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Kinda disappointed with how shoddy the hair looks in this, particularly the beards. Most look like plastic novelty beards.

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If you're facing a bear, taunt it with your tank and just keep running around letting your other party members take care of it. This no doubt applies to many powerful enemies when facing them on their own, though I noted bears as they'll likely prove to be tricky for some because of how early you encounter them, least on Hard mode.

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Big props to @flstyle for the Dragon Age: Inquisition page! Group effort of course, but he done most of the heavy lifting for that one.

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I have been thinking about something you said in this blog for a while:

First game's this survival horror Resident Evil knockoff, sequel's an arcade-inspired run n gunner, there's some light-gun game that I never even knew existed until I looked over our Dino Crisis franchise page, and then there's Dino Crisis 3... Dinosaurs are essentially the only constant tying this series together anywhoo

So do you mean to suggest that the Dino Crisis franchise is the video game parallel to the Aliens franchise?

I, er... isn't the Dead Space series the more common comparison? Though with regards to how each Dino Crisis game is different from the next, I can see the parallel.

Amazing write up man. But you missed one unlock able: Infinite ammo. You get it by getting all the documents / data files / whatever they were. Kinda sucks you can't keep the guns you bought on the previous play through and blow through the game with the Anti-Tank rifle or rocket launchers.

Thanks for making me want to replay Dino Crisis 2. I need to make some dinosaurs explode...

Cheers! And yeah, I forgot to mention the infinite ammo card item, however because ammo is so rarely a concern anyway, I never considered it anything to get particularly excited over.

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@zombiepie: No worries. It's commendable that you're able to get one of these up every week without fail when you're in tip top shape, let alone when you're sick.

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I've definitely lessened the amount of preorders I take up per year, but there'll always be a select few games that I want to see for myself regardless of critical reception or what have you.

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I musta invested like 500 hours into Origins, across four completed playthroughs (including all DLC) and maybe another six that I got bored of... I was simply obsessed with Origins because of the vast amount of versatility there was to roleplaying your character! All of the races and origins, and not's even before you get into the decision making. Unlike the Mass Effect games in particular, Dragon Age: Origins actually gives your decisions impact and shows their repercussions. A lot of it is cordoned to the epilogue text, but all of the biggest moments such as Redcliffe can go in vastly different directions.. I was kinda shocked to find that the game will actually let you keep on moving, leaving all of the survivors to die. The Landsmeet is also an incredible moment, which can also go in some pretty drastic directions depending on choices made before and during the landsmeet itself.

Origins is undoubtedly a top 3 game of that generation. The combat is a little stodgy, but it's also easy to exploit and i always played on Hard mode without much fuss. The Fade segment does indeed suck, however, though I actually really liked the Dwarven segment. The Deep Roads in particular, while I can see why some would find it goes on for far too long, I'm seemingly in the minority that enjoyed the combat enough to enjoy the huge stretches of fighting -- multiple times of course! I've always wanted to go back to it again sometime, but I feel I may have exhausted my time with it I played it for so damn much... I've begun to forget certain elements here and there too, which is depressing to think about... With the amount of time I've put into it you'd think it'd be blueprinted onto my brain! But apparently not.

I'm also on the side that holds the sentiment that Dragon Age II isn't nearly as bad as most people make it out to be, but... it's still not great or anything. Pretty much the poster-boy of a 3/5 game I'd say. It narrowed down and chopped away most of what made Origins so engaging, with little to make up for it. It has a much better way of handling friendships with its opposing 'Rivalry' meter, though. That way you don't have to pander to your party members so you can 'unlock' their dialogue and all that. Plus, every gift in the DAII is unique and will initiate a conversation, so there's another advancement for the series, but otherwise... eh. Its first act was boring and utterly aimless, and the third was something of a mess. The second act I seem to recall was rather intriguing at least, but it's been long enough now that I can't quite remember the particulars of much of it. I did also admittedly still complete DAII twice at that, so... it done just enough right to keep me engaged up until a point.

EDIT: Oh, you plan on playing Awakening? It's exceptionally short, but the combat is significantly easier (archery is insanely overpowered at that) and it has some interesting story beats. Plus, it has one especially fantastic antagonist in The Architect.

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@grimluck343 said:

I don't really know why but sometimes I completely forget that this website has a wiki.

...Really? I mean it should be pretty obvious... but I don't want to get into another rant like in the last one of these.

Anywhoo, while it's again unfortunate that you don't get many responses, I at least am appreciative you're putting in the effort and are actually browsing the wiki!