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Youuuu missed a spot there love.
Youuuu missed a spot there love.

It's over....the premier first season of Trueblood has ended, merely minutes afterI write this blog

To those who haven't had the pleasure of watching through one of the best series to air on TV this decade, TrueBlood is a Vampire drama or maybe Vampara for those ultra lazy typers.....and yes...i know of your existance!! @.@
It stars a Sookie Stackhouse and ignoring her name sounding like its from a 40s erotic magazine, everything about Trueblood has high quality sticking to every aspect of the show.
It starts of in a world of where vampires are very much known to the world and are even co-existing with humanity, albiet in a very tense manner. Sookie is a simple southern bartender who also has a unique quirk of being able to read thoughts. Just like the fact that vampires are as real as can be in this universe, her ability is feared and frowned upon but more or less shrugged over. This is a world where the unnatural is all too natural.

Soon enough a mysterious and predictbly handsome vampire enters the bar casually and asks for ''TrueBlood'', which is the creation that those kooky japanese have founded to act as an alternative to humans own source of the stuff ((The trueblood tasting like liquid crap though explains where the tensions arise between vampires and humans course)).
Sookie is immediatly intrigued with the tall, dark and handsome stereotype and soon enough they gain themselves a convaluted friendship between them. The majority of the community /facepalm at such a predicament and even her own friends seem to show severe worry for her. As the series go though, the friction between Vampires and humans steadily disintegrates and while always present, much worse matters take the stand to lead the series through.

That there basically being the prologue alone is enough to show it has some uniqueity to it, and even if it can be regarded as a full fledged cliche' its fantastic and witty writing, flawless performances and its undeniably enjoyable and unpredictable storyline that it consumes, is entertainment worth watching even if it has been seen through fiction time and time before .

So yeah to those who ''do'' watch the series though well you can obviously just ignore all that ''newb'' trueblood detail ...The fact is....its over!!  and there goes one of the few highlights of the week for moi lol...seriously

And what have I gotin return?...The US adaptation of Life on Mars??? How the hell does it fall down to that?!?...Well it stars Harvey Keital, spose that might be reason enough to give it a chance....well either way, whine-blog over.  
Any other fellow British TrueBlood devotee's saddened at this predicament?