While there will always be many games that try to push multiplayer, I wonder how many of them will succeed without a compelling single player game. The fact that Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Gears, Counter-Strike, Street Fighter and other extremely long-lived games continue to dominate multiplayer gaming suggests that people are hesitant to spend the necessary time getting good at a large, diverse group of games.

A game that's mainly multiplayer, be it co-op or competitive, requires a hell of a lot of commitment to get pleasure from it. How many people are still playing Tomb Raider multiplayer? Sniper Elite? Uncharted?

Without compelling single player games, the mainstream market would almost certainly contract severely. Quite frankly, any company that can't outdo Call of Duty goes multi-only at their own peril.

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So basically, the co-op fails where Borderlands succeeds, and the competitive fails where CoD and Battlefield succeed.

It pains me, having been such a fan of Bungie's work on Halo 1-Reach, but if this is their idea of a connected game, please give us a single-player game again, guys...

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Actually, if you saw the Nerd videos, you'd know that the 2nd controller input is on the back of the system.

How anyone thought this was a good idea is fucking beyond me.

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Those rigid Yakuza games? Those open world, free form combat games with plenty of choice and countless minigames? Someone has played them and is posing, or someone hasn't played them very much. I'd be very interested to hear what Yakuza game(s) you have played to reach your critique of them @danryckert

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The Yakuza games don't suck though.

Right?! What the hell. It's not an amazing, ground-breaking series but I don't understand why Dan thinks they're bad games. It's basically a better Shenmue than Shenmue! And Shenmue is pretty rad!

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Just when I was starting to like Dan more he had to go and say that the Yakuza games suck.

I'll never get over that, Dan. You did me wrong.

I was really starting to like Dan but you blown now. Those bridges are well and truly blown to smithereens. In what other game do you get chased buy the worlds least convincing cross dresser? 3 times.

Jeff pretty much has the same opinions as Dan on Yakuza, furthermore has said nasty things about Shenmue and insulted its fanbase, but none of you would dare say anything about Jeff.

I'll talk shit about Jeff all day. He hasn't been a fun person to watch in a while. His cynicism and increasing disdain for Japanese games makes him more and more unappealing.

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You pay 8 bucks for a sandwich in the US? O_O

Just in San Francisco, most likely. There'd be cheaper places.

Yeah, California is horrible on the tax front. If I'm paying 8 for a sandwich, it's a big fucking sandwich. With chicken tenders.

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I'm not going to lie, this trend of Nintendo letting 3rd parties make games in their series' is troubling.

Now hear me out!

Obviously, these are going to be great games, and I already have Hyrule Warriors on preorder. However, it's worrying that 3rd parties have so little faith in the system that they won't even look at it unless they have access to Nintendo mascots. It plays into the narrative that people who game on Nintendo systems aren't interested in anything else, and in the end, it's going to limit what can be brought onto the system. Yeah, you can make a Zelda Musou and Pokemon Tekken, maybe even a Mario Tomb Raider or something, but you can't exactly do Nintendofied versions of certain games without it coming off as cheap or watered down.

Then there's the issue of variety. It's pretty clear that Nintendo isn't willing to make games outside of their established mascots anymore. What hope for new IP on the Wii U is left when no one else wants to make games without Nintendo's established mascots?

This isn't going to change anyone's mind on the Wii U, and Nintendo's going to have a problem when/if interest in these mascot franchises erodes.

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This is not a good looking game.

The graphics look not that much better than CoD2, really. However, I care less about the graphical roughness than I do about how pitifully unimaginative this looks. It's serviceable, but nothing about it speaks to anyone on the dev team giving half a shit. At least Rogue Warrior had the hilarious cheese of Mickey Rourke's one-liners. This is just the sort of unimaginative tripe that has no place in gaming nowadays.

It's a shame too, because I DO feel like there's a place in the market for titles in between the absurdly high-budget and the retro-cloning/hyper-pretentious "indie" scene. However, those games need to show something that isn't everywhere else. Take advantage of the smaller budget to have some friggin' ideas. Make something people might actually remember.

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Wow, I enjoyed this QL. Like literally, legitimately enjoyed it. This is probably the first time since Ryan passed that I've openly laughed at a Jeff QL. If that doesn't say anything about Dan being a good hire, wtf does?

And yeah, I don't get how multiplayer adds anything here. Like in seemingly 90% of games that aren't Call of Duty, it seems like it can be safely ignored, as the single player action looks absolutely insane.

Nut shots fo' life!

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Glad to see Miyazaki isn't staying on a Souls treadmill. He probably saw Kojima wired in like a cyborg into the MGS series and decided that wasn't going to be his fate. Fresh ideas from talented minds like his are desperately needed. Looking forward to it.

This, pretty much. We see too many people who should be creating new things chained to franchises. Good on Miyazaki for taking the risk of a new series, and VERY good show by Kadokawa Corp. for LETTING him.

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Is it just me, or is Nintendo way too late to the party?

I haven't even heard that much about Disney Infinity, and that has a huge advantage with featuring Disney characters... How well is that doing? I don't even see that many toys for it... Certainly not on the scale of Skylanders...