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They were said to be fraudulent/stolen keys (at least with ones sold on G2A) Ubisoft are right in dealing with this. Customers who get caught in this should be angry at the seller and not Ubi.

Well, I'm certainly no fan of G2A (they gave me the WORST run-around when trying to get an XBL expansion off eBay. I had to file a claim just to get a refund after they refused to send me a code!). However, this is A) a he-said, she-said, and B) in no way the customer's fault. From my past experience, G2A is based in Poland, certainly there are laws there that Ubisoft can sue the pants off these people for instead of screwing people who just wanted to play the stupid game...

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Damn, I knew Ubisoft was terrible, but this is beyond the pale.

Well, seems that Ubi is cracking down on people buying games cheaper via 3rd parties, to the point where if you bought a key via 3rd parties, they're going to remove the game from your uPlay account!

Glad I bought that game physically on PS4, at least the Ubi people can't gin up a reason to snatch it from me...

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As much as I hate EA, I don't see the issue here. It's mobile gaming. This is all that works in that arena. You want legitimate portable gaming, you get a 3DS.

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I think both systems have been pretty bleh for first-party stuff in 2014, really. Looks like 2015 is going to be a better year for that with Bloodborne and The Order: 1886 on PS4 and Halo 5 on Xbone. That said, yeah, the Xbone isn't a bad system and, while the PS4 is always going to perform better when comparing multiplatform titles, there's still plenty of reason to have an Xbone. MS just needs to start pushing exclusives (their own exclusives, not timed exclusives like Rise of the Tomb Raider) that aren't Halo and Forza again. If MS can get out of their rut and rebuild their first-party offerings to pre-2010 levels, I think they'll be OK.

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@nophilip said:

Boy, I'm sure glad I didn't buy one in the last two weeks. Seems a little silly that they can't just admit that this is the new price for good.

Pride goeth before a fall. Apparently it goeth after a fall as well, at least in this case.

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To be fair to Australia, this is probably going to get Hotline Miami banned in a few other countries too. I imagine the USK won't be too happy with this either...

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I can only assume that, once the Xbone returned to $399/$499, the sales momentum from the holidays froze, while the PS4 kept going.

It's literally the only the only scenario where this makes any sense at all. The only other scenario is MS not knowing what the hell it's doing with the system anymore.

I love that they're competing, especially now that I have an Xbone courtesy of Black Friday/Christmas, but... Seriously, guys, this looks desperate.

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@yukoasho: Yeah, I'd much prefer it that bundles just give you a physical copy, because A) no messiness with combining it with your existing account, and B) you can lend it to people or whatever.

But now that just about every major game is available digitally on all the consoles and handhelds, I expect most bundles will give you the game digitally whenever possible.

Well, I guess it's as good a way as any to get you to buy the "bundle" game again in a format for ownership rights...

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Considering the US is only getting the XL version of New 3DS (yeah, THAT name isn't going to cause confusion....), I'd say it's best to wait and get that one.