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lol animu

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Hideo Kojima is Half Life 3.

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I remember adoring Simpsons Wrestling way back when. Always enjoyed playing as Groundskeeper Willie the most, dropping bear traps everywhere and shit. Hit and Run was a lot of fun, too. Loved all of the costumes and unlockable vehicles and stuff. Kinda random why Apu fills in as a fifth playable character. Think those two are actually the only Simpsons games I've ever played.

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Quackcon is my favourite con because I am a duck.


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Eh, UPF is kinda semi-terrible in general anyway. Even when it's at its best it's usually one or two fun segments out of the full four or five.

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@marokai: Alien: Isolation certainly looks like it's got some money behind it at least. That is if it doesn't somehow pull a Colonial Marines...

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@fruger: ...More like five. Six if you were to count the Resident Evil remake HD port.

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Whats with the Kojima hate??? This Im will never understand about Giant Bomb :/ Im on the contrary am excited Kojima? hell yeah ... Del Toro? hell fucking yeah? new Silent Hill? AWESOMEEEEEEE

I agree. Even though he's got his quirks, he's constantly innovating and trying new things.

Yeah, every single one of the four main Metal Gear Solid games all feel unique and distinctive to one another.

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Last time I played I do indeed remember thinking the molotov was always a bitch. But attempting to use one yourself will prove that it can be difficult to use, especially in the heat of a firefight. While it does suck to get caught by one out of nowhere, I don't think it's especially unbalanced. Smoke grenades are the same way, and unlike molotovs they at least give you a second to hopefully escape out of its radius.