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And still no 'B.J.' or 'Duane'. For fucks sake, not even Dwayne like The Rock. Hell, D-wayne or D-shane would've been nice.

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People, quit talking shit about the game already. Here's a simple solution to your problems with the game, don't buy it if you don't like it. There are plenty of other great games coming out this year besides WWE'12. If you have that big of a problem with the way the game is being made, I want to see any one of you get into the THQ or Yukes offices and take over making the games then. If your not willing the step up though, stfu already. I can guarantee you now that those of you who are talking shit about the game are gonna be the first ones in line to buy it or pick up your pre-order of it in November. I will be first to admit I have pre-ordered it and I'm damn excited to get it, but I am getting tired of people are talking shit about it. If you have that much of a problem with it, cancel your pre-orders and put your money toward another game, but shut up already with the negativity towards the game. DAMN!

Like THQ or Yukes would actually let wrestling video game fans enter their office and go wild with good ideas. If that was the case, every SVR game would have been awesome. If you email them an idea or something that could be a great addition to the game, it either gets an auto reply or deleted. I don't know if anyone else is, but I'm on the official boards, tossing ideas and opinions out there.

I will not buy this game new though. I'll buy it used because I don't support the idea behind online pass. If online is anything like SVR 07 (the last SVR game I played before they fucked up the controls), I won't be missing too much except the shared user content. But even then all I have to do is be the first to rent this game from my local Blockbuster because they don't take out the online pass codes.

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turtle beaches are good. my friend has one. they are on the expensive side though. you should look for some kind of mic that just has a basic use. it's what i have that i bought at radioshack when i got borderlands. it's a pretty good one.

I'm going to get the PX21 next week. There's a good deal on Wal-Mart.com. At the store in my town, they're $79.99. Online they're $58.96 I've read reviews that they break easily while others say they're durable, but for the most part they all agreed that the sound was awesome.