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Jeez, it's been over a month since any requests have been processed, with the ''Demoltion Derby'' typo continuing to be something of an eyesore. Still don't see why aliases and title editing is so off-limits as to require moderator support, considering how actually creatingthe pages in the first place without the need for any mod oversight is such a relatively easy barrier to cross.

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@arbitrarywater: I didn't much care for the Threaded Cane personally. Its moveset felt like it often left me open to counter attacks mid-combo pretty often, but maybe I just didn't use it enough to get a proper feel for it. And yes, Father Gascoigne is kinda trivial when you know to just keep parrying him over and over, even in his beast form. I admittedly had a lot of trouble with him at first until I nailed the parrying down a little more, and now with every new playthrough he goes down in like a minute...

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There's two major areas left (Nightmare of Mensis and Mergo's Loft) with at least two bosses to go. You may have up to four story bosses left, though that depends on your choice at the end and if you've found and used three 'Third Umbilical Cord' items.

Castle Cainhurst is an optional area that's accessed by finding the Cainhurst Summons item in Iosefka's clinic by accessing it via the shortcut in the Forbidden Woods; from there you head to the road in Hemwick Charnel Lane and a carriage will arrive to take you there. Other optional areas you may have missed are Upper Grand Cathedral and Nightmare Frontier.

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@hunter5024: Wow, you need PS+ for Bloodborne's online components? Can you at least post messages and check out people's bloodstains or are you restricted to its offline mode?

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@hunter5024: Accepted! And always available for any Bloodborning if need be!

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You sound as if you're heading into The Evil Within with the preconception that it's utter trash or something. And I'll be sure to add you on PSN posthaste, so we can then never actually play any games together as is usually the way when people add each other.

Also, some of Game Informer's LP series are truly brilliant. Their Illbleed playthrough was the Illest, you could say... Tim Turi is a fucking champ.

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Cheers for the heads-up.

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So is Wasteland 2 strangely enough. I hope they'll be able to adapt these games to consoles well as I've always been intrigued by Divinity: Original Sin in particular!

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I ultimately found Inquisition to be pretty bad, worse than DAII even.