Games I've spent over 100 hours on.

Games are a varied lot. So many genres, mechanics, styles and their overall asking playtime make up for a shit load of variables. Some games can be downright awful and ones you wouldn't even want to make eye 2 case contact with. There are some can give you a quick adrenaline burst of around 8-12 hours, while some can stretch to a well paced 50-100. Those quick adrenaline burst, though, may bring you back for another run to experience that same excitement. Then there's the replay value most games will offer, and all in all, there are a lot of games out there that have the potential to take up months, years and even decades of your time.

Here I've decided to put up a list, in no particular order, of games for a multitude of reasons I have spent at least 100 hours enjoying myself with.

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Posted by AndrewB

Didn't realize you were a WoW player. 
Surprised about GTA IV. I didn't find it to be one of those games you play through multiple times. The story I got is the story I got. I wasn't interested in seeing how things varied. I also wasn't interested in just mulling around killing things, unlike every GTA game previous. Thus. I only played the game one time, probably for about 40 hours. I think I started another game, but didn't get very far past the first couple missions. Haven't even finished Lost and the Damned. Wasted money. Not that it doesn't seem good or anything; I just got distracted and haven't felt like playing that type of game since. 
I'll give a ditto on Dragon age and Mass Effect 2, but I probably haven't put nearly as much time into ME2. 3 playthroughs though; 2 nearly 100% and one FemShep renegade. Can't remember if I finished that femshep one... 
Resident Evil *anything* would be a surprise to have put over 100 hours into... seems like one of those games you might put all that time into when you were a kid without a whole lot to play (like I'd put countless hours into Dig Dug and Food Fight). I guess I just haven't been much of a survival horror person though. I'm someone who owns two copies of Resident Evil 4 and hasn't made it much past what I guess would be the first "chapter" in either of them.

Posted by Yummylee
With my once proud status as (mostly) PC gamer behind me, it's understandable for anyone to think otherwise about my past with WoW :P I wasn't just a casual player either. I really got into all of the nuances, reaching level 60 with my oh-so-powerful Paladin, Nicholai; even had a few alts, though I never got any them to the prestigious (then) maximum rank. 
Christ, I even used to run my own Guild. It was pretty modest, and that part of my time spent was definitely more casual, where I spent more time conversing with me guildites, rather than doing one million man raids or what have you. We did do a few PVP assaults against some NPC Horde outposts, though. Never got into the official PVP business, unfortunately, because my computer was, and is, too god darn sluggish to handle all the erupting chaos. I showed so much promise too =( I remember I was even able to beat an equal level Night Elf rogue in a duel too, which I'm mighty satisfied with :P But yeah, long ego rub short, I played quite a lot of WoW during that time. 
As for GTAIV, I think it stems from my adherent love with crime movies, and GTAIV's has one of the best, with the most amount of mobsters to murder, that still is of a respectably high quality. The intervals definitely lengthen between me playing through the game again, but it's still one I enjoy heading into at the very least for playing a part in a brilliant crime tale. 
As for the RE's, a lot of the time spent towards them is contributed mostly thanks to my childhood love of just playing games... no matter what it was, if I enjoyed it, chances are I'd play through it multiple times after obsessively like I was playing for the first time. RE2 in particular I used to complete across all four scenarios at least once a year.  
I used to seriously stuck into games in general back then, though, minus simply RE and would purposely hunt down secrets, easter eggs and glitches. I can imagine the 10 year old me would be a severe achievement whore if he was thrusted into the modern day :P 
Anywhoo cheers for reminding me this list even exists.. should update it a little since there's at the very least RDR to add to it X)
Posted by funk_oddysey

I've played RE2 at least 3 times with both characters. With Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance I only have the final VR Mission to win and I will have 100% of them completed, its Damn Hard though, soo many soldiers and a shaky arm make shooting them too diificult......, I have played many many hours of Super Smash Bros. Melee too winning nearly all the event matches and finishing the arcade mode with most of the characters.

I've played RE4 about 8 times and completed the mercenaries mode with all characters and got S Rankings on The Wii Edition, so that may end up being about 100 hours.  
The game I have played the most though is Left 4 Dead 2, for 845 hours....... Such a great multiplayer game with friends.