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I haven't finished the Hawke storyline, however the world state I imported included the deaths of Carver and Fenris, yet when asking Varric about Hawke's companions they're apparently still alive, so... My Hawke's romance with Merrill wasn't brought up, either.

Also, while this is Origins-related, Bhelen was mentioned to be ruler of Orzammar even though I chose Harrowmont.

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Revengeance was originally supposed to fill in that gap instead of being set post-MGS4.

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An Uncharted and Gears 'remastering' sounds inevitable really. Not that I'd scoff at the chance to play Uncharted 2 at 60fps mind!

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Far Cry 4 has tech issues on PC? I mean ''lol obv'' would be the typical response, but still given how well it performs on PS4, I had naturally assumed there wasn't much fuss on PC, either. After Unity turned out to be kinda messy on all fronts, I figured that they had achieved... parity as it were. If a game's busted, it's going to be busted on all platforms, and vice-versa.

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Far Cry 2 was so bloody hardcore; I loved it for many of the reasons so many people hated it! OK, the respawning outposts could certainly take a toll... Nonetheless, the act of preparation before undertaking a mission--stocking the right guns--fast-forwarding the clock to night to allow better opportunities for stealth--was the sort of ritual that I especially loved about Far Cry 2. A shame the Far Cry series is now essentially just first-person GTA. That radio DJ guy in FC4 in particular I'd be willing to believe was someone pulled right out of Los Santos, complete with the same ugly and painfully unfunny attempts at humour.

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I fucking love how flexible the party system was in Origins. You yourself could potentially kill (if not tell to fuck off) nearly every character in that game.

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Also, it should be noted that not all decisions seem to carry over properly, as I imported a world state where Carver and Fenris from DAII died, yet Varric claims they're still alive.

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It's unfortunate for how much of a hassle the Keep can be. It requires far too much management than is required, especially if you plan to play again with a different 'world state' as you can't choose from a selection in-game. You instead must head back to the Keep and then export the world state you want. Though that also won't matter too much for most I suppose, given how huge the game is a single playthrough will be enough for the majority I'm sure. I on the other hand am currently going through two playthroughs simultaneously... >_>

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That sounds like a glitch, as the game has always perfectly framed my Qunari character during conversations and the like.

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If it has 60FPS, I'm there day one. If not, I'll stick to Bloodborne.

Yeah, the framerate is the big question here.

Especially since on PC DS2 holds a steady 60 FPS without any mods needing to be installed. If the PS4 version can't hold a solid 60 FPS I don't think that'd be a good enough upgrade from the older consoles, and certainly not preferable to PC.

Considering the PS3 version couldn't keep to a consistent 30fps, I'd be fine if the PS4 is only 30 but is at least locked down to the ground at 30. Also, comparing it to the PC version is fruitless. The new consoles exist to surpass the old consoles, not to compete with PC, which will house the best version of just about any game nowadays.