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Grew up with consoles. Currently own a PC, Wii U, and 3DS while my PS3 and 360 are gathering dust in the corner.

Come on, guys. I don't prefer PC; it's better.

No, you prefer PC. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and both are better suited to different people.

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Console. Absolutely console.

Easier. There's no drivers to worry about. If there's a system firmware update, it's fed to you instead of you having to look for it. There's no question as to whether a game supports the console's controller, because it has no other choice in most cases.

Actual ownership of games. With the exception of smaller sites like GOG and IndieGameStand, PC gaming is impossible without an online authentication system of some sort. As I refuse to support DRM of that nature, I don't really have many choices at all when it comes to the PC. If I want to play the big games, I have to buy them on console. And since boxed console games are still thriving (no matter how much the GB crew wish it was all digital), I don't have to download a game and worry about a hidden expiration date when the next system comes out. I just buy it at the Gamestop and I'm set for life.

Actual tech support. If a console fails, you're not going to be told that it's the software's fault, or told to contact some other party. You're going to, at most, be made to go through the common idiot questions (did you plug it in?) before actually being assisted. By the time a console is obsolete, many small-time repair operations will spring up to help you and your "retro" console. I actually have my TurboDuo in the shop right now, getting its caps replaced.

Offline multiplayer. Especially on Nintendo systems, but there are some goodies on PS3 and 360 as well. Playing online is all well and good, but nothing replaces being in the room with your buddies and talking shit. You can also punch them if they say something hateful.

Ironically, all the indies Sony's touting on the PS4 are games I'd never get on console due to DRM concerns, as those games tend to be DRM-free on GOG, IndieGameStand or Humble Store, so it's not like I have no love for the PC. It's just that console fits my needs better for non-indie games.

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Hopefully we'll see his new games soon. Bonus points if they're in stores.

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I hate to be the one to bring this up, but how long do you all think Anime Vice has? They were bought up by BermanBraunn as well. It seems like BB really only gave a crap about the site tech, and not about the sites themselves...

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I went PS4. Between the DRM fiasco and the complete and utter lack of 360 exclusives post-2010, I saw no real reason to get an Xbone. I may pick one up if they show improvement, but I'm not holding my breath. As of now, all the Xbonx will ever seem to have that I give a crap about is Halo and Gears, while Sony has shown an interest in new IP throughout the previous generation.

Oh, forgot to mention this before: I do like Japanese games (though not so much Capcom), and it looks like MS won't be trying to lure Japanese developers this time around.

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@devoureroftime Yeah, it's sad all around, I can see... Sounds like a really terrible situation in a lot of reservations, with no real path to a better life...

@forkboy That's a stupid argument. No one is trying to ban anything, but it's all right for people to voice their own personal displeasure. Last I heard, freedom of speech goes both ways.

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@golguin: And this is a problem. I personally hate playing these games online, and keep the PS3 in offline mode. Nothing sucks worse than invasions. I'm still early in the game and I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to run into a soul problem, but the mere idea that I'm going to be FORCED to play multiplayer sits wrong with me.

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@damodar said:

Regular-ass Cammy, Russian Masked Cammy. We've nearly got all the ingredients for cammycammycammy.com

Indeed, now all we need is Green Lantern Cammy. C'mon, Capcom and DC, you can do it!

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So, a charge character palette-swap Cammy...

... Capcom, you've done this already.

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I know at the beggining of last gen everyone was saying that, even publishers were always complaining about the PC. Do you think we will hear the same later this gen or has that passed?

Of course we will. We've been hearing "PCs are dying!" "consoles are dying!" "Gaming handhelds are dying!" "[insert thing people give a shit about] is dying!" since the internet came to be. The reason for this is that, much like industry blowhard Michael Pachter, many people have no concept of demographics. For many, if something doesn't have the mythical "universal appeal," it's in decline. Part of this is people thinking that most people are like them. Lots of people love Steam, but others find it to be just another form of unacceptable DRM. Some people would rather save money and have an easy to use out-of-the-box experience, while others want the ability to tinker and customize to get the perfect gaming environment, time and money be damned. Some people prefer platformers, or family games, or shooters, or MMOs, etc... The fact that we're in such a diverse market is a good thing. There's something for everyone, but many still hold to the idea that the market is some homogenous, monolithic hive mind, and things that can't be marketed to every living being on the planet aren't worth the investment anymore. Shit, even retro gaming is seeing popularity rise.

Unfortunately, pundits and absolutists will never go away, and websites that are seeing reduced lag revenue will go for the easy clicks, even if it cultivates a toxic community.