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I am of course in agreement regarding your thoughts about MGS4, though it's still well above the quality of Peace Walker at least. For all the problems I have with MGS4 I at least couldn't say it was boring, and for what little gameplay there was it was still... interesting. Especially during the first two acts, where you're thrown in as a third-party between two AI factions duking it out. Then Act 3 occurs (Big Mama...?!) and UGGHHHH; then we have Act 4 and the fanservice is dialed up to 11, and then finally Act 5, where the game just completely shits the bed. The microwave hallway was a great moment at least, that much I hafta admit. Still, the game feels like Kojima was too obsessed in trying to jam everything into this one game, until it all collapses under its own weight. So many great characters given such ill treatment -- an unsatisfying conclusion for all involved.

I'm to believe that Kojima is actually rather aware of the problems people have with MGS4, given the irreverent quasi-parody that is Metal Gear Rising's final hour. Man, Rising was so fucking awesome. Now that was a game that felt like it had the right degree of stupid, with much less of the autofellatio MGS4 fell prey to. Raiden's ''Ripper'' voice certainly tested my resolve sometimes, though...

All things said, I am still pretty hyped for Phantom Pain though, even with all of my accumulated grievances MGS4 & Peace Walker have put me through. For while even if the story falls flat on its face, it looks like it'll at least have a lot of gameplay on offer this time around. And unlike Peace Walker, the actual sneaking/shooting gameplay looks like something that's worth a damn. Which when combined with all of the awesome base building elements, and not to mention the open-world aspect, Phantom Pain looks like a pretty fun time.

Also, funnily enough even though this was like a crazy close GOTY contender, Brad has on a couple of occasions commented on how he can barely remember anything that happened in it... Five stars!..

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Usual bits and bobs for the most part, though I did get around to writing up a general overview/gameplay/development for the Dead Island 2 page. I As for pages that need work... well, there's so damn many really that it's tough to know where to begin. It's definitely easier when there's a specific theme in place regarding what pages should have work done; it's what made the wiki tasks a rather dynamic method for building a list of like-minded pages with wiki point bounties.

Always nice to stumble upon a page that's actually already nicely filled out and well written, though, hafta admit -- like this Viewtiful Joe page right here! EDIT: However on the flip-side it's a little depressing to see the page for Bloodborne--a game that is highly anticipated in our neck in the woods--be completely vacant.

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Always appreciate games that give you this style of interactive HUB area in-between levels. One of my favourite aspects of X-Men Legends was exploring the Xavier Mansion as Magma, even if getting around was a little slower than I'd like. The games after it had its own HUB areas, but they were significantly smaller and more enclosed.

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Fuck the all-digital future indeed. Never been to anything like that myself unfortunately, not even that scale let alone something like a PAX. As far as I'm aware there's never been any sort of video games event/conference ect. in Liverpool, which is my closest hotspot, so unless I happen to move it's probably going to stay that way for quite some time.

Probably more chance there'll be a Giant Bomb Liverpool before there's a PAX Liverpool me thinks :P

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@nags: I think that's ridiculous and, to say the least, extremely reductive... But whatever, if that's how you wanna see it then fine.

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@leebmx said:

@yummylee: I guess we will have to disagree about Infamous if you think that food choice was a piece of gameplay that worked. For me it was utterly stupid because it seemed like a choice which didn't make any sense for the player, or the character in the game - it was just a button to press which chose what path your game went down.

Food is not a resource in Infamous and you never need to collect it either for points, or for gameplay reasons, so to present this as incentive to be evil is meaningless. It might have made sense if this was a resource which you could use to power up, or even if you saw the effects of starvation on the game world but food is never mentioned again as being of any significance for the player or the world of Infamous.

Well, food wasn't intended to be a mechanic. It was just the first choice you take upon deciding whether to be a good guy or an evil, selfish bastard. I mean if anything this again brings to mind Mass Effect, as many of the series' choices of course don't have much in the way of repercussions. But the player may go down the Renegade path (or at least choose some Renegade options) anyway just to witness the responses, and because sometimes it's fun to be bad.

EDIT: Though I think such criticism is much more damning against Mass Effect given that it is supposed to be an RPG series that tailors itself to your choices and all that.

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Also I am not criticising the game for being too mean - I am just saying a lot of the time there is no reason for Cole/Delsins decision to be evil. He just decides to evil the same way you or I would chose between a Coke ro a Seven-Up. Normally a moral choice presents the player an incentive with consequences, for example the way stealing in Fallout gains you equipment but risks relationships and dialogue options.

If you do some evil you should feel the consequences, whether that is guilt or the thrill of transgression- in Infamous I just feel as if I have chosen a different set of powers - there is no weight behind any of the choices. Yes you can have binary choices or a sliding scale but the decisions the player makes have to mean something outside of just the powers they bestow. There is no point having a system of moral choice if the choices have no weight. It is not just pointless, it damages the believeabilty and connection with the characters, harming the player's investment in the game - and I think this really hurts the Infamous series.

But again, the reason itself for Cole being evil could just be he's... evil. He's enraptured with the new power he's been given and wants to exercise it. It's like during the scene involving the train in the first game, how after saving everyone he then kills one of them to show that he is someone to be feared and rejects their thanks. You could look at it as if this reality of Cole is someone that has had a lot of animosity build up over his life and has finally been given his chance to strike back in kind.

From what I can see you're looking at inFamous as something that it's not. It's not Fallout, it's not Skyrim. It's a game that's about delivering two differing realities of Cole where he's either a hero or a villain. The end result is mostly the same, but the different powers, variations on the comic book scenes, Trish either accepting or rejecting you before her death, the way the civilians would either cheer or run away upon your arrival, the unique side-quests per alignment and ect. were enough. I will agree that the story doesn't diverge quite as much as it should ultimately, but I still found each variation to be worth seeing, and playing especially. Though I also think that the relationship that was bubbling in the first game between Evil Cole and Sasha was squandered, given that it literally went nowhere and I don't even think was referenced in the second game

Still on that note in inFamous 2 things obviously go down very different paths dependent on your alignment.

@leebmx said:

Lastly, the final nail for Infamous is the way the morality system locks you in to either evil or good choices for a whole playthrough. It is impossible to role-play Cole/Delsin in the way you want if this way includes some good and some bad moral choices because this will lock you out of gaining a complete set of powers. This again kills any sense of investment in my character and makes meaningless any idea of moral choice.

As @goldone says, some people like straight Good/Evil playthroughs. I just wish if Infamous was going to go down this route it would make them a bit more weighty and meaningful.

I agree that the morality meter is rather shallow and that what it basically comes down to is for you to make a choice of alignment at the start and then stick to it. You don't have to make every single good/evil choice, though, as I can remember choosing the evil option with the sludge valves so I wouldn't get any on my face, thereby limiting my health for a short time, during a Hero playthrough. Nonetheless, I don't see the inFamous games as an RPG or anything that's supposed to involve a web of reactions based upon your choices. I just see them as an action-platformer series that offers two differing ways to play and witness their stories unfold.

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@nags said:

The 2nd game (infamous 2 that is) had that weird "choose your waifu" for alignment. That was just really unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. Gameplay wise the first is still my favorite; the last boss fight was a decent challenge on hard too.

Wait, what... ? I merely saw Kuo and Nix as an interpretation of the classic Angel and Devil on your shoulder sorta thing, until they reverse roles at the end. That they were women didn't really factor into things. Nix definitely was a bit... feisty, but it seemed in-line with her character. Much like how Kuo was all business for the most part throughout the game. I think it was interesting actually how the core relationship in the game was the bromance between Cole and Zeke, specifically Zeke's attempts to regain Cole's trust. It was enough to then make having to kill him during the evil ending surprisingly tough, least for me.

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@mithical: Ha, it's funny that you mention you liked all of the Roland & Lillith ''meet cute'' stuff, as I thought that all sounded really forced and awkward. But not the loveable kind of awkward, just... awkward.

I will admit that I found the Butt Stallion joke pretty funny, though it wasn't because ''he said Butt Stallion'' but rather how he ponders whether or not he'll call his diamond horse Butt Stallion. It frames it as he's coming up with stupid names to call his horse influenced by the player character, and Butt Stallion is brought up as an exceptionally dumb suggestion that you wouldn't think he'd go for.

Then he calls you back a little later with his horse, that you can now hear him refer to as Butt Stallion. That's what I found funny, the timing of the conversation being brought back up later on and that he actually went through it.

Another joke I liked was the quest where you were supposed to rename the Bullymogs, with each new suggestion from Hammerlock (who I should add don't think is especially funny otherwise) becoming dumber and dumber. It then culminates as ''Bonerfarts'' as an expression of how fed up he is in coming up with new names, before they're then reverted back to their original name, which I actually think was an unfortunate copout.

Though again, I don't begrudge anyone who doesn't find the game very funny. I just feel compelled to explain what it is about specific jokes that got to me given how unpopular the game's humour is on here. Merely saying ''I think it's funny'' doesn't really say much on its own!

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@gruebacca said:

The meme stuff in the game can be annoying, but a lot of people have taken the opinion that the memes are always in your face, front-and-center. That may be the case for "Cool Story Bro" and "Trap Card" (which are probably the reasons why this topic is brought up in the first place), but most of the memes take work to find. Most of them are challenge names. I'm not defending these memes, but they are not in your face 99% of the time. Also, people don't play Borderlands for the meme jokes. There are other, better reasons why this game is actually funny.

Yeah, pretty much. And I do indeed find BL2 to be pretty funny more often than not, occasional meme-humour and Tiny Tina notwithstanding. Handsome Jack in particular I think can be hilarious sometimes; like the part where he describes a previous moment where he scooped out some guy's eyeballs with a spoon and how funny he found it watching him wandering around bumping into things, only to end it all with ''So what I'm saying is you're a little bitch'' completely out of nowhere.

The quest that involved Claptrap making a bunch of terrible cold weather puns and then explaining ''why'' they're funny in minute detail was pretty good, too. As was the psychopaths running outside in winter hats. The ''kill yourself', robot AI and Mal quests also had a good bunch of material, too.

I can understand why some won't find the game funny, as humour is one of the most subjective experiences out there. But I found myself laughing out loud a fair amount throughout it all and think the ''IT'S ALL A BUNCHA MEMES'' to be completely overblown and is regurgitated by people that quite possibly never even played it to begin with.