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The End is one of the best boss fights in the series, so I'd say it's worth reloading to beat him proper.

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It only just occurred to me via that (awesome) GOTY sketch that he kinda sounds like him, too...

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Bumpin' for update!

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@noelveiga: You responded to me with ''I don't need every game to redefine gaming''. That was the crux of your counterpoint to me posting about how unimpressive it looks.

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@yummylee: Hey, I enjoyed my time with Heavenly Sword.

I don't know, I don't need every game to redefine gaming, and some of my favourite stuff ends up being in this "good, not great" range. If this comes out and is a competent but linear Gears-a-like I'd say mission accomplished.

On the other hand, I'm not the biggest fan of this year's Shadow of Mordor, so hey, variety is needed to account for subjective taste. How about we all wait for the game to be out before we start over or underhyping, eh?

Just because I think The Order looks mediocre as Hell doesn't mean I apparently want every game to ''redefine gaming''.

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About £70, a box of cadbury's heroes and a pair of socks. Fine by me.

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This game continues to unimpress the more I've seen and read about it. Sure, it looks pretty, but when that's at the cost of seemingly everything else then what the fuck ever. The PS4's very own Heavenly Sword equivalent as I like to say.

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Meh, Bayonetta hast been made redundant with the announcement of the DMC4: Special Edition B)

I kid... sort of. Bayonetta just continues to look somewhat unappealing to me despite my willingness to believe that it's a fantastic character action game. Not to say that the dumb shit in DMC4 didn't grate against me either, as every Dante cutscene ranges from annoying to insufferable.

Also happy to see a little more of Dark Souls II making the lists. As I'm sure you're aware the overall perception of that game took a pretty significant u-turn a couple of months after its release. Not that I don't see where people's problems are stemming from, but still... I put 300+ hours into that blasted game and enjoyed (nearly) every hour of it. When it arrived I quite literally played it for like 18 hours...

Though I have noticed that people have started to look upon DSII more favourably with the DLC expansions.

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@shagge said:

Silent Hills (maaaybe?).

Nah. Kojima said that Silent Hills won't be released until 2016 at the earliest.