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It's likely because of the quarterly release date. For whatever reason whenever you attempt to make an edit to a page's overview with a quarterly release date, it removes the date and then botches it all up. So, whenever you notice a page has a quarterly release date, you have to make sure to set it back again before you finish your edits. Honestly it can be such a fucking nuisance sometimes that I wonder if it's best we all temporarily skip adding quarterly estimate release dates altogether.

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@valeo: Well then... Though still at the same time, Dan's behaviour on twitter is the sorta stuff that would get someone banned on here, and I'm not just referring to his dispute with Canseco. Just seems sort of at odds a little is all. But yeah, as far as Jose Canseco is concerned, he doesn't seem to be the sorta guy who deserves much sympathy.

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...The way Dan acts on twitter will sometimes go over the threshold for me. I enjoy him a lot in video features and the bombcast, but on twitter it just seems like he goes too far for me to find it funny anymore. His trollish behaviour just comes across as childish, but not the endearing kind. The way he talks to that Jose Canseco in particular seems really harsh. Has that guy done anything to deserve it in anyway? Like, is he a real piece of shit or something? Or is Dan also just joking around? The way he's talked about in the past would suggest not, though.

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@mooseymcman: It's lucky then that I'm a very patient man!

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All these Judgments and yet no Gears of War: Judgment! The judgiest video game of the last generation. And I feel your pain regarding the lack of a high-end gaming PC.

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@mooseymcman: Honestly I didn't very much care for Peace Walker's coop, either. Because the missions were often so short it involved an awful lot of re-inviting people every 10 minutes. Plus, Peace Walker's gameplay is so simple and rudimentary anyway that adding in other players didn't seem to add much to the experience. Except to maybe just screw about I guess, shouting out random CO-OP commands.

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I hope there's a more traditional multiplayer mode in the game. I never really got into Metal Gear Online in MGS4, but I might if there was something similar in MGSV.

Yeah, for the first time in an MGS game the gameplay looks like it would be pretty suitable for something a little more traditional. I tried MGS4's, but didn't care for the needlessly obtuse logging in stuff; that and I didn't enjoy MGS4's gameplay in a multiplayer environment. And Peace Walker's was just terrible.

Never got to try out Subsistence's multiplayer, though, but like MGS4 I don't think the gameplay of MGS3 would have translated very well to a competitive multiplayer environment.

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It does seem really harsh for you to potentially lose some of your accumulated resources and soldiers from an enemy player, so yeah, hopefully it's something that can be turned off. Though I still don't understand what is even happening in that video. Like, is the defending player wandering around as well? Do all you have to do to stop the invasion is simply locate the attacking player? How can the attacking player speed up time and how does that reflect to the defending player? Do you also have to play as Snake or can you control one of your underlings to potentially advance their skills?

It at the very least seems to be just as ambitious as you'd expect from an MGS game anywhoo, so I'm really curious to see how it all functions in the base (pun) game.

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@marino You know that new sound you're looking for...