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There Are Few True Heroes. 0

Thirty years after the destruction of Helghan in Killzone 3, the planet of Vekta is partitioned right across the middle, with half going to refugees to form New Helghan, a state which collapsed under the Vektan half's sanctions and has, like planet Helghan before it, fallen into poverty and militarism. The early parts of the game set the player up for a standard KZ story about the noble VSA (former ISA) and the morally bankrupt Helghast. However, midway through the game, you're introduced to jus...

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Not as good as Black Ops, but still a fine game. 0

The Call of Duty series has, for some time, been accused of resting on its laurels. Since the breakout success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the series has built a legion of fans - and detractors - for its insane roller coaster of a single player campaign and for its frantic, arena-based multi-player suite. While Modern Warfare 3 won't change anyone's mind, this newest entry commits a sin worse than stagnation: it is a regression from the previous entry.The single player campaign shifts bac...

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The Most Ambitious Game of Its Time. 1

First-person shooters in the formative years since Doom were most easily characterized by their drab environments and their unrelenting seriousness.  Doom had created its fair share of imitators, making the genre seem drab and colorless compared to other genres.  Then came Duke Nukem 3D.  The third game in the Duke Nukem series, Duke Nukem 3D was also its first entry outside of the side-scrolling genre.  It ignored the norms of FPS game design of the era, electing instead to go with vibrant, col...

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Quite Possibly the Best Bad Game Ever. 0

Dick Marcinko is a real person, but you'd be forgiven for thinking he was a stand-in for Duke Nukem in this ridiculous little game by the way he behaves.  It's 1986, nearing the final years of the Cold War, and Mr. Marcinko is dropped behind enemy lines in North Korea with two other soldiers, but when his incompetent buddies are killed by the most horribly choreographed grenade pin pulling in gaming history, it's up to the legendary founder of Se...

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The sad ending to a long-running joke. 4

Just not thrilling. That's really the most one can say about this game, a 12+ year mess of development hubris.  Considering there are likely people who were way too young to play Duke Nukem 3D who are old enough to play Forever, I would suggest first playing that classic game, if only to see what the hell the fuss was about.  Now that everyone is up to speed, let's continue.  The first thing that one notices almost immediately is that, despite being an Unre...

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The game that defined a generation is back! 0

Doom is not the first game in the first-person shooter category. However, it is the game widely credited with popularizing the genre and bringing it into the mainstream in a time when the PC was dominated by adventure gaming and sub-NES platformers. It's not hard to tell why: frantic action, haunting demons and locations, and a varied array of devastating weapons blasted a place in the hearts of die-hard PC gamers everywhere. Now, Activision and Nerve Software bring the id Software classic back ...

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