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Glad to see Miyazaki isn't staying on a Souls treadmill. He probably saw Kojima wired in like a cyborg into the MGS series and decided that wasn't going to be his fate. Fresh ideas from talented minds like his are desperately needed. Looking forward to it.

This, pretty much. We see too many people who should be creating new things chained to franchises. Good on Miyazaki for taking the risk of a new series, and VERY good show by Kadokawa Corp. for LETTING him.

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Is it just me, or is Nintendo way too late to the party?

I haven't even heard that much about Disney Infinity, and that has a huge advantage with featuring Disney characters... How well is that doing? I don't even see that many toys for it... Certainly not on the scale of Skylanders...

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I'm not going to make a big scene about how "creepy" it is, because that's fucking immature and myopic, and people who do that should be ashamed.

That said, I don't see the appeal in HM. We complain about artists being molded by the machine and having no personality, and then proceed to follow a "musician" with no personality of her own? Seems an odd dichotomy.

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And I fully expect it to be digital only.... LE SIGH...

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@ordinarypanda said:

Looks very good. Nice cross of the more realistic Zelda games with a touch of cel shading.

In the World Design Dept: Nintendo might have caught on that their original fans are adults now, and get their exploration kicks in worlds more like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. A Hyrule with lots of nooks and crannies, heavily layered areas and dungeons could be a very worthwhile game.

Is it bad for me to be a little happy when Nintendo consoles aren't doing well? They seem to bring out their best stuff when they're cornered.

I've noticed that too. Mario Kart 8 is amazing, this looks like it might actually be the first home Zelda game since Majora to be worth people's time, they actually commissioned a mature-rated title (Bayo2) and they're going so far as to make a GameCube controller adapter for SSB for Wii U.

It's like Nintendo only give a shit about quality when they're not on top anymore.

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I feel like I saw games back in the actual 8 bit era getting justly criticised for being well made but pathetically difficult for difficulties sake. This doesn't even look fair.

I'll never understand how it's become somehow fashionable amongst game reviewers to love stupidly frustrating games. It's not a good design choice. It's not clever. It's not fun.

And maybe I'm just grumpy after a supposedly 45 minute train journey taking 4 goddamn hours, but I wish indie developers would get out of this rut of making games that could have been made over 20 years ago. It's getting really boring now. Those games exist. We can play them.

Do something more imaginative and original. This just looks boring and irritating.

I'm 100% with you here. I don't see the appeal of banging my head against the wall over and over again. This isn't like Demon's Souls, where the fault of your deaths is often you actually fucking up. It's just chock full of cheap deaths, like the sub-par NES games that the AVGN would rip into on a regular basis.

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My first reaction was "oh wow, cool".

Then I thought about the reality of the likelihood I would want to make levels or play other people's levels...

Then thought "well... poop".

Haha, yeah. Remember LittleBigPlanet? Remember just how FEW great levels that game resulted in?

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Here's hoping for some high-speed action in this one. Doom 3 was a fun game, but just too slow for the Doom name.

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Kinda surprised and dissapointed we're going into another Uncharted game. I would have liked to see Naughty Dog move on, but there's not much you can do on that, I suppose. Here's hoping this IS the last game, or at least the last game with Drake in it. I've gotten kinda sick of this trend in gaming where franchises are stretched out regardless of whether it makes sense or not...

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Not bad. Not bad at all. Certainly looks like something I could get into, which I haven't been able to say about an LoZ game in ages.

Now I'm just worried about that nebulous 2015 date... If it's late 2015, then the Wii U's going to have a tough time ahead of it...