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@chaser324: Really? Oh... My mistake =X Obviously I only happen to notice the thread after I posted mine. Well, good to know they're aware in any case!

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By which I mean in the 'Forums' tab. Any attempts at progressing beyond the first page will do nothing, leaving you stuck on the first page.

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@viking_funeral: Well, in Dragon Age at least they've done well in spreading the accents around. Fereldens appear to be exclusively English (even have a good mix of both northern and southern accents), and the Dalish Elves are commonly Welsh (with some occasional Irish maybe...? I can't really recall one way or the other) as of Dragon Age II.

Dwarves are American, as are the Qunari. Least I remember Sten sounding more so American than English; the big Qunari leader from DAII was most definitely American at the very least. Orlasians are French, Antivan are Spanish, though no Scottish as of yet I don't think. But then there's still time!

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One of the highest rated messages I've placed would be ''Beating to a pulp...'' next to a tree stump in Huntsmans Copse, and even then it's only got about 50-odd despite putting in almost 2 playthroughs with that character. ''Hurrah for detour'' in the Undead Crypt with the lever that opens up the detour would my next highest. Maybe it's because I'm in the UK but I've never been able to get the 100+ ratings for messages that I often see, usually for the most basic and mundane messages.

It's awfully common to see a lot of troll ''hidden passage'' messages where there is none to have them up in the hundreds.

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@viking_funeral said:

@jazz_bcaz said:

American accents. Egh.

This is one of those things I never understood, especially since the modern British accent is a fairly recent occurrence.

Link: Did Shakespeare sound more 'American' than 'British?'

By 'British' you mean English I assume? It's a common generalisation but I think it's worth pointing out that there is no one modern British accent. Britain consists of England, Wales, and Scotland, so saying someone has a British accent would be sort of the equivalent to scooping up all of the accents from the US, Canada, and South America and summing them all up as 'American'.

It's maybe not the best analogy since the US and South America are technically two different continents but... you get the drift :P

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No, you monster.