Dragon Age completed!...under 39 hours...

Soo yeah, my ps3 may be under the mercy of Sony at this moment in time, but my lil brothers ps3 was all I needed to carry on my Dragon Age fix. I already had like 4 characters on my ps3, but still creating a new one on my lil brothers was fine by me. Try out a new origin (Dwarf Noble) and with so many ways to play through situations and with the versatilitie of the story, replays even of the earlier stages are still all fun for me. 
Completed it a few hours ago, fackin loved the final few chapters, though the ArchDemon boss was a nuisance to figure out concerning the Ballista's and trying to repair them. 
Regardless, even though I only completed it today, its one of my favourite games of 2009 most definatley. 
My end-game time surprised me, landing under 39 hours....as the title already gave away of course.. 
Its not like I rushed through the main quest either, I talked to practically everyone, party members and NPC's. I done countless quests for those rich bastards in the Chantry, Mages collective annd those Blackstone mercenaries. 
Played through on normal mode and while I wasn't constantly pausing through every battle, I'd definatley say that I riveled through the radial-menu aplenty. 
So being 11 hours of the approximate time of completion dissapointed me, especially with regards to people saying that the main story alone could last till around 50 hours?? 
What about everyone else? Plenty of Dragon Age completionists of cours, wondering what your first playthrough end-time was and how u chose to play the game in regards to your time too. 
BTW this is not me complaining about the game being...short....or anything lol. Rather just over how surprised I was at how off target my completion time was.

Of all times!

I say that but it doesn't matter when it would happen, it would always be a fuckin nuisance. 
Soo yeah, on Christmas Eve, only 4 hours away for it strike midnight and hit Christmas Day...my ps3 got its very first yellow light :'(. 
Is this fates way of trying to push me into socialising more with my family? Pah! I've least still got my 360 and all its classics of 2006-2007...That said my 360 will probably grow legs and decide to revolt against me via constant kicking of the bollocks..or get the red ring, yeah I'm sure thats much more plausible 
I've never been too fond of christmas and this is hardly warming me to the holiday. >:(


God of War 3 early impressions.

Impressions from the Abyss


As to my surprise, riviling through the bunch of crap, spam and offers to join ''sofeminine.com''...I came across an email from playstation.com 
Opening it up I was delighted to find a promotional code for GoW3! 
The demo is pretty old news now and plenty have already experienced it themselves or at least watched it enough times to imagine what its like to play through it. 
But fuck it, your getting my impressions dammit! 
So yeah, in short...its fantastic. 
Its a pretty hefty size for a demo though but worth the space required for me to get my taste of GoW on the ps3. After the around hour long download/installation, I was finally able to play this beast. 
Starting it off I couldn't help but have a smile stretch across my face, I mean the graphics are brilliant and Kratos especially just looks all that more intimidating with every extra layer of detail he gets. 
Then the combat starts and its the usual fair for a GoW game, but thats always a good thing, no its great thing-awesome thing-appreciated thing and plenty of other things out there, minus John Carpenters.  
Now that you mention it, my neck has been a lil stiff lately, thanks!

The combat is fluid and smooth and when trying out those Lion-fists, I actually opted to stick with them for a whole nother playthrough just because of how fun they are. 
The huge scale set pieces with Greek mythology is as memorable as always and yeah, ingame boobs are back too!...Just the...saggy..harpy variety. 
The only fault I could pick out from it is the slow-pace of Kratos' rolling escape move, its tolerable but still feels sort of stiff. Not being able to move while blocking is a shame too but very easy to look past. 
In short, this is basically God of War for the ps3. Its got everything the series is known for and doesn't give all too much in terms of anything new but thats because it doesn't need anything else. Its got the set pieces, the epic epicness, the gore, the smooth combat, variety of weapons, the giant enviroments, the platforming excellence and now the graphical power of the ps3 to lift it up with the best of whats to come in 2010.
After playing through this demo I'm sure as Hades going to nab me the collectors edition, since I'm definately for getting as much GoW3 as I can possibily take.

The Great Uncle that never was

Yesterday I found out that Great Uncle, Colin, died. More imporantly though, I only actually found out about Colin with that very information...

My nan was on the phone with his wife and soon after she then rested her arms on the dinner table and had one of those serious tones on her voice.
She explained how she had another brother called Colin, not a half or step brother, full blood relation.

Hes the oldest of my Nan and her siblings but at that time her dad, and my great Granddad, wanted a girl. Soo he then opted to just hand him over to some friends because again, he didn't want a boy and the friends also were unable to conceive a child.

According to my nan though, they never knew how to raise a child so well and thus he was never shown much love growing up. They fed him, clothed him and all that but the affection you need growing through the first stages of childhood was missing.

Even as a child too, my nan and her siblings knew of Colin, they knew he was there brother. They weren't permitted to see him though and nethier Colin or my nan ever appeared at each others birthdays or other family events.
Apparently such occurences was common in those days too...people just handing over their kid to someone else like a pet they just didn't like the look of.

Truthfully though, I wasn't saddened by the news, I mean of course hes still just a stranger to me and will always stay that way too.
I'm more soo pretty pissed at why the hell, all this time, my nan still just carryed on with her dad. They still spoke to each other like a loving father and daughter would throughout life. She explains to me how even as an adult, Colin was plagued with depression and was usually on meds and sorts throughout. 
He had least was able to have his own family, kids, grandkids. And worked as a teacher in a primary school. Non the less, his potential happyness in life was thwarted by his lack of affection during his childhood and of course knowing how he was abondoned. 
And now he dies at the age of 61. From a massive heart attack my nan said. I asked about the Funeral and she said she will attend, though franklyI feel its a lil too late toonly juststart getting involved in his life...when he doesn't have one.

I might join too, not because of him being family but because even without relation, he was a broken man who had to live life knowing his parents didn't want him. Blood relation or not, its just too damn cruel.

So yeah, bad things happen in the world, hardly news to anyone. But still just thought I'd give rise to such an event in my life.    


I wanna do-bad things-with you! O.O


Youuuu missed a spot there love.

It's over....the premier first season of Trueblood has ended, merely minutes afterI write this blog

To those who haven't had the pleasure of watching through one of the best series to air on TV this decade, TrueBlood is a Vampire drama or maybe Vampara for those ultra lazy typers.....and yes...i know of your existance!! @.@
It stars a Sookie Stackhouse and ignoring her name sounding like its from a 40s erotic magazine, everything about Trueblood has high quality sticking to every aspect of the show.
It starts of in a world of where vampires are very much known to the world and are even co-existing with humanity, albiet in a very tense manner. Sookie is a simple southern bartender who also has a unique quirk of being able to read thoughts. Just like the fact that vampires are as real as can be in this universe, her ability is feared and frowned upon but more or less shrugged over. This is a world where the unnatural is all too natural.

Soon enough a mysterious and predictbly handsome vampire enters the bar casually and asks for ''TrueBlood'', which is the creation that those kooky japanese have founded to act as an alternative to humans own source of the stuff ((The trueblood tasting like liquid crap though explains where the tensions arise between vampires and humans course)).
Sookie is immediatly intrigued with the tall, dark and handsome stereotype and soon enough they gain themselves a convaluted friendship between them. The majority of the community /facepalm at such a predicament and even her own friends seem to show severe worry for her. As the series go though, the friction between Vampires and humans steadily disintegrates and while always present, much worse matters take the stand to lead the series through.

That there basically being the prologue alone is enough to show it has some uniqueity to it, and even if it can be regarded as a full fledged cliche' its fantastic and witty writing, flawless performances and its undeniably enjoyable and unpredictable storyline that it consumes, is entertainment worth watching even if it has been seen through fiction time and time before .

So yeah to those who ''do'' watch the series though well you can obviously just ignore all that ''newb'' trueblood detail ...The fact is....its over!!  and there goes one of the few highlights of the week for moi lol...seriously

And what have I gotin return?...The US adaptation of Life on Mars??? How the hell does it fall down to that?!?...Well it stars Harvey Keital, spose that might be reason enough to give it a chance....well either way, whine-blog over.  
Any other fellow British TrueBlood devotee's saddened at this predicament?


Chart me babeh!!

God thank the generic mercenaries, may they always act as fodder to fill full of lead!

Uncharted 2 the beta came out an age ago it seems, but I the oblivious sod only got into days ago from now.

Already its given me plenty of reasons to once again have my ps3 booted up at least 12 hours a day .
I'm sure most of read the reviews and of course played the beta, but just for the lil extra confirmation..Uncharted is isa a muthahugging riot!! In the good riot though where you manage to get off with loads of cool swag.

Theres virtually no faults to be found. Graphically...its the greatest game i've come across. The gameplay too is refined and very intuitive. With the multiplayer literally just shoehorning the single players gameplay into said multiplayer, this beta has already given me a clear idea of the quality of gameplay the single player is sure to deliver on

This multiplayer package is one of the more content packed i've come across, i dont personally go online too often being the miserable loner that I be, but I've played enough to know that Uncharted 2's certaintly stands out.

It has all the basics from deathmatch/team deathmatch to its own mini-story coop missions. The ever popular ''survive'' mode is also available but now with an added objective besides just keeping yourself bulletless as possible, with the golden idol where you must deliver to checkpoints around the maps.

Upgrades are available to purchase ala Modern Warfare style and theres even purchasable skins and taunts. Thank god that Naughty Dog are ironically mature enough to have no such ''teabagging'' taunt for sale  lol

I am basically loving this beta like a blood related child prodigy and the fact thats its now available to all still, till the games actual release date, its certaintly a very generous package right here.
Of course not everything has to be on here to mess with in the beta, but if this is just what the beta has on offer i'm definatley excited to see what content the full retail game has in store.

Screw MGS4.....this is easily the greatest game to be found on the ps3...and i'm judging that just by the mutliplayer alone.
Its already secured a strong position for GOTY..the only gripe is how the hell are they going to follow through after....this?!
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Eliza Dushku, the ideal remedy for a less than decent action game

Sooo seems the demo of the upcoming action, grindhouse-ish, game is available to all. 
I'm not sure just how long its been around, probably a while but even still during my routine check through the PS-store i stumbled upon this unexpected lil feature. 
Like everything on the PSN these days, it took around 30 minutes download/install annd then i was finally able to delve my hands into 70s style wetwork. 
Impressions....well from what the demo gives its fairly decent, I imagine it'll be getting alot of 7's or 3 stars concerning giantbomb's rating style. 
It seems to have alot in common with Stranglehold with its OTT slow-mo gunplay but also has elements from The Club with its scoring with how you kill your enemies, any generic hack n slash with its swordplay and Prince of Persia with Rubi's maneuverability. 
Its all meshed fairly well together though it all seems a little stiff concerning the wall running and open-legged slidin. Sometimes it'll also be a little hard to grasp on just wtf is going on midst the gameplay with Rubi doing all sorts of gymnist feats. 
Its not helped much by the grain filter either, which sure is to add to the 70s underground atmosphere but more often just seems to get in the way for me. 
Then again concerning its fairly dated graphics I suppose the grain-filter is acting as a blessing for the developers. 
Not trying to say this is hands down-no doubt-absolutly-will indefinatley....be a horribley average game that'll give you that icky taste of regret at purchasing at full price...but from what I can muster up, its probably worth a rental for me at least. 
Hay it still has some killer highlights though, mostly revolving around the soundtrack which has some epicly catchy 70s tunes that I wouldn't put it past Quentin Tarintino to have handpicked. Eliza Dushku stars at the lovely lass Rubi too, to which unfortunatly I didn't get much oppurtunity to hear during the demo but I'm sure she'll have plenty of dialogue in the full game. 
Still, when you Eliza Dushku staring in your game, its no million quid question as to why you needed to have as much of Dushku in your demo as possible! 
Voice actors are rarely as sexy as this lass xD. ((would of captioned pic but I'm having a fukin battle in trying to work around this ''improved'' image design..))


Its all over!! get yah razors at the ready.

Yesterday i just handed in the last of my needed paperwork, and with that menial task over n done with...that brings my 3 year Performing Arts course to a close :'(.

I mean I'm sorta in that age old motion of only missing it once its gone, cause i complained plenty during the course itself over the unreliable tutors, a class who'd i'd sell my soul to the devil to never have to come across again ((only speaking for some members though)) and in some cases a total lack enjoyment with a topic to which i was initially intrigued with.

Acting is still a profession I'd like to get into, more so in voice acting however. Theatre could be a sort of side prioritie just to add abit of variety and maybe I'd like to cameo ina gangster thriller just so i could get ''whacked'' since getting whacked in a mafia movie (preferbly by Joe Peschi which does sorta have it stuck as an unattainable aspiration at that) is a small dream of mine.
But yeah voice acting in games, maybe becoming the 7th Chris Redfield voice actor and maybe lending my ultra-base voice to some silent but good hearted anime archtype :P, is most definatly where my hearts at >8)

Until then, I'm gonna be stuck in this lazy rutt of mine pondering over which situation i should start pissing myself over first.
Getta part time job, move out of me nans flat, acting auditions, university auditions, babysitting the siblings, hoping that the ps3 port of Tales of vesperia will arrive in the UK...well maybe the last one can taka breather for now.
Always joked whenever asked where'd i'd go from here from friends in college, that I'd just become a bum n wait for a family member to win the lottery :P though truthfully if that were to happen I guess I could live with myself just lazying off the family richs. :P

I think I just soiled myself.

Soo yeah, if u happen to stumble upon this poor chap, with the same expression on his face too i imagine, be a warm hearted chap/chappette n drop a few grand would yah? No urination when i'm trying to sleep though if u please O.O

Allow me to correct myself.

So much for next thursday, I arrive in college today with a mate of mine asking ''Soo...you got yah monologue ready??'' sept in not quite those order of words, a Latvian mate of mine 8)..what, never heard of Latvia?? Well netheir did any of my class till he shown up :P...to those who were fully aware of the lil tint of europe filled with Russian germans then kudos to you.

Anywhoo, monologue...performed...today O.O....i'll be honest, i thought i was going to drown the entire drama studio in giant brown bricks i was so nervous n caught off guard :S lol None the less it went better than I expected, I more or less done a slight varient of my initial monologue in concern to the lines, but the story and jist of the order of what happens in the monologue i managed to nail right on the head xD. I got yah usual classmate praise, though i personally can never allow it to suck in since I'm always a tad paraniod thats its just for the sake of actor comradorie. Still I was overall left with satisfaction but plenty of frustration over lost potential, it was apparently good but i know if maybe i was a little more prepared it could of tenfolds better =/.

Straying far from the dole topic of college, my copy of Tales ov Vesperia arrived today, one day before the actual UK release, god bless PLAY.com Should probably send the site a basket of fruit...and maybe a Latvian stripper.

I'd love to add some much needed colour to the proceedings with this blog, but like i've already mentioned...somwhere...my comp is just becoming more and more a waste of space and electricity with everything ceasing to work >={ with my webcam not making a responce and my digital cam not being detected, but thats typical of my comp, the amount of problems its had over its now...8 year run O.o...I can safely say that if the machines do intent to rise, i can envision my comp, settled neatly on the a desk made from the wood from the finest oak, stroking its nintendogs with a monotonous cackle.

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