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Why would it be damaging? Its up to a player themselves to summon someone. If you're not into summoning people and battling bosses yourself then who cares?

This is an online game with coop and pvp. Balance is the most important thing in any game and when it's online, even more so. The article does a pretty good job at explaining why being able to summoning someone 20x your level is extremely damaging to the community.

Also does anyone know how to make a link clickable?

The coop is again only for password-specific summons. If someone wants to summon someone around their level they still can. The PVP was busted to begin with at that. Invading somebody only to find yourself squaring against three players is already a steep hill to climb. It's even worse when they're potentially much higher level, but you're already at such a disadvantage anyway that it doesn't really matter that much.

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Why would it be damaging? Its up to a player themselves to summon someone. If you're not into summoning people and battling bosses yourself then who cares?

This pretty much. If the player wants to summon a crazy high level player because, let them. It's only for password-specific summons after all, not randoms. The PVP was already busted before this patch at that. The article in general seems hella sensationalist (''Casualborne''...) and there's a typo in the second sentence of the thing.

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Because the wiki has basically been abandoned by all but a dedicated few (even the mods don't seem to be paying much attention right now), the rules of what goes for most things is pretty fast and loose. There's no 'official' policy for much of anything on the wiki these days. As far as making multiple pages for the same game, I've always treated it as such:

If a game gets re-released with an additional amount of content and/or is adjusted/remixed in such a way where it differs from the original release, then it deserves its own page. Games that simply undergo a bit of spit shine ala most HD remasters are instead cordoned to releases, as are episodic games. We have a concept page depicting a list of games that have received enough of an alteration in whatever way here!

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@nightriff: You don't actually have to fight the worm during the first boss encounter. So long as you can turn on the switches to lower the ladder then you can go on your mosey way! Something to keep in mind should you decide to play through it again. The worm in CVX as @onekillwonder_ mentioned isn't much of a problem, either. You'll encounter it twice but the first time is optional (and there's also no reward for choosing to kill it I should add, beyond it no longer hanging in the area), but it's extremely easy to avoid. The second time's a mandatory boss fight but still isn't all that difficult.

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@marokai said:

@yummylee: My favorite end-game Umbrella lab of all the old games is probably the Antarctica base writ large, but if I compliment CV too much I'm afraid @arbitrarywater might hurt me, so I'll stay hush-hush.

You're right that some of the older games are pretty easy if you go back to them, but I still think CV, REmake, and RE0 are fairly challenging (though the latter's challenge comes 50% from the tedium of managing items and the two characters). RE3 is just ridiculous. Especially if you're playing on Easy; the game just vomits ammo all over you all the time.

I have always wanted to play the N64 version of RE2. Never tracked a copy down though.

Hey now, I don't hate Code Veronica. For my part, I think the only truly bad main-series Resident Evil game is 6, and even then I sorta liked 6 because of how bombastic and "go for broke" it was in parts (also I hate myself). @yummylee and I have stated our issues with it pretty openly, but it's fine. It's fine. That Antarctic base? It's pretty good! Drags on for a little too long, like the rest of CV, but sure, it's an alright endgame area. I still love the original Umbrella lab from REmake myself. Think the Dead Factory in RE3 is pretty weak, like the Water Treatment Plant from RE0 just fine and would like the lab in RE2 more if it didn't shove a bunch of optional items at the player when they have 30 minutes left of the game.

Not counting RE6 it's the worst mainline RE release, but even then I'd say it's mostly just mediocre rather than being outright terrible or anything.

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@marokai said:

@yummylee: My favorite end-game Umbrella lab of all the old games is probably the Antarctica base writ large, but if I compliment CV too much I'm afraid @arbitrarywater might hurt me, so I'll stay hush-hush.

You're right that some of the older games are pretty easy if you go back to them, but I still think CV, REmake, and RE0 are fairly challenging (though the latter's challenge comes 50% from the tedium of managing items and the two characters). RE3 is just ridiculous. Especially if you're playing on Easy; the game just vomits ammo all over you all the time.

Yes, RE3's Easy mode is riiiidiculous! They quite literally just jump like 90% of the weaponry on your lap from the get go... RE2's easy mode simply gave you a little starting handgun ammunition. That's undoubtedly because as you said they were probably worried that Nemesis would prove too much for people, the sort of people that just want to kill everything, so they put this in there so you're always packing enough anti-Nemesis juice.

And believe me, as someone who recently recompleted Veronica, it's not that tough. That Tyrant boss on the cargo plane is still a twat, but by the end of the game I had more ammo than I knew what to do with. The remake and RE0 at least have multiple difficulties to account for, with their Hard mode actually being designed as a hard mode unlike RE3's which was basically the game's 'Normal' equivalent. Still, I completed the remake via its HD release again while only dying once, as Chris, which was against Neptune. It was on Normal mode as that was unfortunately the highest option, but overall because of how simple the combat is in these games, the difficulty hinges on your supplies. So, when you know where to look they all unfortunately start to become trivial.

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@csl316: Damn right, duder.

Hopefully when that happens (and it WILL, right Capcom?!), my fellow Canadian Alyson Court can return as Claire, having been absent from Revelations 2. Also, a humble suggestion: Ed Blaylock as Brian Irons. God, I just realized this is my dream game...

I'm still really disappointed that she wasn't asked to return for Revelations 2. She was the last remaining 'classic' VA for these games, after having quite literally voiced the character in every single prior appearance. Obviously she's not a great VA or anything, but she had become so synonymous with the character that it's tough to hear the character under a different voice.

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Great to hear you're still enjoying your time with this series! It's also interesting that you played through RE2 & RE3 simultaneously, because it does help highlight the difference in pacing and tone. RE2 is most certainly a continuation of the original, albeit one that's a little more Hollywood (Leon kissing Ada in Scenario B T_T), but RE3 at times feels like it's a precursor to the way the series will eventually morph into. I still really like RE3 all the same, and it has one of my favourite opening CG cutscenes in the series. All of the weird new mechanics they introduced--choice making, enemy/event randomisation, destructible objects, the 180 degree turn--and not to mention Operation Mad Jackal! Still one of my favourite minigames in the whole series; absolutely loved that shit. 'specially since it allowed me to play as Nicholai and I thought he was the coolest BMF around when I was a kid -- primarily because I think he may very well have been my first introduction to a Russian accent. Also that he was seemingly able to stay alive all that time with his little SIGPRO pistol is mighty impressive! It's just a shame Veronica has none of that... because it was developed simultaneously it seems to lack much of the innovations RE3 brought besides the 180 degree turn. You even have to once again automatically go up/down stairs with the press of a button; that and there's no longer any zombie heads exploding for some reason. Besides getting to dual-wield a couple of weapons there's nothing mechanically interesting about Veronica. That, and its art style sucks.

Also fun fact: the director of RE3 is the guy that was in charge of directing RE4 back during the Hookman Build stage, before Mikami took over because the Hookman thing wasn't quite panning out unfortunately.

And Brian Irons, man... A genuinely great voice performance in a very melodramatic sense! Still, that they actually heavily implied that he's a fucking rapist, among other things of course, feels surprisingly ballsy for a game of its time. Such implications are only seen in a file, but still. Also funnily enough the same guy who voices Irons voices Robert Kendo, the gun owner at the beginning of the game.

@marokai: The problem with the classic RE games is that they're all pretty easy when you go back to them. Even with the originals they would clearly pepper around more ammo than you'd ever need, so when you knew where to look and where to go you're golden for most of the game. Their static nature has always been the one critical flaw in replaying the games, and it's why I always wish RE2 & RE3 could have gotten their own 'item remix' mode that Resident Evil saw with its Director's Cut. Though I'm to believe RE2 did get such a mode with its N64 release... but it's the N64 version so...

Also son I am disappoint, the lab in RE2 is awesome! Has such great music! The sewers, sure, I can see that, but the RE2 lab is probably my favourite iteration on the classic 'end game Umbrella lab'. Also the RPD's a great location, but the Spencer mansion still reigns supreme. No other environment in this series has allowed such freedom to explore and generally take things at your own space; RE2 in relation is a little more linear with its key item collecting. RE3 fortunately opened things up a little as it allowed you to collect the parts to fix the tram in different orders, which could result in different encounters with Carlos & Nicholai even!

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@lost_remnant said:

@yummylee: Heh, I have something of a lurker tendency, I use to be more of a forum poster in my in my younger days and sort of got out of it but I'm trying to change that! I promise I'll comment on your new blog posts and if I don't I give you full permission to kick me in the behind. :p

The bad thing about Akumu mode is that it exacerbates the flaws in the game itself, the stuff that didn't really matter before on previous difficulties. Such as enemy awareness in stealth being annoyingly frustrating on harder modes, the letter boxing making it a pain in the ass to consistently line up a bottle throw to the noggin (only way to stun them besides flash bolts and since ammo is at a premium you come to rely on bottles a lot) and the traps being a bigger pain. The mini-game ones are brutal to do now and cheap deaths like your bear trap one are just another day on the job in Akumu. This mode also puts a magnifying glass on some of the checkpoints being really bad (The burning house in chapter 6 is infamously bad with this and for all intents and purposes is a litmus test if one can do Akumu mode.)

I've reached chapter 4, just about to meet up with Leslie and begin that whole section with the invisible dudes. Getting good at bottle throwing, abusing checkpoints for insta-kill melee item respawns and shooting for the leg so I can torch people is getting me by. That is until I can upgrade the critical chance on my pistol, which seems to be the better option then just straight up damage. "Leashing" enemies like it's goddamn Dark Souls and taking them on one by one is also doing wonders for me. So far stealth working as it should has been a mixed bag. I've learned to stay on their right to avoid that move where they occasionally turn left. Some enemies like the Ruvik clone (that was a shitty surprise) in chapter 3 seems to have a sixth sense of sorts and always turns around and murders me, no matter how well I stealth it. I have no idea how long my enthusiasm will last but for now I feel crazy and dumb enough to do it. I feel a weird sort of purpose to get the absolute most that I can from Mikami made games, the only other game of his that broke me that I played was that final challenge mode stuff in Vanquish.

lol eh, it's no problem! I was only being half-serious :P If anything this is at least reassuring that just because certain blogs of mine won't get that many comments, that's not to say they're not getting read!

And i know exactly what you mean, as in playing games on higher difficulty tends to highlight a number of flaws that may have been easy to overlook otherwise. Though that the stealth system is basically unfinished I feel was clear enough even on the lower difficulties! And goddamn, the burning house segment was difficult enough on Nightmare, let alone with the added challenge of how Sebastian will die from a bloody bee sting.

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I also actually quite like that they start dumping later game enemies into the earlier chapters! Not within the context of an Akumu playthrough mind, but the concept itself is something more games should toy around with for their NG+/higher difficulty offerings. But in any case I wish you luck in you actually decide to continue with Akumu! I'd really like to read more of such tactics the setting forces you to implement and how it changes your perspective towards the combat.

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Hah, the minute I saw that video in my subs when I woke up I was like "well, let's see when YummLee makes a thread f- oh it's already up"

As others have said, RE2 wold of course have been nice but I'm on board for this, I got into the RE games late, sometime after Code Veronica X (PS2) so I didn't get a chance to play any of the originals but had always wanted too, but as time went on it became harder/more of a hassle to attempt to do so, so having remakes/masters of them is fantastic for me, now I finally get to experience them and wanted to play them all.

So hey, bring it on, also I love train levels in games.

Double also it might be fun to play an old school RE that isn't a maze... unless it still is somehow, I mean it's a train, forward and backward? Maybe a few cars with an up and down? Ah hell, it's Resident Evil, there is probably a secret secondary train running under the first train to double the length and make it confusing.

The train segment isn't actually the bulk of the game. It's a sizeable chunk but the big HUB of the game is an Umbrella Training Facility, which... is designed awfully similar to a mansion you could say.

@donutfever said:

Ibut the amount of inventory spaces really killed that game for me. I don't really have an interest in playing another game with those problems,

That's actually not as big an issue in RE:0 because unlike previous games you can actually drop items you don't need on the floor and they stay there for you to grab later. Not to mention you have control of both characters at the same time throughout most of the game so the inventory is twice as big as it usually is.

There's no inventory boxes, however, and they also reintroduce items/weapons that take up two slots. Even though allowing you to place items on the floor was a neat idea, it still ultimately made for a really cumbersome system that frankly pales to the accessibility of the classic inventory box method in the other games.