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Wow. I mean, it really is basically a 2D Souls game through and through. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but I'm taken back by how blatant its inspirations are. Looks alright anyway, even if I can't say I've ever been a ban of Ska Studios games' art style. This looks a lot gloomier and gothic than their previous work, but the animations in particular still leave the main character looking like a marionette or something.

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@yummylee: you know this or you assuming? that resolution is fine but 30 locked?

Assuming, but it should run fine. There's no reason why it wouldn't considering the scale -- prerendered backgrounds, mostly small and contained areas in between door transitional load screens, and that it's still ultimately a thirteen year old game.

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anybody know how the ps3 version is technically?

It runs at 720p as opposed to 1080p of course, but it should otherwise be identical.

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I'm not opposed to preordering certain games, games I know for a fact that I'm going to want to play for myself regardless of critical reception, though The Order most certainly isn't it. It all so far looks to be terribly mediocre, with nothing to stand out beyond some impressive graphics. I'm also still sore that it's not a 4-player Gears-esque sort of a game as I was initially hoping.

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Well, I'm glad you've written this so I don't have to (It will likely be given a paragraph or two in my inevitable, eventual, dreadful Bound By Flame blog that I will eventually write when I muster up the mental fortitude to finish that magical turd) but I think you and I are pretty universally on point when it comes to this game... which will come as a surprise to absolutely no one who has witnessed our conversations in the past. It's still my favorite old-style Resident Evil game and it still looks and plays amazing. Some of those camera angles with the benefit of a higher resolution and improved lighting are really something else.

I also played with Chris on Normal (and thus avoided the controversy of #boobsandwitchgate2015) though I didn't realize you could swap to his BSAA outfit until after I had beaten the game. Chris really has it rough early on, y'know? Between 6 inventory slots, not getting the shotgun early and small keys, his early mansion is notably tougher than Jill's (though at least he runs faster, can get random headshots with the handgun and has a better self-defense weapon). I'll echo your sentiments on the voice acting; it's not great but isn't the same level of over-the-top B-Movie terrible that makes the original game (which I played through recently, it's a little rough and man does the music in the director's cut suck) such a treat. I might eventually try to get all the trophies. I've beaten Real Survivor on the Gamecube before, figure Invisible mode is doable with enough saving and a Knife-Only run is doable on VERY EASY.

Chris' playthrough is certainly much more difficult than Jill's, no question, though I still didn't have too much trouble even in the early goings. I've unfortunately played it too much to properly view it from the perspective of someone heading in with the very first time. I mean, I'm at least aware of how the game just dumps you in the main hallway with no proper guidance, which I personally love, but because I know where to locate more ammo and where best to go first key items-wise, I thusly lack the ability to look at the remake (if not all RE games) with a more critical eye in that respect.

Also, unfortunately the US PSN version of the Director's Cut is the dualshock version that comes with the bizarre and more theatrical soundtrack. In Europe we have the Director's Cut that luckily still comes equipped with the brilliant OG soundtrack. I completed the original too a little while back, to compare it when playing through Deadly Silence, and while certain elements are pretty damn ridiculous (like, as I've mentioned many a time in the past, the crazy amount of invincibility frames Hunters have in particular) I think it's about as accessible as most other classic survival horror Resident Evils. Even though the remake is undoubtedly a much better game overall for a number of reasons, I do still really enjoy the very original. It just has that old-timey mid-90s survival horror charm about it that's easy to find weirdly appealing, especially when the voice acting and dialogue is concerned. Every cutscene in that game is just golden, and if I'm being honest I think it has a better, more eerie soundtrack.

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RE6 is not a bad game.

This was a nice read, looking forward to playing the REmake for the first time myself.

No, it's not, it's a terrible game. ;) And thanks.

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@yummylee: I actually just watched Game Informer play both Resident Evil 1 and the Remake side by side. Even Tim, who beat the game a whole bunch of times, was having some stressful moments. Seems it hasn't gotten any easier!

It's a kick ass game, though. I beat the original plenty of times but the remake was 2spooky.

Man, Tim Turi is a fucking champ. He has his oddities, like how he gave RE6 the equivalent of 5 stars and considers Dead Space 3 one of the best games of its generation, but he's just as much of a Resident Evil obsessive as I am! That, and he's always the guy who somehow manages to persevere through all of those obscure 90s survival horror shitfests for GI's Super Replay. Really enjoying their Raw Danger series currently.

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I wish I didn't remember damn near everything about these games like i do, as I'd love to be able to play one completely fresh for a change. As is, while I still enjoy going through them again, it more so feels like I'm going through the motions rather than having to slowly to uncover where all of the items are and when the jump scares will occur ect. Though my memory of Zero is perhaps the weakest, so I'm looking forward to giving that one's inevitable remastering a spin, even if it's also perhaps one of the worst of the OG survival horror RE games.

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I've been waiting for this blog. In fact, I'm surprised it took you this long, haha.

This is probably my favorite game in the series. I'm so joyed to be playing it again. I only ever finished it once, but so much of it is burned into my brain. I owned this game for a year on the GC before I beat it because I was actually too scared to play it. Granted, I don't find it nearly as scary now, but this game has such a dark and macabre atmosphere to it compared to the rest of the series that it made me really fear death like no other game. Those Crimson Heads, man....ugh.

I forgot how fucking brilliant a lot of the camera angles are in this game. Games really need to start utilizing this aspect of design again. It truly establishes a certain feel and artistry that is completely lost when constantly looking over a character's shoulder the entire time instead.

I'm with you on the voice acting, too. It was one of the first things I noticed when starting to replay this again. I had totally forgotten what the VO in the game was like. I guess because by 2002 standards, it was actually decent and I just remember it being convincing but not really noteworthy. Playing it now, it's still actually pretty horrendous, but just regular bad instead of hilariously bad unfortunately.

Also, fuck that new blasphemous control scheme. It really cheapens the game to a large degree.

Heh, yeah, I wish I could have posted this around the time of the QL, as that would have likely had more people then checking its forums, but alas. And you're spot on by describing the game's use of camera angles as a form of artistry. It's easy to just play the game without paying too much attention, but a lot of care clearly goes into every angle. Be it simply to create an unsettling image, but to also intentionally create a scene where you're moving along while trying to gauge just where the fuck that zombie moan is coming from! After all, what we don't see is always what's scariest ect., so the anticipation goes a long way in building the tension I feel. It really is a shame that there's no indie developer out there recreating these classic survival horror games complete with camera angles, as they make for such an effective method of allowing the director to show you exactly what he wants, or doesn't want, you to see.

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I won't ever play this again since I stopped after the first crimson head on the Gamecube.

But boy, the positivity for this thing just makes that RE 2 remake even more enticing.

Awww, you should still totally give it another chance :P It's not very expensive and it's now a better time than any to see if it's still too much for you or not.

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@yummylee: Still haven;t bought this due to nerves about it being way too hard and just giving up on it but man is it tempting. There is something hilariously incongruous about seeing boulderpuncher Chris in that incredibly atmospheric environment though, he shout be wind up punching everything in sight.

Trust me, this release has been tailored specifically for folks such as yourself! Its Very Easy assures that you'll be able to see it through if you find it would otherwise be too difficult.

Also, speaking of boulders...

Makes for a pretty good analogy of the series transformation. Back in ye olden days Chris is running away from them, then by RE5 he's bloody battering one via a QTE.

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Not my favorite in the series by a longshot(though it's high up for me in terms of the older games), but this is a fantastic rerelease. It looks and runs great, and it really shows just how gorgeous this game has always been. Though Resident Evil Zero is my least favorite of the games, I can't deny that a rerelease of that would also look stellar. Curious to see how long before that thing releases. Also, I would be so down for a remake of RE2 and RE3 in the style of REmake, but I just don't know if that will ever happen, at least not anytime soon. I feel like a RE2 remake is much more likely, however. More of a fervent fanbase(though I like RE3 better, personally).

The new control scheme is fine, except for when your character freaks out during a camera change. Had a couple of tricky spots with it, but for the most part, I enjoyed it. However, the tank controls are still perfectly good too.

I will direct you to my previous blog concerning an RE2 remake for my thoughts on that matter!

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I didn't know about the bsaa costumes either. Is it just a costume change or is the character model the RE5 'roid rage Chris Redfield? That game kind of ruined these characters for me. It's so nice to go back to this one that is, compared to RE 5, pretty sensible.

It's the RE5 character model, though specifically the one from the Lost in Nightmares DLC where Chris actually looks somewhat less of a mutant.

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I kind of want to play this, as I only played Director's Cut for the first time 3 years ago and really liked it. I just bought RE4 though, so I'm playing through that instead. It's reminding me just how much I liked RE5 and that I should really go back and beat it on the hardest difficulty to get the platinum trophy. Anyway, I've added the remake to my steam wishlist and will pick it up eventually.

Given you enjoyed the very original then I think you'll definitely be able to get something out of the remake. Also, I hated playing RE5 on Professional mode, just not fun in the slightest. And as someone that would otherwise defend your partner AI, for Professional mode it's damn near impossible to do solo and without the infinite RPG.

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@darkvare: They're unlocked at the outset. Just press Up at the character select screen, which is also how you now select the original unlockable costumes too, which I really appreciate.

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