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In EA's defense – I can't believe I just typed that – it wouldn't have been able to shut down those developers had other people not chosen to sell their companies. You can argue that the developers who sold did so in order to secure funding, but that means EA's financial-driven closure of them is no better or worse than the dev's original financial-driven decision to sell.

I can see your view. I can also see the first few companies thinking it was going to be so awesome to have this juggernaut behind them to really help them shine.

At this point, I have no sympathy for anyone who takes EA's money. You make a deal with the devil, you can't be surprised when he comes to collect.

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@johnsonvillebratwurst: That's a lot of subjectivity you're passing off as matter of fact there. Also comparing exclusives, real grown up thing to do there. Compare good third party titles and see how things shape out for Nintendo. But sure Nintendo first party is great if you like long bouts of iteration occasionally split up by slight innovation of the exact same properties over the course of 20-30 years.

Pretty much. John's graphic there fails to take into account that non-exclusive games still exist and are still good. The problem with the Wii U isn't that the exclusive first-party stuff isn't awesome, it's that you have to wait SO FUCKING LONG between them with nothing else in the meantime. Microsoft and Sony can take all the time they want with their titles and no one notices, because people with those systems can at least play other stuff in the meantime. Once you're done with Bayo 2, your Wii U collects dust until next holiday unless you have a huge crew to play Smash with, and that's why the Wii U is seen as having no games.

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Let's bee honest, no one expected Pikmin to be a huge seller. Nintendo's not going to print more copies for a game like that. I'm sure if retailers were asking for them, Nintendo would oblige, but the demand isn't there.

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@haruko said:

Anyone who would give Molyneux money after the last 20 years of being actively lied to deserves to get their money stolen. I played Godus for a while hell its still on my Ipad but hears the thing I never gave him a dime because with him it all comes up to not meeting what was originally promised. Black & White, Fable, The movies, and lets not forget the world changing inventive AI that was project Milo. The man lost all his creativity and sense or reality when Bullfrog got bought out by EA. He is just turning into Dennis Dyack but with hits 20 years ago.

This, just about. Obviously RPS is getting a bit personal here, but the fact remains that Peter here is full of shit, and always has been. Peter sounds like a Republican who's just been caught with his dick in another man's ass trying to say he's not gay.

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No real surprise here. SOE just hasn't been a big name in the MMO space since WoW came out, and with Sony needing to cut the fat desperately, this seems as sensible a sale as any.

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THIS is what's got you worried about the end of the Vita?

Like everyone else has said, game support on the device is pathetic. It's basically become an indie machine, but when people can get those games everywhere else, that's not appealing. The vita's problems are twofold:

1) No one's making actual Vita games anymore. It's either downports of PS3/4 games or indie titles. Last game I can remember giving a crap about for the Vita was Killzone: Mercenary, and that was, what, mid-2013?

2) Even less of those games are getting physical releases. When someone walks into a GameStop (or worse, a big-box store) and sees this microscopic selection of games on shelf, it's going to leave a bad first impression, especially compared to the juggernaut 3DS. Not only that, but why the hell are the Vita sections in stores always in out-of-the-way places to begin with? Because there's not really anything to show! Game stores aren't going to give highly visible retail space to Akiba's Trip.

Basically, the Vita ended a long time ago as anything people should give a crap about. It's a PS4 accessory now, and an underused one at that.

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@vextroid said:

They were said to be fraudulent/stolen keys (at least with ones sold on G2A) Ubisoft are right in dealing with this. Customers who get caught in this should be angry at the seller and not Ubi.

Well, I'm certainly no fan of G2A (they gave me the WORST run-around when trying to get an XBL expansion off eBay. I had to file a claim just to get a refund after they refused to send me a code!). However, this is A) a he-said, she-said, and B) in no way the customer's fault. From my past experience, G2A is based in Poland, certainly there are laws there that Ubisoft can sue the pants off these people for instead of screwing people who just wanted to play the stupid game...

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Damn, I knew Ubisoft was terrible, but this is beyond the pale.

Well, seems that Ubi is cracking down on people buying games cheaper via 3rd parties, to the point where if you bought a key via 3rd parties, they're going to remove the game from your uPlay account!

Glad I bought that game physically on PS4, at least the Ubi people can't gin up a reason to snatch it from me...

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As much as I hate EA, I don't see the issue here. It's mobile gaming. This is all that works in that arena. You want legitimate portable gaming, you get a 3DS.