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@freedomtown said:

"the company issued a tone-deaf response."

If by "tone-deaf response" you mean, a perfectly acceptable answer that isn't trying to defend itself and isn't dripping with PR, then yes I agree with you.

As someone said above, only people with an agenda (journalists) made this into a big deal, and only people with an agenda found fault with Nintendo's original response. There are a ton of games with a ton of things that you CAN'T do in them, stop looking to demonize every single thing out there if it doesn't fit into your specific notion of how it should be. Nintendo was making Zero social commentary with this game by including, or excluding, certain things, just stop looking for it.

And @ GB, I know the "news" these days is all about getting hits, regardless of any integrity, but come on....why not try to be better then everyone else and not let these click bait sensationalized non-issue articles from getting posted here.

The issue is with the implication that, in order for there to be support for homosexual couples, the game has to be social statement. That the very existence of homosexuals is still so controversial that to acknowledge them, to have the mere option of homosexual relationships would, by itself, turn the game into a social statement.

I don't think Nintendo, as a corporation, is bigoted. Let's make that clear. However, they're also very slow, very ponderous, very stubborn and set in their ways, and this is just the latest in a long string of things that prove their inability to adapt to changing market conditions. It's 2014, and they're acting like it's 1994.

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The GamePad is what's wrong with the Wii U, but without it, The Wii U is just a PS3 without the massive library or 3rd party support. The problem is that Iwata and Co. were trying to capture the lightning they caught with the Wii, only to find that lightning is a hard mother fucker to catch. Basically, the GamePad WAS integral to the vision of the Wii U, it's just not a vision anyone gave a shit about, and now Nintendo's kind of stuck.

The instant the non-gamer showed no interest in going back, the Wii U's fate was sealed. The Wii U is a lost cause, I think, and if Iwata is at the helm for the 9th generation, that system will suffer the same fate.

As to Sony being cute, I'd not be surprised if they made a line at this year's E3 about how they stayed the course while the competition changed their minds constantly.

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Well... Hey there, Harmonix... Yeah...

Yeah, not a great way to maintain goodwill with those studios that have been busting their asses to bring something compelling for Kinect users.

You mean Harmonix? Because they're the only ones who have tried to do anything of worth with Kinect.

Unless you think this is a worthwhile addition.

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As was the norm in the early 90s, the Japanese box art SO MUCH BETTER than ours.

While I'm sure it had nothing to do with the TG16 failing here (lack of killer apps, crap pack-in game and complete lack of marketing on NEC's part were the cause of the system failing in the US for the most part), I can't imagine anyone getting these games in stores with laughable displays like this. At least games like Megaman had Nintendo Power coverage to offset how terrible the box was.

Oh, and American HuCARDs didn't have any art on them either.

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You know I'll give them one thing, the PS3 version they did a QL of had AWFUL framerate. This runs smooth at least.

They should make a Dynasty Warriors 3rd person MOBA. This series would actually be way more fun if it had all the craziness and the thousands of AI guys mixed with 5vs5 competitive.

They DIDN'T play the PS3 version last time. They played the inferior Xbox 360 port.

I imagine a 3rd person MOBA would be interesting, yeah.

@jeff If you're not even going to TRY to look at the game, why even bother doing quick looks on it? And @hailinel made a great blog explaining why the series is enjoyable after you shat on the base game last year, which you conveniently ignore here. Might want to read that, assuming this is something you actually care to understand and not just shit on a game series that you've LONG ago decided you hate.

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Not sure I like the whole thing where enemies don't respawn. It seems like you can really put yourself in a position where you can't progress at all and need to start over. That goes past difficult and just becomes cheap.

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@bunnymud said:

Did Brad just look at the box and say "Yea, I know a lot about this game.". Shit, Jeff knew more about what was going on.

Dude, it's Brad. It's not a Brad QL if he doesn't front like he knows stuff and then complain about not being told about anything.

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Wanna make a game look like shit? Have Brad play it! He makes the best games look terrible with his "skill"!

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@ike7779 said:

@pyrodactyl said:

@brad: yeah, zelda is a sacred franchise and nintendo will never farm it out to a good studio. They won't have any problem farming it out to a terrible studio though:

Wasn't Links Awakening and Minish Cap farmed out to Capcom?

I don't think Link's Awakening was. You're probably thinking of Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

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Another "the internet is full of assholes" article.

We KNOW the internet is full of assholes. We know that, given anonymity, people are shitheads. We know all this. And yes, it's fucking terrible.

How about we propose a solution instead? Instead of wringing our hands and crying about how mean the internet is, how about we figure out what, if anything, can be done about it?

Honestly, short of ending comment sections, in-game communication and social media, I think the internet's a lost cause. Looking for civil discourse? Look elsewhere.