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The video isn't listed on the front page and I doubt that the video embargo is up. Not that I expect much in the way of useful commentary coming out of the video, anyway.

Im not sure who did the Warriors Orochi Quick Look, I didnt risk it, but Ive watched most of this one and its more reasonable. Dan seems to have played the games recently, for review, and his Sister (who did Diablo 3 with him) is a big fan so he actually understands some of the appeal and isnt just shitting on it. He also read the text pop ups and looked at the map.

He isn't a fan really but at least he tried to play the game.

Yeah, it's actually a surprisingly fair QL. As someone that doesn't even care for these games that much anymore, yet at the same time never likes to see a franchise consistently getting shit on all the time, kudos to you @danryckert! You've helped to provide what is easily the most informative Warriors QL on the site.

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So, whenever an edit is made on a page, all images on that page without a caption will then be filled in with what looks to be the url of the image itself... Not only does this of course clutter up the article with needless junk, but it also awards you with a significant amount of undeserved points, especially when it comes to full game pages that are likely to feature a number of captionless images.

Also can someone please for the love of fuck raise the thread title character limit above 60?!

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OK, so this is basically all just a rehash of that earlier conference then. Oh well, excited all the same for whatever new stuff shows at TGS proper.

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Wow, they've already got a playable build for the public?

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I just love the Japanese pronunciation of Barry Burton. Also, it doesn't look they're yet talking about any new information. Though I believe there's to be some gameplay shown on the show floor.

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Yup, Velvet Sundown, no contest. Dan as Ingmar was just the best.

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I'm probably just going to wait for its inevitable PS4/XB1 GOTY collection port or whatever. I fucking love Borderlands, though, so I definitely want to get around to it eventually; maybe if its PS3 version isn't god awful like BL2's was I may get it sooner rather than later.

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The Evil Within. Even if that game turns out to be a fiery crater I still want to be there on the frontlines to talk about it.