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My new Asus laptop is on its way, so im preparing for my foray into pc gaming.

My haul:

Fallout NV,Fallout 3 GOTY, Terraria, GTA IV, Hitman Absolution, Just Cause 2, Tomb Raider, Tropico 4, Witcher 2.

Waiting for : Bioshock Infinite, Torchlight2. not sure what else.

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Could I be whitelisted?Name is za3r0

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@Mikemcn: i believe it is. spells seem much stronger and cooler than oblivion's.

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they did an amazing job with the spells. even just the light source ones. have a hovering light is pretty sweet.

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what is everyone's favorite spell. Whether its a single spell or combined.

i have only got the flame and spark ones. does the job so far at level 9

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@Ellis7x said:
"  Dream Theater Count of Tuscany - 20 minutes of brilliance "
It definetly is.

Also The Odyssey by Symphony X
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played the demo and they should have called it Red Faction: Dead Space. i sense a big dead space feel

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i found that Boone completely destroys the assassins. less work for me

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i got a headache as soon as it arrived in the mail today.