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In the boxs.
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Awesome! New Game+ 's is always one of my most loved features for RPG's. Heading back with your ultra-pumped monstrositie ofa character is extra-tasty.
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Maybe its because he knows you've been calling him a gay behind his back =O

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@Magresda said:
" @Abyssfull: But why call it "ruined" when only one game is the problem? Does one sequel you didn't like somehow affect all the other ones you did like? I get that you didn't like the direction RE5 went - loads of people didn't, I wasn't too big of a fan myself - but I don't see how you can claim the entire series is ruined. Maybe I'm arguing semantics here, but it always irks me when people claim a series is ruined because of one (to them) bad game.  "

I'm just being pessimistic. RE4 started its downfall imo, although was still a creepy enough game to satisfy. RE5 just plummeted it right down and I imagine that the series will only fall lower. Sort of like the ripple effect. Its apparently going to be rebooted though which gives it some hope, but again I can't help but be uneasy with the direction the series will take.
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aaaaalso Crash Bandicoot. To which has more or less finished i guess, but still it should of died along time ago with the ps1. Everything after that...just...
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Lol never happened to me...yet O.O, but truthfully I imagine thats how i might react if i found a couple on my doorstep.
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@Magresda said:
"Really, any time a sequel is just slightly inferior to it's predecessor(s) the series is suddenly "ruined". Of course there are examples of truly horrific sequels that ruined a series, but saying popular, critically acclaimed and best-selling franchises like Call of Duty, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are ruined is just pure and utter stupidity. "

People are saying which series are ruined to them not just in general in regards to their sales n such..... 
Plus I said RE5 because again, for me, it did ruin the series. It took the series on a scareless more action-packed route.
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Resident Evil, although I don't think it should of stopped, I would of just liked it to continue on as an actual horror series =/
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ageing sucks :(

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Maybe, Sylvester Stallones Rambo is the greatest action anti-hero though.