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@finaldasa: If you see people making their own stories in this game as a "void" I think maybe you don't get this game. Making your own story is the game. That's not a void to be filled. The new people running Minecraft don't understand why it makes money so they're adding conventional tangible things they do understand (that miss the point of the game). I have to imagine the people who own Minecraft now might have seen the main thing that made the game popular as a "void" to be filled, like you did, and that's distressing for the future of the IP.

Yep. This, pretty much. Here, we see the beginning of the end of Minecraft. While not my sort of thing, I could TOTALLY see why people were into it. Clearly Microsoft can't, and it'll be the end of the franchise.

Not the end of the concept, however. I think we're going to see another company with a clone or an evolved take on the original idea snatch the mantle from Minecraft in the coming years.

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Count me among the people who never really got into his games, but never really thought poorly of the guy. He doesn't reach Phil Fish or Clifford levels of asshole (though the whole #GoFuckYourself thing, ew...), yet doesn't come off as a mindless corporate automaton either, so I'm good with him for the most part.

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Being known as the company that caved in (for about 5 minutes until everyone forgets all about it) is probably better than being the company which went ahead with the release regardless of the warnings and put profit ahead of the safety of the public. Everyone is brave now, but if -god forbid- something had happened, Obama and the general public would be singing a very different tune about what Sony 'should' have done.

Not condoning the pulling of the release, but with the US' post-9/11 track record of putting safety ahead of its now-phoney principles, the mass condemnation of Sony's decision rings hollow. The idealistic view Americans hold of their nation's principles ("Give me liberty, or give me death!" etc. etc.) has been thoroughly exposed as no more than romantic & delusional self-aggrandisement in recent years. When the going got tough, that stuff went straight out the window.

For the US government to now try and hold a private corporation to a higher moral standard than it does itself is outrageous. Sony's decision is only 'unAmerican' if you're comparing it to the mythical idea of America and not to the reality. It's hilarious to see people bringing up Neville Chamberlain in relation to a private corporation and a movie release, all while our nations and their elected governments are very actually adopting Neville Chamberlain's foreign policy in response to Russian aggression.

Dude, this has nothing to do with the veracity of threats against theaters. North Korea would be reined in by China the instant the thought of a terrestrial attack crossed Un's mind. The real threat was more embarrassing email. Sony caved to the threat of a few more embarrassing emails coming out, nothing more, and in five or so years, when no entertainment media DARES to offend anyone ever, we'll look at this moment and see it as the watershed.

At least we're seeing the death of the modern military shooter, so there's that...

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This is so much bigger than this movie it's not even funny. This bleeds into all forms of entertainment - movies, books, video games, Youtube videos, you name it.

President Obama made a great point, if this is happening to a satirical movie, what's next?

Does Homefront II become untouchable? Does North Korea become forbidden territory in published material? Also, never mind North Korea. What if ISIS decides to bully news agencies into not putting out unflattering reports? Or Iran? Or even a domestic terror group?

The quickness to appease North Korea by other Hollywood studios makes me wonder if we're entering a new age of institutionalized self-censorship in America, and indeed the civilized world, as terrorists use the internet to ruin people's lives...

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@oldirtybearon: I loved Dark Souls 2 as much as anyone, but I'm not sure how "AAA, big budget, major release" it really is. I'm sure Bandai Namco would like us to think it is, considering their bigger marketing campaign for it, but let's not get crazy. I mean, I don't really think our sentiments are all that irreconcilable. South Park was developed by Obsidian, and Thief sort of slipped in to a tepid critical and sales response. I mean, you even sort of implied that it was niche "as it should be."

Like I said, I think it was a pretty middling year for the major players in the biz. A good year for the rainbow coalition of folks with niche interests, not so much for the folks who were really looking forward to Watch Dogs and Destiny knocking it out of the park.

Obviously at some point all of this is subjective, but I think it's fair to say the folks who come out of this year happy were happy with the games that aren't exactly multi-million sellers, and the Jeffs of the world are bummed out because the first person shooters and open world games this year were totally rote.

I think this is more a question of "what the fuck does AAA even mean?" It's obvious that a lot of time, effort and money went into Dark Souls 2, but there are as many people who will or won't call it "AAA." Honestly, I think the phrase is loaded, and I grow more and more loathe to use it, as it doesn't seem to have a meaning to anyone anymore, other than "games the hipsters like to bash."

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@brendan: Well, changing the internals happens all the time. Even with the OG Xbox, the inner board got smaller and more efficient than earlier models, even without a shell redesign. I can totally see both boxes being lighter as components shrink, but keeping their case design for a long while, as redesigning the case is more for commercial reasons most of the time.

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A different view would be hacking has been going on for awhile. Sony has been hacked very publicly a few times, and they probably at least a PlayStation have fairly decent security.

But just imagine how much small and medium sized companies get hacked. I mean companies that make very technical items with very lucrative ideas. And, this companies might not have the best IT staff because they are small. so they have some security....but "where there is a will there is a way."

Corporate espionage comes up as a news items from time to time for the public, and they say it is bad, but the reality must be BRUTAL. If Sony is getting hacked, then GE and Boeing must be getting hacked, getting infiltrated by people just there to steal stuff, and their employees being contacted to sell secrets. But, those big companies often sub contact parts out to smaller companies and those places must get hammered by industrial espionage hackers.

To be honest, I don't really care about my CC being hacked from Sony or Microsoft because there are a lot if rules to protect me from purchases made from my stolen cards. What is fucking scarier to think about is how much hacking happens at a much higher level.

True that. I can't even imagine the amount of bullshit that happens to small-to-medium sized businesses, both between themselves and bigger companies trying to peek in. It's all sorts of crazy.

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@truthtellah: I feel it's like this rubbernecking at a car accident mentality that we tend to have. At some point we need to think, that's somebody's life we're treating as a source of entertainment - and not in a reality TV show sort of way.

I agree. It seems to be an even bigger issue in the Internet age. We're at a weird spot for information and privacy. It's something we're going to have to consider more and more. This demand for access and connectedness continues to grow, but more people are starting to champion a pushback on behalf of privacy and greater curation.

The desire to have everything at our finger tips is introducing an additional entitlement to hear and be heard, and it poses a real challenge for us to overcome.

This is actually an interesting point. People have always loved gossip, but it seems that the gossip becomes more personal and petty with every passing year. We're probably just a couple years from people going nuts over pics and videos of celebs taking a shit.

This of course goes hand-in-hand with the fucking desperation 24-hour news channels have to fill time.

Seriously, just stick to local news. At least it's more local idiocy...

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I don't expect remodels of either system this year. Too early still. PS3 didn't get a redesign until... 2009 was it? The Xbox 360 S wasn't introduced until 2010. Based on that, I can see the PS4 and Xbone getting redesigns no sooner than 2017, by which time I imagine the parts will be much smaller and more easily made.

As for 2015, however, I can only expect three things:

Forum dwellers will point to one or two terrible things and once again say that gaming is dying, ignoring all the good that comes out in the year.

The games media will continue to look down at its audience.

And that there will likely be more than a few sweet games out.

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To be fair, at the very least Polygon's been going the click-bait route for some time now.

Unfortunately, with the internet being what it is, people are chomping at the bit to see who can get out the juiciest, sleaziest gossip out there, ethics be damned. Ethics, unfortunately, don't get clicks the way banal gossip does. Gotta get them ad dollars, yo.

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Persona 4. Gonna probably get some hate for this. The whole fusing personas system is poorly thought out and just tedious to even bother with. The turned based combat is not at all interesting to me. Just the day to day stuff you do in the game just isn't fun. I can't say there is one interesting character in the game so hanging out with them is the last thing I want to do to burn through the days. The dungeon exploring just wasn't fun to me since I was more focused on trying to avoid the shit combat than exploring the copy and paste halls of each dungeon. Not everything was bad since some of the music was catchy and the menus looked pretty cool.

The problem I had with Persona 3 AND 4 was that it basically required you to have fucking lived in Japan to understand anything. There was no attempt to explain what traditions and cultural norms you were supposed to know - the game just assumed you knew everything about going to a Japanese high school, and off you go.