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Brad makes a perfect Liquid Snake. Y'know, cause of that British accent of his.

In an early Bombcast, Brad was out so Jeff impersonated him with a bad British accent (He said "oi guvna," IIRC). ITS CANON.

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Holy shit, I would buy a poster of that Jeff in Bloodborne drawing.

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I love these. The Bad Brad in Heat 2 is my favorite.

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Dear Jeff:

Fuck You Here's Battlefield Hardline.


Did that ever come out? I remember the leak and the announcement but I don't remember hearing about after that. When ever I try to look up more information... on it I get incredibly... sleepy


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I want the Londoners to have French accents in this game. It's only fair.

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I've always meant to play this. Happy to see it's coming to PC.

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I too recently bought a 3DS (March). All I've been playing are Castlevania: OOC and Push-Mo.

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@yyziggurat: I'm deleting this just because what Samantha has said in the past isn't really relevant to the outlash that people have sent her way today, especially death and rape threats, and I don't want to derail this conversation about the Giant Bomb community by bringing that up. Her previous blog posts may have been incendiary, but if she's deleted them than I'm going to respect that that indicates that she perhaps doesn't feel that they're relevant to this discussion. At any rate I hope that we can all agree that her criticisms of the Giant Bomb hires doesn't indicate that she deserves any of the many horrific tweets that have been thrown her way today.

Could you have maybe just deleted the part where I quoted her "what misandry means to me" blog post instead of my entire post? Oh well, I'll try to restate what I said in the rest of that post:

I disagree with people thinking they have a say in who GB hires and why they hired them. I very much disagree with anyone saying Person A deserved or were entitled a position because they aren't like they other people working there. That doesn't mean that I think it's okay for those people to be abused or harassed. No one deserves that.

Speaking of abuse people don't deserve: I think it's fucked up how people on one side of this mess feel it is okay to make dismissive comments about how or why Dan and Jason were hired or about them being white and male.

Who GB hires is no one's but the GB crew's business.