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Ordinarily when you click on a video there's a link to the game's page on the right with the deck and boxart ect., only that doesn't appear to be the case anymore; all that shows up are 'Popular Videos' now. I had checked the pages themselves to see if the videos were even still being attached to the pages, to which they are, so... Is that an intentional design decision or a bug?

I would really hope it's the latter as removing the wiki page preview only buries the wiki even further out of the public eye...

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@milkman said:

Just put it on a Netflix. It's the greatest accidental marketing campaign of all-time.

Indeed. I literally never even knew this movie existed until this hacking thing.

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I would have undoubtedly preferred a physical release, but I feel like we should just be grateful it's coming out at all. Trying to get a physical release seems like we're just pushing our luck :P

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@marino: Fair enough then. Though I'm almost certain I've heard Jeff say in the past that pages for people who are involved in video games via their likeness aren't allowed or something. Though maybe he was only referring to 'unofficial' likenesses or something, like how the cast of Half Life 2 were modelled after ordinary people, including a homeless person if I recall correctly.

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@shivermetimbers said:

I actually found the difficulty to be quite fair in the 7-8ish hours I've spent with it so far. That's probably because I'm aware that these games are meant to be sort of combat puzzles and you're supposed to die. I never felt the situation was insurmountable, though.

Never felt hard or anything just annoying near the end game to me. 7-8 hours sounds about the length that I enjoyed the game. My end time ended up maybe being 18 hours :o. Not sure how you could get that "beat in 5 hours" achievement that I think I saw.

I just beat it finally. I never got a machinegun or a bazooka... wtf? When was I suppose to get that? The last gun I got was a magnum I think. I only used it once. My main weapon was always the regular ol' pistol unless I got into difficult situations I would break out the exploding arrows or the shotgun.

The 5-hours thing can be done on any difficulty, so obviously the best course of action would be to play on Casual in NG+ and just slaughter through everything.

Also, you get the machine gun and bazooka for completing the game, not during the playthrough itself.

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Well, I don't know why it happened but... it did. Was really annoyed at how I couldn't tell Morrigan to just fuck right off, especially because if possible I would have gladly let the well be destroyed like the elf guy wanted.

Also, I don't recall any such downsides to drinking the well. You hear some voices, they lead you to Flemeth where you get your pet dragon, and then... well, you fight Cory. I spoke to a mate of mine who had Morrigan drink from the well and the differences are minimal; basically Morrigan will hear the voices and that's about it.

Dude it is the implication.... if you drink the well it puts you under a geas that basically means Flemeth has total control over you. Case in point I had morrigan drink and in the scene where she is going to take her son because he has the god soul I try to stop her and she forces morrigan to attack me against her will. The inquisitor being literally under the control of someone else is not good stuff man, whether it has "in game" implications or not.

You could use 'implications' to justify every single faux-decision in any game ever. As I said, the differences between you or Morrigan drinking from the well are so inconsequential that the decision itself holds no weight. You still get your pet dragon regardless, and there are no real benefits or downsides to either choice. You don't gain a new skill, nor does Morrigan leave you or anything of the sort should you decide to drink it. Oh, my approval meter with some characters may go up/down, but again as I said earlier the whole approval system barely means anything anymore, except for who you want to have sex with. And also, that I didn't have the option to destroy it was really disappointing given how they kept building it up as if that may be a choice.

Frankly it's gotten to be pretty obvious that BioWare are less interested in letting people tell their own stories and would rather just be telling their own. And that's fine, whatever, but they thusly need to stop building their games up as these ''choose your own adventure/how will you rule the Inquisition???'' sorts of things.

''Will you stand against it? Or lead this world to its bitter end...'' Right from the beginning, they made it out as if you would get the opportunity to really fuck things over, make a right mess of the world. Only of course there's no way that can happen; there isn't even an actual end game decision. You beat the big bad, celebration, and then Solas sequel-bait.

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@nightriff: Ha, sorry. I always forget that users with less than 1K points have to wait for approval. Though it was only basic stuff anywhoo :P

Also, my notifications at least seem to be working again fortunately.

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@theacidskull: She can. You get a trophy for it, too. Though she's so resilient that I'd argue you're not really supposed to unless you're playing in NG+.

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@sarumarine said:

@yummylee: Yeah, I agree with you on a lot of that. The Haunted definitely feel more of a threat, they're always in your face and sometimes hard to keep a bead on. And those with the guns are a pain in the ass too. Like in RE4 you can take on mobs easily. In TEW it's more like "oh shit, that's a lot of guys I don't really want to mess with."

Also the invisible octopus thing does indeed have an instant kill move. When he's hiding on the ground, if you manage to run into him he ensnares you and bites your head off. It's rare though and I only saw it once because I had no idea what he was doing. But I see your point. I forgot about the dog boss and the spider guy so maybe it's not as bad as I felt it was. But it sure feels that way. Probably due to all the times I was pretty intent on killing Laura instead of running away. Sure felt damn good when I beat her though.

Wow, I genuinely had no idea the octopus had an insta-kill attack! And I've completed it twice now :o Also, holy shit you killed Laura?? You didn't have to y'know, and even in NG+ I've heard she's surprisingly difficult to kill. But hey kudos to that in any case!

@handlas said:

It gets a thumbs down from me personally. I see how Patrick gave it 2 stars now. I was enjoying it up until maybe Chapter 12 and I'm at the weird snake/octopus/chameleon boss now and have no desire to play the game anymore. I've unloaded almost all of my arsenal into him and eventually succumb to the exploding maggot things; I could probably beat it but I've run out of will to do so. They seem to like to put you into situations at the end that are just annoying and not fun at all. A perfect example is the floating saw blades room... nothing more than annoying. Or the entire bus sequence where you get off the bus to get medical stuff for your buddy and on your way back you have to fight like 50 zombie guys.

The little maggot things drop ammo when you kill them. And here's a video of me beating the boss on Nightmare mode, if it'll help in anyway.