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Youtube has set in motion the process of it's own demise, tis' only a matter of time.

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Maaan they both look like ASS, it's going to hurt so bad to pop on my 360 tomorrow after a long time and put up with those visuals

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I'm afraid you might just be

What a sad experience for me this entire situation has become. I was going for 100k GS before the One launch, now i'll probably not even get it.

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its news like this that makes me realise how crazy it is that miyamoto is STILL in games.

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The Asian Midlands

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Woooooowww these comments....

Thank god my NeoGaf account was verified last month

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@deerokus: People pissed off about their game wouldn't know what the fuck a stock keeping unit is let alone when its abbreviated to sku

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@MongoosePL: I think its more he's saying fuck them on principle, not because he has a 360 and not a ps3...

I own both and didn't buy this game, and I still say fuck them. Its filthy they can do this.

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This is one of the first realisations I have seen of my biggest fear during the current generation. Game companies no longer have to worry about getting games out the door working and of a high quality, and people accept it because, HEY PATCH IN THE WORKS.

Well guess what, there isn't one, they have your money, nyah nyah.

Disgusting, and I predict the first of many such cases.

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@jillsandwich said:

Complaining about length is stupid and pointless.