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71156 Thomas Sinclair Character Overview Despite being Vektan, he emerges as one of the main antagonists of Killzone: Shadow Fall due to his unwavering racism. 11/24/13 10:27PM 10 Approved
71155 Maya "Echo" Visari Character Overview 11/24/13 10:22PM 15 Approved
71154 Maya "Echo" Visari Character Overview 11/24/13 10:18PM 150 Approved
71152 Maya "Echo" Visari Character Overview Maya Visari is the player's support character throughout several important portions of the game. 11/24/13 10:10PM 10 Approved
71151 Hera Visari Character Overview 11/24/13 10:06PM 201 Approved
71149 Hera Visari Character Overview She is the head of the Helghast government during Killzone: Shadow Fall, and mother to the supporting protagonist, Maya "Echo" Visari, making her a major player in the game world. 11/24/13 09:54PM 10 Approved
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