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Can't tell if serious.

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Sure, no problem. The person you are referring to in the image from the Harry Potter film series is actor Timothy Spall. Jeff Gerstmann is a video game person. The similarities in their appearances are purely coincidental. They are, in fact, two separate human beings. Hope this clears up your confusion!


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I know exactly what you mean, though I don't necessarily hold it too much to fault since it's primarily down to how basically all human male and female characters have the exact same physique in the ME series. Well, Vega in ME3 looked like he was especially buff when compared to the other characters. That said, it would have been appreciative if Shepard did indeed have his/her own physique, one that would be determined by what class you pick at that. Vanguard and Soldier classes like you mention would fit a Shepard that's got some muscle underneath all that N7 armour, whereas Engineers and Adepts are a little slimmer. ME3's increased sexualisation of all the characters didn't sit well me, either. Ashley's the most clear example, but Liara's increased bust size and, like you mentioned, Kaiden's much more muscular physique kinda conflicted with how I viewed those characters.

One other aspect I disliked was how your own class choice is never reflected in the games, or at least not enough where it matters. The game would go along as if Shepard is a traditional Soldier -- a charismatic soldier to be sure, but your potential tech and/or biotic abilities--from my recollection--were never acknowledged nor shown within the games.

Truth be told while I have always enjoyed role-playing my (five different) Shepards, as the series went on it felt like I was losing grasp of the character and my ability to better mold him/her as my own. In ME3 Shepard talks for him/herself for what seemed like 40% of the dialogue, and of course the even more streamlined dialogue options only hurt my ability to roleplay all the more. Then there's of course Shepard fretting about Earth via the dreams concerning the kid... which was again the game forcing the developer's own interpretation of the Shepard character on to you, without any choice in the matter. A full on Renegade Shepard in particular doesn't seem like he/she would have been having such dreams I would think....

Also, lady Barbarian is bestest Barbarian!

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@yummylee: Thanks so much! I will definitely try to post more. I found some old pieces and ideas on my Google Drive that I have been messing around with, one was concerning romance in games and how I have been having more fun with emergent romance, or romance that seems to not be intentional or even considered by the developer, versus the carefully crafted romance stories in something like Mass Effect or even the Uncharted Series. It's a wacky idea, but I have examples and stuff that I have been playing with and trying to write about. So I expect to do more in the future!

Feeling left out is never fun, although I can say that I don't take it personally. I know that certain things must sell games and there are studies and marketing that point to certain archetypes being what people want to see and play as. Thank you for opening up and sharing. I know that when I create a character, I try to make it look pretty close to me, but trying to crank down the bust size on character models in usually not an option, and I know that I tend to make myself taller and slimmer, but not crazily so. But I try to stay pretty close to reality. I even put glasses on my Saint's Row The Third character. It's hard to try and balance what I am with what I want to be in a game.

I look forward to reading it!

And when it comes to character creation I don't typically create characters that look like me. In fact it will often vary per game as to how I like to design my characters when given the choice, though the example of me being Pro Dwarf in fantasy games is undoubtedly spurned on from my own bias :P Plus in Dragon Age in particular the dwarves easily feature some of the most interesting lore! Though with stuff like Saints Row in particular, while I do tend to make my character look... grounded (so, no chrome skin or anything like that), their designs tend to vary. Plus I've commonly enjoying playing through Saints Row multiple times, which gives me more chances to flex my creativity and see what other characters I can conjure up. One of my female Bosses in SRTT was made to look like some sort of stereotypical ''Hollywood Movie Hacker from the 90s'' sort of archetype, with the green anime hair, cargo trousers, and so on :P I also created what basically amounted to video game Queen Latifah in Saints Row 2.

One thing I have noticed lately when creating male characters is that I like to make 'em middle-aged, usually looking like they're in their mid 40s to early 50s. I guess I have a thing for the ''grizzled veteran'' look, with the grey hair, the weathered eyes, and a nice bushy beard. Though I would imagine I'm not alone in that and it's possibly rather common even. We tend to equate older characters with wisdom, and in hostile environments in particular it proves that this character must be pretty capable and something of a badass to have survived this long. That's not always the case, but it's a pattern that I have picked up on lately.

My female characters don't quite share as recurrent of a design, besides maybe ponytails... Also whenever a game lets me give a character yellow or purple eye colour, then that's a sure bet as well!

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Woo, Jane Douglas! The blood type thing is definitely something I always found peculiar way back when, but as the years went by I kinda forget about it. Was fun to have that strange mystery brought back to the forefront and explained.

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This was admittedly a few weeks ago, but I have most recently wrote up an article for the smoking page which I'm quite happy with. That, and I created a Samurai Edge page and filled that up quite nicely. Just one more page towards my complete and utter dominance of all things Resident Evil on Giant Bomb ;)

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Great read! And I must echo the comments in here that you're one of the few users that I'm always interested in reading what you have to say. It's just a shame you don't post more often! But then, quality over quantity and all that :P

Funnily enough because most of my childhood was situated around series like Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Tekken, Fear Effect, Burning Rangers, Streets of Rage and so on, any sort of gender bias never even really occurred to me. I was also a kid so, such issues naturally probably wouldn't have entered my mind to begin with. Though as the years went by it was never something I thought too hard about, until of course 2011 (I think?) where discussions pertaining to such subjects began cropping up all over the place. I won't deny, however, that it has gotten to be a little exhausting sometimes witnessing sexist/misogynist accusation after accusation, some of which I still believe are completely overblown and unnecessary. The God of War Ascension trophy debacle in particular I thought was completely unfounded.

Despite that, I'm glad to see these discussions are happening, and I'm glad that for as agonising as they can be sometimes, the fact that I've even begun to think and more carefully consider such issues in the first place is a great step towards me growing and maturing as a person. It's not like I've suddenly gone back, combing through all of my favourite games on the hunt for teh sexism, but I'm at least a lot more aware, and most importantly empathetic, of the topics at hand.

I must admit that I'm not especially easy to offend with regards to that sort of stuff, which is kind of a typical response from most guys I imagine really. The Dead Island statue, while I could certainly see why some would find it troubling, I thought was hilariously stupid and made a joke that I was... well, my specific reaction was ''I'll be in my bunk'', followed by a gif from American Psycho. That said, I wasn't going to lambaste anyone who didn't take it quite like I did.

Though I also must admit that even I can sometimes get offended by the insulting amount of pandering fanservice that arises in something like, say, the Senran Kagura games. I also thought the awkward and needlessly erotic Deborah Harper boss battle in RE6 was a bit much... But then that's just one of many problems I had with that game of course.

Now I wouldn't dare attempt to paint this as being on the same level, but I'm a rather petite fellow. I'm not a dwarf or anything, but I'm 5ft... well, that's it. I'm 5ft nuttin. And while when it comes to character creation I'm usually all over the place, I do often appreciate it when games allow you to adjust height or play as a smaller character. It's particularly why I'm so fond of playing as Dwarfs in fantasy games; my first of many playthroughs of Dragon Age: Origins was with the Dwarven Noble Origin. Which, as it turns out, is also easily the best one! So, on that note I can certainly understand when someone feels like they're being... left out, so to speak.

Anywhoo I'm beginning to ramble here, so I'll end it with more appraisal of your blog, and I hope that you'll be inclined to write more often in the future! Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with what you have to say, you put yourself out there much more rationally and understanding than most, as opposed to a lot of the sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness I've spotted on both sides of the arguments.

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Your write up of Saints Row The Third brings a tear to my eye x') RIP in pieces, FUZZ activity.

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@pr1mus: Oh yeah, the OG Doom still has some superb music and accentuates the fast paced and manic nature of Doom well. It's pretty neat to see how much of a difference a simple soundtrack switch can make, because even while PS1 Doom is just as fast, the music gives it a surprisingly effective atmosphere made up of dread.

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I enjoy eating buttered (with margarine) weetabix. I think hot-dogs are gross, and I don't like tomato ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise.