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I should have known.
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I knew what crazy land was as soon as we saw Harry's old-timey cutscene.  We already knew that the Spiritual Map dudes were ghosts of the dead, so it made sense that these guys would be, too.

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The image is from SWERY's Twitter, with no editing on my part whatsoever.
Also, look at this.
SWERY is my hero.
SWERY is the best.

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Look at what he posted, guys!

Doesn't look like there's any FK today, though.

Look at it.
Look at it.
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York states many times that Emily reminds him of a feeling he used to feel: a sort of warm, comfortable feeling, while also feeling the need to protect.
So, yeah, Emily reminds him of his mother.  It's a crazy Oedipus complex thing, in a way, but it's also just another way of saying that this is the same story that Yorkzach's dad went through.

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I would buy that Harry shirt SO HARD.

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Assuming there is another Endurance Run, Valkyria Chronicles would be a great choice.  It's got some good wackytimes fun, some good drama, and gameplay that allows for hilarity and banter during downtime.  It does get pretty hard, but Nothing Stops the Endurance Run, right?  ;)

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@safelybeds said:

" @LunarAura: Well, we're getting into trans discussions here, but I'll leave that at the door and take your interpretation: an apple wrapped in an orange peel does not an orange make.  Don't you think if an apple was portrayed as bumbling but good intentioned for the entire game, then suddenly threw on an orange peel and adopted stereotypical mannerisms of oranges while earning the chapter title "Citrus Fight", some conclusions can be drawn?   Again, I want to restate what this is: a (hopefully civil) discussion about something I took away from a game I REALLY liked. I'm not trying to recruit people to the feminist agenda. I don't even think of myself as much of a feminist, anyway. "

You might have taken that metaphor a bit far. ;)
Anyway, I think that this game was actually fairly weak in terms of characters.  There some interesting people (Mr. Stewart was great, I thought that Diane was neat), but most were fairly forgettable.
As for the topic at hand, I agree that the women in this game were all at least somewhat stereotypical, but I think that it was actually part of a bigger issue.  The writers wanted to make identifiably American characters with their understanding of America derived from movies they had rented from some import place.  I'm sure it worked for a lot of their Japanese audience, but it couldn't quite trick those who know better first-hand.
I still love the game, of course, but nothing's perfect, eh?
Edit: As for why I like Daine my understanding is that she was too smart for her own good.  She couldn't identify with anyone else in town (except for Nick) and tried to cure her loneliness with mindless sex with anyone who wanted it.  It didn't work, so when George offered her "love," she gladly took the opportunity.
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I think I'd rather talk about the achievements I like.  So, uh, Fightin' Around the World looks incredible.  I like achievements that compel you to do something fun that you might not have without them.  And, hey, bar fights are undeniably a part of the modern understanding of a Western, so I'll take any reason I can find to get into one.  :D

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I like to sit and think.  Usually about philosophy or upcoming games that I want.  I'll read novels sometimes, but that's not a regular thing.