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I think the main thing I want is someone who can be fair.

Especially with Japanese games, I've noticed a good many reviewers come in with a "fuck is this garbage?" mindset before they've even pressed the start/touchpad button. That serves no one. Nor does blinding fanboyism, which is a huge problem among "professional" reviews. Personally, if someone feels they're incapable of giving a game/series a fair shake either way, they need to recuse themselves from that particular game/series. Seriously, Jeff should never even look at a Musou game again if he's going to be so cynical all the time about it.

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I wonder how long Minecraft has as a phenom. I know it has a ton of adult fans, but everything suggests it's really the kids that fuel this insane popularity. If there's anything about kids, they're fickle as all fuck.

The funny thing about this is that a coworker of mine said today that his son and the other kids at school are convinced that Microsoft is going to discontinue Minecraft in some way. They're not happy, even if they don't necessarily have the correct picture.

Microsoft has had an image problem for almost a decade now where long ago they stopped being edgy and cool. It is not surprising people will think "Why would an uncool company want to buy Minecraft unless they want to screw it up?"

It's kinda like EA, only without quite as much frothing hatred (though certainly more frothing hatred after Win8 the Xbone DRM riot). Though if Hail's anecdote proves true on a wider scale, it's bad to have an image problem for people that damned young.

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I wonder how long Minecraft has as a phenom. I know it has a ton of adult fans, but everything suggests it's really the kids that fuel this insane popularity. If there's anything about kids, they're fickle as all fuck.

I've no doubt they'll make their money back, but is that all MS wants? I can't imagine. They've got to have eyes on multiplying that fortune many times over and making Minecraft a tentpole app for generations, and I wonder if that's going to happen...

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The fact that he would abandon any new project that gained traction speaks volumes.

I'm actually a bit surprised, but it's hard to have your hand in a fight you never wanted with constant criticism.

I really wonder how he's going to handle development going forward. Does this mean he'll stop development on any project the moment it starts showing potential as a product?

Gotta wonder about that, yeah.

Sounds a whole lot like Phil Fish, without the telling people to choke on his dick part.

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Do not care, really. I'm not going to do filler bits just to get a number up. Make your side missions enjoyable, and I might consider them.

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See, I hear people say this a decent bit, but that isn't what I've seen over the years. A lot of times, when people do try to have a conversation, you just get people telling them to be quiet, let games be fun, and stop ruining gaming. And when you object to that, people say we can't even have the conversation because it's obviously broken and doesn't serve anything.

There's always going to be morons, people who don't want to have serious discussion. That's true of both sides of any debate.

And then there are people who are just legitimately stupid.

Is the current model of trying to address people who don't want to talk, or worse, making those people out to be the entirety of the opposition (as the "gamers are dead" people have effectively done)? Is that the best way to effect legitimate change, or indeed anything other than increased anger and resentment from otherwise sympathetic people?

Messages and discourse can only happen with willing parties, and the dipshits who try to derail conversation need to have the ban hammer put on their asses.

And we all need to come to an agreement that Twitter isn't the place for intellectual discussion of any sort.

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@eulogize_my_baked_goods: Isn't it funny how that goes? I remember back in the early to mid 90s, where people were hailing the Internet as the new age of discussion and exchange of ideas.

Today, we see that this isn't really the case. If anything, it's the opposite, giving people unprecedented ability to seal themselves in echo chambers. Most people just don't have a desire to put up with dissenting opinions, and the whole fiasco is a great show of that in action.

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Japanese games have bad UI's and graphics.

Can't say I agree, at least on the graphics part. Japan simply has a tendency to favor exaggerated styles, whereas western developers tend to idolize realism in all things. Neither is objectively superior, and there are plenty of games from both sides of the pacific that are just hot garbage. However, I do appreciate Japanese game developers for their willingness to make colorful games more regularly.

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@marokai: this is a great point. I don't personally feel as strongly as many do about the ethics in the games press thing but if a large portion of your audience has a grievance you had better listen to them or don't count on them sticking around long. Ultimately this is why the YouTubers and twitch kids will inherit the earth: they actively involve their audience. Meanwhile Patrick tells people their concerns need to be side lined because some monsters you've never met or heard of have harassed somebody they are friends with. So honest discussion must be postponed because of the circumstances involving friends of yours in the industry? Jeez maybe those guys have a point after all...

I think this has largely already happened.

In an era where even smaller companies like can get their message out via fan sites, Youtube trailers, in-store displays, games media, professionalism and grass-roots, has tried to become something more than release dates and press releases. Lord knows the games media isn't doing Koei Tecmo any favors. However, where the grassroots media (Youtubers, twitch streamers, gamer-run sites like RPGamer) have gone in the direction of involving (not agreeing with always, just involving and listening to) their audience, professional media has gone the route of fanning flames and projecting an aura of moral superiority. GameSpot is pretty much the Kotaku JV team now, Giant Bomb will protect their friends even at the cost of its own audience, and the rest of the games media trades on cynicism and useless snark. The embers have been brewing for ages, and things like ridiculing fans' legitimate concerns most of the time (the ME3 fiasco is a great example) and broad-brushing all of gaming based on idiots on social media just added enough fuel to make this an inferno.

The real victim in all this? Indie gaming. I've had a suspicion for a long time that the indie scene is dominated by cliques, but the whole saga of the last few weeks has concerned it. They tend not to have the same ability to advertise as traditional games companies, so they need this exclusionary, clique-infested hellhole to get the word out on their games. I wonder how many games I've missed because the developer didn't schmooze with the right people. I really hope that more Youtubers and similar grass-roots content creators will pick up the slack, because I know that I'll now wonder if an indie game's only being hyped by professional games media because of a friendship.


The ending to Mass Effect 3 was certainly bad, but I don't see consumers in other industries torpedoing metacritic and starting petitions when a new movie/book/show doesn't end how they would like. People are right to complain and criticize, but the extent of the reaction with disappointing games is staggering.

Other industries' media aren't viewed with as much suspicion. Movies and albums are rated all across the board, and there's almost never suspicion that reviews are being successfully influenced by industry favors. Critics don't routinely pull punches in movie and music criticism quite as much as they do in games. There's no 7-10/3-5 scale for film or music, but it's pretty evident that this these are the real scales for gaming 90% of the time. Basically, audiophiles and movie buffs don't have as many reasons to explode as gamers do.

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@gnoltac: Pretty much. I get the feeling that the thread is two sides talking over each other's heads. On one side, you have people who think that everyone criticizing certain elements (not the whole, this is an important distinction) of games media and the modern social justice movement is a bunch of whiny, sexist, racist subhuman trash. On the other, we have a side convinced that the games media is way too damned cozy with indie developers and e-celebs, and thus take their word as law while actively silencing dissent, or trying to at least.

Personally, I think we're fucked until we learn to stop talking at each other and start talking to each other instead.

And in the corner, the actual subhuman shits are cackling their asses off.